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All I Have To Say Is W.O.W! – A Zizzi Fashion Review!

What can I say except WOW! Not often do I see a clothing collection and fall in love with it at first glance! When Hanna came back from a trip home to Finland she had many fun and interesting stories to tell me but in addition to that she also had some gorgeous look books from her trip that she thought I’d like to see. Danish brand Zizzi have a collection that is fun, fresh, sexy and a little different. They call it W.O.W (Wardrobe Of Wonders). I have to say I think the name of the collection is the perfect title for such a gorgeous group of clothes and accessories.

I first discovered Zizzi last year and I have to say they have fast become one of my favourite brands! The quality in their clothes is second to none, the style always hot and they definitely bring something different to the table style wise. When I first laid eyes on this Navy jumper and kilt set I knew I HAD to get my hands on the outfit! Keeping a close eye on the release date for the collection in anticipation, Hanna let me try on one of her outfits that she had been given by the brand to review before the release.

What I loved about this particular outfit is the way it embodies so many different style genres. I see hints of the 1950s in the shape and length of the kilt, the jumper gives off a fun and youthful vibe that would be suited to the 80s and 90s fashions. The richness in the navy and gold tones give off a regal feel that is really high fashion and the styles mixed together present something really fun and modern. This particular outfit is available in a series of colours from baby pink, baby blue, navy and black and white box grid print. I’m wearing a size L jumper and an XL skirt. I had planned to purchase this outfit on Navabi when the collection was released at the end of last month but unfortunately these items are not available on the website. Navabi is the only online outlet that sells Zizzi clothes to the UK. I had planned to get the top in an XL and the skirt in an L for a slightly better fit.

The Jumper is a really stretchy and thick fabric that feels silky smooth to the touch. I really like the length of this one as it perfectly sits in the right place for a skirt to be worn with it. The kilt is a warm and thick material that would make this easy to wear towards the end of winter and would be a comfortable selection for the spring and summer.

This outfit for me is really adaptable for a fun and playful look or a more casual chic feel. I really like the school uniform feel of this look. The deep navy tones and the rich gold allow for fun and playful accessories. I decided that I would wear a shiny black hair scarf to compliment the sheen in the jumper and a gold scrunchie in my hair to tie everything in. I completed this look with a simple pair of open toe nude heels and a clear perspex clutch with gold clasp.

Despite not being able to buy this outfit I was so excited to learn that I was the lucky winner of a Zizzi Instagram competition. All that was required was for entrants to post what size they would like to wear the jumper with a matching blue tube skirt and a winner would be selected at random. Like most things you never expect to be the person who wins the prize but I have to say this really made my day! I have loved this collection since first viewing the look books and I can 100% see why they called it W.O.W.

The gorgeous Hanna has styled this outfit in another post check it out here. Check out her review of the digital print outfit here too. When Hanna, Lucie and I met up for a bloggers day of fashion and fun we just knew that Lucie would look gorgeous in the digital print outfit, she even had the perfect hair to match. Check out her review here.

To see the entire W.O.W collection check out the official Zizzi website here. To buy selected items from the W.O.W collection check out the Navabi site who also stock other items from different Zizzi collections. For all Zizzi updates follow their Facebook page.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Monochrome Mixup!

Sometimes you just feel like mixing things up a little. In my case I tend to dress according to my mood, the usual tact I take is dress in a way to compliment my mood or in an effort to change it. When it’s a hot summer day I like to wear bright and fun colours that make me feel summery and ready for anything. In the winter although I dress in accordance to the weather, my mission there is to add some much needed colour to the dreary season.
Just a few days ago Hanna, Isha and I went to the George Asda press day which took place at Somerset House to see what spring and summer delights they had to offer. That morning before heading out to meet the girls, I took a look out the window and decided that I would be wearing an outfit that was head to toe black and white. When I play around with monochrome styles the look tends to be a causal one. I figured that as I was heading to a fashion press day I would put my spin on things and play around with varying patterns and prints all in black and white.

The girls and I had a fun filled afternoon and we got to see some great new lines coming from George. Fun and fresh beach looks, sophisticated and fun outfits for the evening, cute looks for summer days and some amazing items for the home. Stay tuned for some future posts from me featuring some of the current lines available.

Working my way from top to bottom I decided to pull out a black and white bandana for my hair, those of you who know my style will know that hair scarves, bandanas and hats are very prominent in my personal style. I like to use them as a way of pulling an outfit together and more often than not they come in handy when taking care of a bad hair day! Paisley prints are something I go crazy for just as much as houndstooth and polka dots so this was an easy choice for me.

The main outfit for me was going to be some items that are from previous collections by Zizzi. What with London Fashion Week just behind us and the fashion brands all out in force promoting their High Summer ranges the slogan ‘Sport VS Fashion’ seemed to fit perfectly for a casual sports luxe sort of look. I’m wearing the oversized t-shirt dress in size XL. Paired with black leggings that come complete with a white panel across the legs, size XL. I couldn’t go wrong with the look I wanted to achieve.

