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Seduced By Medusa! A Lady Voluptuous Review

Those of you know who know my blog and are familiar with my sense of style will know that I have a deep love and affection for Vintage clothing. When I first took note of the style I was only a small child, I remember watching the old movies and seeing images of the beautiful and glamorous stars of the time. I, like a lot of people had resigned myself to the fact that I would ever be able to wear such gorgeous clothes. I had 2 reasons for this, firstly my being a plus size woman limited my options of clothing even when it came to the current trends that were available, secondly I figured that those sorts of clothes would be impossible for anyone to find outside of old second-hand vintage stores and because of how far in time we were away from the decades that these fashions were born from.

When I first discovered plus size fashion blogs a few years ago so many of the women were sporting vintage inspired dresses! To see that this was an option really caught my interest and I took it upon myself to get myself measured and invest in a dress of my own. I’m happy to report that now in 2015 there is a plethora of options open to ladies of all sizes both on the high street and online. If you are a more alternative woman who loves the Rockabilly style then many of the dresses out there will be right up your street. If like me you go for a more classic form of the style, the choices are endless and can be adapted to suit the Rockabilly style.

As many of you will be aware one of the gorgeous bloggers I follow is the amazing Georgina Horne aka Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. She is a major lover of vintage fashion and amazing person to follow if you want to see great style and beauty tips; perfect for pinup admirers and women everywhere. Just a few weeks ago Georgina launched an amazing new vintage inspired clothing line that she created in partnership with Lady Vintage. Lady voluptuous is a range that was created with plus size women being the soul focus! Every single design is available in sizes 16-32.

Recently Lady Voluptuous ran a competition on their Facebook page. They had put up an image of the amazing Medusa dress in 2 colours: Royal Blue and Oxblood. All the entrants had to do was simply say which colour they preferred and 2 names would be selected at random to win, one selecting the blue and the other who had selected the oxblood. When I received a tweet from the brand telling me to check my Facebook I had no idea why, in truth I had forgotten that I even commented myself. To find out that I was the winner of the Royal Blue dress seriously shocked me and totally made my day! You all know my love of blue clothes so as you can expect this dress was on my wish list of items to purchase next payday!

The fit of the dress is amazing, made in a bengaline fabric the dress has amazing stretch, moulding to all of the hot and sexy spots to a woman’s physique and highlighting them really well. I should also note that this fabric doesn’t seem to crease either which is a bonus! I’m wearing this in a size 22 and have loads of room in the arms, bust and behind. I really like the length of the dress as it’s below the knee. Many plus women dislike their knees being exposed, in my case I don’t mind but as my legs aren’t perfectly toned this feature makes the dress that little bit more comfortable to wear. The neckline is just enough to provide a glimpse of cleavage whilst still being modest enough to wear anywhere. I always wear my fitted dresses with shapewear but to be honest the dress looked just as good without.

Doesn’t Georgina look amazing in this:

I decided to wear the dress with a metallic blue head scarf (once again I was having a battle with my hair), statement chocker, black heels and my heart charm bracelet. For an extra touch of glam I pulled out my pleather jacket with faux fur collar (from a previous New Look Inspire Collection). I think this dress would look amazing with electric blue heels, paired with gold or silver accessories. A cute cinch belt would be a nice addition for a little something extra. Acrylic jewellery might be a fun twist to provide a more casual touch. Available in emerald green, oxblood, leopard print and cerise there is a colour to suit all tastes and skin tones.

Check out the amazing collection by Georgina and Lady Voluptuous and see what other amazing styles are available!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

The Power Of The Powerfit Dress! A Scarlett&Jo Dress Review

For years I was that girl who didn’t wear skirts or dresses. I was always concious of my figure and would try to cover my lumps and bumps and prevent them from being on show. My thoughts about my self image have recently changed and I have to be honest as much as I LOVE my vintage looks, a lot of my new approach to how I dress myself nowadays is down to the fantastic bodycon dress designed by Scarlett&Jo exclusively for Evans.
I first saw this dress worn by Caroline (Curvy Wordy) www.curvywordy.com and Georgina (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust) www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com and just from how fantastic they looked wearing it I knew I had to get down to my nearest store and try one on!
The first dress I invested in was the Blue Panel dress and I have to say it was love at first try! Usually I avoid anything that hugs my curves but in this instance I welcomed it!
The fabric is fantastic quality with an under-slip that beautifully skims over the curves and keeps the outer material perfectly held in place. Anyone who knows me knows i’m not adversed to showing a little cleavage and on me this dress exposes just the right amount to be tasteful yet sexy. I absolutely love the three quarter length sleeves as i’m not one for showing off my arms so much (we all have that one part we always cover up right?). I also found the length to be just perfect on my 5’5 frame.
One of the things I love about this dress is that it suits pretty much everyone! I have seen photos of girls with various different shapes sporting this dress and it has looked good on every single one of them! Also one of the best things about this dress is it’s versatility I mean I have worn this dress out when I want that chic and sexy look, but I have also worn it to work. If you want to be sexy, sassy and chic or you would rather achieve a more sophisticated and classy look this dress does it all!
Scarlett&Jo recently launched a bunch of new designs for this dress available in sizes 14-32! The minute I saw them advertised I was ready to pick up a few! As the original panel style dresses came out a few months ago I unfortunately missed out on some of the other colour ways that they had. The red was one I really wanted to pick up so this was a line I was not going to make the same mistake twice with! Check out these fantastic options:
The first dresses I picked up in the new range were the Cream Contrast and Black City dresses.
For me I like to play around with these dresses, sometimes I wear them with a cinch belt or accessories the same colour of the centre panel. You can of course wear these with heels or flats, I have even seen some girls sport the dress with a low ankle boot and yet again it looks fantastic!
Evans held a fantastic event over the weekend, the curvystreetstyle event where customers were invited to come down meet some of the Evans team and strike a pose for the camera. I thought what better time to showcase their own outfit and wear my Blue Panel Dress!
If you can’t already tell, when I like something and it works for me I stick with it! This is how I feel about these dresses I feel like a million dollars in them and I really like the way they fit against my figure. Admittedly I do wear shapewear with them to smooth myself out a little (every girl has to own a pair of Bridget Jones knickers right?) but I cannot recommend this dress more! Which in my case is why I was over the moon to come home from work today and see my latest order from Evans waiting for me! 2 more of these beauties!
Now as I missed out on the Red Panel dress earlier this year I picked up the Raspberry and the to be a little more daring I also got the Animal print.
*Sorry about the quality of some of these pictures, I really need to invest in a new Camera and soon!*
If you want to pick up one of these dresses be sure to check out your local Evans store or check out their website.