To finish off the look I of course opted for my Biker Jacket from Yours Clothing, size 24. This jacket has become one of my many go-to items as it works with a large variety of styles. My dogtooth trim shoe boots from Evans were a must as I was mixing patterns and prints. For accessories I wore my houndstooth satchel, black steel diamonte chaps bracelet and chocker.

For me when it comes to style it’s subjective. Wear the clothes that make you feel incredible and have fun with how you style them! I love experimenting with my look I find it’s a really fun and changeable way of expressing myself and the great thing about it is that many other people will inspire you along the way. I see women walking down the street every day in the cutest outfits and I’m always attracted to the fine details in the outfit. I pay attention to colour combinations, accessories and makeup.

Sometimes the simple items can be really brought to life by the small things you do in your outfit. Match your lipstick colour to something in your look maybe a colour on a top, your bag etc. Find accessories to either compliment an outfit or bring a new dimension to it.

Zizzi clothes can be found at Navabi, these items may not be available but there are some really cool looks that you can pick up, check out their link here.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Winter Warmers With A Twist!

It’s official the weather has changed! For some the sight of clouds in the sky and the constant stream of umbrellas floating by is extremely depressing. I’ll be totally honest here I am no fan of cold weather; short of having an excuse to indulge in warm hot chocolate and marshmallows it’s most definitely not my thing!

I always find that it’s hard to wear clothes that are practical and fun this time of the year. In the summer we have the luxury of cute separates, bold colours and fun and fresh prints. In the autumn and winter we are showered in a sea of blacks, greys and blues. Now I have no problem with that as I have a huge selection of black, grey and blue clothes in my wardrobe. The challenge for me is wearing items that have a twist and have some character to them. I tend to go for cute dresses and simple coats, vintage inspired dressed and petticoats and of course warm sweaters.

Myself and the lovely Hanna decided to go for a walk in the park the other day and seeing as the weather was quite warm and to our luck dry, I was able to be quite playful with my look.

To my luck I was given this animal print sweater from Zizzi. The sample item will hopefully be in their next collection. I got this in a size M and whilst I love the shape and fit it clings a little to my tummy area. With that in mind I simply had to wear it so I thought I would be creative and wear this leather midi skirt from SimplyBe with it (size 26). Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I often wear skirts just under my bust line. My reason for this is the fact that my behind rises a little and if I wear some skirts at the waist line (depending on the cut) they can shift up at the back. It has come to my attention that this is an issue many women face and I simply won’t allow it to cause problems for me when selecting my outfits. In some cases this has actually helped me when it comes to wearing cropped tops or pieces that sit a little snug around the belly.

Feeling comfortable and confident in my clothes is a must for me and that can sometimes be down to the fit, sometimes down to the style of the outfit. I absolutely love animal prints when it comes to clothes and accessories and I have recently been adding more items into my closet, I’ll be sure to put together some posts with these items to show you all very soon. The woollen sweater from Zizzi is really light on the skin and it fits really nicely. The black and grey print make this an item that would work with most bottoms such as jeans, high waisted trousers and of course other cuts of skirt. The colours being neutral make this one easy to pair with other separates and jackets also.

It’s always nice when you see a cute dog in the park.

When you’re used to wearing trousers or jeans on a regular basis the convenience of having pockets is a nice and familiar thing, somewhere to have your phone, wallet etc. One of the things I really like about this skirt is the pocket detail on both sides of the skirt. When you don’t want to carry a bag with you or you’re simply popping out for a few minutes it can be a nice relief to have something to store those smaller items. This skirt is not only a warm and adaptable item it’s a practical one too. The central split in the front gives it a nice shape and a little character and I found that it made the item look more flattering on my frame. Unfortunately this is from a previous collection but there may be something similar available online and in a local Simplybe branch.

I decided that the only accessory I would wear with this outfit would be my favoured hoop earrings. Sometimes you really don’t want to have much jewellery on at all and in my case I didn’t want any additions to my look so I simply painted my nails for a little colour and slipped on some comfortable plimsolls shoes. The saying can be true, less can be more sometimes.

Have a look in your wardrobe and see what you have that you can play around with, we may be lucky enough to have a few more nice days before the scarves and gloves are required!

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

That Zizzi Feeling!

Hey everyone I hope all is well. Sorry that it’s been been rather quiet on the blog lately.  I’ve been a little under the weather and quite snowed under at work. Having said all of that I have still taken the time to make sure that I am prepared for the change in the seasons and I have made it my mission to play around with some cool looks for autumn and winter.

It’s now the time of the year when things start to wind down, we try to get prepared for the cold and wet days and the special events such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve and the office Christmas party.

I like to tone things down a little, bringing in a little more bling, dark and rich tones and some warmer essentials when it comes to my wardrobe. Recently I have been looking for some sleek items that I can wear both in a casual and sophisticated way; items with that little something extra.

I was recently gifted this gorgeous top by Zizzi. This is a sample for an upcoming collection in size M. I really like the style of this top. The asymmetrical cut really adds to the piece. I really enjoy wearing this top as it hangs nicely and clings to all the correct places. The material is lightweight and would suit both warmer and cooler months. What I really like about this piece is the detailed features. The rouched hemline gives it a nice dimension and the beaded shoulder with draped detail is really nice. I like a little extra sparkle and the shoulder detail in this itself is almost like wearing an additional accessory.

I really enjoy items with a bold section or garish print. For me a single item that can act as a strong focal piece for any ensemble is likely to find its way into my closet. I find that items like this really take the pressure off; it can be a challenge to find the right adornments and accessories to pull together an outfit so something with a show stopping feature can do all the work for you leaving you to just enjoy your look.

This top is a multi purpose item that can be worn in many different ways. I decided to pair it with wet look leggings for more of a classic-chic look. For me comfort is a really big thing when it comes to selecting an outfit and simple leggings made this outfit a really easy wear. This top could also be paired with skinny jeans, jeggings or a skirt depending on the look you want to achieve.

A simple drop necklace, silver clutch and black heels complete my look here. You could of course have some bursts of colour by wearing some interesting shoes, coloured leggings or you might even play around with your choice of make up.

Hopefully we’ll see this one make it’s way into the new collection but for now check out some of the gorgeous items from Zizzi and take a look at the AW14 lookbook to see what items might work well for you in this current season.

There are some gorgeous items coming from Zizzi in the Spring and Summer of 2015 and I can already say I will endeavour to add several items to my wardrobe because from what I have seen so far they are must haves! Check out this clip of their recent fashion show for some sneak peaks!

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

Breaking All The Rules!

I hate that society feels that people can be told how they should dress. Fashion isn’t just about fabrics you throw across your body; we are able to express ourselves and experiment through the way that we dress. Those of you who are familiar with my style will know that I tend to wear whatever takes my fancy. I own glamorous and traditional pieces, modern and edgy items and I have a deep affection for vintage clothing. Having said all of that I hate reading comments like “big girls shouldn’t wear stripes”, “those fabrics aren’t flattering on a bigger girl” etc. etc. In truth I have seen people of all shapes and sizes wear clothes that perhaps the wider majority would disapprove of and whilst some things may not be to my taste I love that people feel free and experimental with fashion.

Sometimes it’s fun to play around with how you mix and match clothes and I like to do this a lot. Through experimentation I have started to find out what really works for me and what I feel great in. When I pulled this outfit together it was with the help of my good friend Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge. I love her sense of dress and the way that she puts separates together. I said to her that I really want something unpredictable to go with my pleather waistcoat from Yours Clothing size 22/24.

She let me try out her pleated midi skirt from F&F clothing by Tesco size 22, and I absolutely loved the look and fit of the garment. Unfortunately this print is no longer available so I was lucky enough to be able to borrow Hanna’s. What I like about this skirt the most is the length. Very reminiscent of a 1940s-1950s tea skirt I was instantly drawn to this one. What made it different to skirts from that era was the chiffon fabric used. Usually we’re told that horizontal stripes for big girls is a definite no no but I have to say to whoever made up that rule, I think they’re crazy! Some people think that wearing stripes in that direction can make a person look a lot wider than they are. In my opinion I think that as long as the fit is OK this isn’t going to be an issue. I know one thing it hasn’t stopped me from picking out items with the classic pattern.

Paired with an oversized tee shirt from Zizzi I found the winning outfit. Sometimes I like going for minimalist colours and sticking to black and white and that’s actually one of the things I enjoy most about this look. I think what’s cool about this look is that even though it lacks in colour, it has a lot going on. With a mixture of fabrics from cotton, chiffon and pleather there are many different elements which come together to form the final look. From vintage pinup to rock chick I think the combination is fun and fresh and definitely a look I will try to replicate in the future.

I decided I would keep accessories very simple and wear a simple drop necklace with lilac colour disk and my signature hoop earrings. Any style of classic black or white shoe would have worked for this look but I opted for a simple ballerina pump.

The more I build on my style repertoire and the more I discover about what’s available on the market; my desicion to just do whatever I want is made. I see some of the most gorgeous garments out there and I won’t cut my nose off to spite my face by leaving items on the racks just because I have been told by society that I shouldn’t wear a certain fabric or print. As I have mentioned in previous posts you may see an item and not know what to do with it but you never know a look may present itself to you or you may decide to play around and come up with the perfect outfit.

Play around, take risks and remember, >whatever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!