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The Sunny Side Of Blue

*The Jacket And Top Are Gifted Items

Finally spring is here! For the past few months we have been treated to and endless stream of cold days, muddy puddles and the general dregs of winter. I am definitely a summer baby in every sense of the word but, I really enjoy the spring time. It’s nice to witness the flowers blooming, bright and pretty colours flooding the streets and the general happy buzz that comes with the season. I love the fashions of the spring as there is always such a vast mix of styles between the transitions of winter into spring and of course, spring into summer. London has been through some weird times of late but it has been such a blessing to get some sunshine at last!

I was recently sent the most amazing jacket from In The Style Curve. The Tay blush waterfall drape tie waist jacket is a really soft jacket made in a stretchy material that works as a light cover-up for the season. The sleeves can be shortened with the button tie detail attached at the arms. This one works both open as a duster or closed for a different effect. I love the colour and I thought that even though the sun is shinning here in London there is a still a little bit of a chill in the air so this was a great addition to my outfit. The brand have a really fun and edgy collection this season so be sure to check it out!

Spring always gives us pastels and soft tones. I don’t own many pastels to be honest with you but I do have a fair amount of blues in my closet! I was recently sent the most gorgeous sleeves top from Navabi. The cotton Peplum top from the Manon Baptiste collection, a really light and comfortable item to wear that is bursting with style. The material is really breathable and soft to the touch and compliments stone wash and acid wash denim really well. Their current collection is full of fun and sweet items for the season so be sure to check it out. I thought i’d wear this top with a pair of light jeggings from a previous Simply Be collection. I pulled out my blue cork wedges put on my favourite pair of Ray-Ban aviators and I was ready and set to go!

I love that when the seasons change you can make some fun outfits with old items in your closet and some new ones. I can’t wait to have more sunny days as I have some other outfits in mind that I haven’t been able to wear as the weather hasn’t allowed for it just yet. Denim is the fabric of the season so there will no doubt be some fun and fresh items out there in the stores. I have seen some amazing previews of some embroidered items and fun accessories. I definitely hope to get more light shades of denim so that I can play around with some more summery styles.

Have fun with the change in the season. I always see this is a great time to express myself visually whether that be by having nice flowers in the house, creating fun and colourful meals or dressing in some fun and bright items. I can’t wait to get out my fun summer dresses but I will most definitely make the most of the denim that’s everywhere. We all have it in our wardrobes and we all enjoy wearing it so why not switch things up and take your look to the next level?

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Take It To The Maxi! – A Boohoo Plus Review

So we’re deep into July which means we should be in the thick of summer! Unfortunately London has had some really random weather and we’ve had more chilly days than hot ones. The good news is when it is hot and the sun is beaming in London everyone finds themselves wearing their summer best and enjoying the day out and about with friends.

Recently when shopping at Boohoo I was on the hunt for a light and airy dress to wear for those hot days. You all know I love to glam up but sometimes I just like to be comfortable and casual. The thing is everyone needs to own a plain black maxi dress so when I saw the Leah Race Back Maxi I knew I had to get it! I picked this dress in a size 24 and I have to say I love wearing it! It is so light and so comfortable that it’s perfect for one of those really humid days when you just want relief from the heat! I should note because of the size of my breasts when I wear this one my bra is slightly exposed at the sides.

Like many plus size women out there my problem area with my body is my arms. I used to feel so uncomfortable with my arms exposed and would brace the hot sun with jackets and cardigans on even if the heat was Sweltering and sticky! Last year I went out totally jacket-less for the first time and it’s this year that my aim is to keep pushing myself in that area. Due to the fact that I wanted to push my confidence and and have my arms bare a solution to the fact that the dress pulls a little in the chest for me was to wear a cropped, sleeveless denim jacket. I bought mine last year in Primark for a bargain!

When the sun is beaming down on you, the last thing you want is to be laden down with accessories! I decided to only wear my signature hoop earrings and hair scarf. Finishing off with a small pop of blue with my t-bar wedges from New Look my outfit was complete.

Hanna is the lipstick queen she has pretty much every shade known to man and sat me down one day to try out all the colours and see what sort of tones look nice against my complexion. Picking out a summer bright baby pink shade, she said she thought the Nikki Minaj style tone looked cool on me. I thought it would be fun to try the shade again and so here you have it, me with supper girly pink lippy!

Dressing comfortably doesn’t have to mean losing you sense of style so have fun in other ways with your makeup and hair accessories if you want to keep things simple in the summer heat!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Strictly Chic And Strapless!

One thing I love about women’s fashion is how so much of it has been created purely for us to showcase our best physical attributes. I have always loved strapless dresses but have only just been able to try one out for myself. Many plus size brands still shy away from cuts of clothing that are typically made for women of a smaller size. The thing is, all women love clothes and fashion and our dress size doesn’t affect our want to wear fun and sexy clothes.

I recently saw TV talk show host and fashionista, Jeannie Mai sporting an outfit that I instantly wanted to replicate on her show The Real. She was wearing a grey leather strapless dress with a sheer checked shirt and the look was edgy, casual, sexy and chic, all at the same time. I instantly went on the hunt for a strapless dress in my size! All of The Real talk show hosts have a great sense of style and they all know what works for their shape and personalities. Not only do I love the show, I also watch it to see what looks the girls are wearing.

I’ll be honest, very few brands had the kind of dress I was after and only seemed to offer maxi dresses in a strapless option. After finding American brand PinkClubwear on Instagram I got in touch with them to ask about their collection and was given the opportunity to review a few pieces. I of course selected a strapless bodycon with sweetheart cut. I love the fact that the dress was dazzling white with a peplum front. I’m wearing this one in a 3X and I have to say the fit is amazing! I tried this both with and without shapewear and I found that it worked either way (I should note that I am wearing shapewear in these pictures). The sweetheart detail is rigid and has boning across the centre to prevent the folds from flopping over or needing pinning. The fabric is very stretchy and clings in a tailored but comfortable way. I love the length and draping of the peplum front. For women with a slightly larger belly or one with a centre fold this detail will cover any area that one doesn’t like to have on show.

I should note that this dress is no longer available on the website but there are many similar options available.

Due to the fact that I have yet to find a strapless bra in my size I wouldn’t want to wear this dress without one so my initial outfit idea was fixed from the get go. I wanted a sexy, sophisticated and chic look. I was going for a sexy secretary sort of look. Most of my shirts are sheer as I like for my clothes to breathe but as a fashion must, I of course own a stylish dress shirt. I’m wearing the Napoleon II shirt from Carolyn Drapiere.

I have to say I wasn’t sure if the look I had in my mind would be achieved but I’m really pleased with the overall look. Those of you who know my blog and my style will know that I love to challenge myself and break fashion rules whilst doing so! I hate the fact that for years plus size women have been told not to wear certain styles of clothes or colours for that matter. I used to hear all the time that we should only wear black because it’s slimming and white makes you look massive. I was more than comfortable wearing such a different outfit in the brightest tone possible!

To acceuntate the black pin stripe in my shirt I pulled out my black and white zebra print hair scarf. Tied my hair in a loose and messy bun and tied it across my brow. To elongate my silhouette and give myself some height I pulled out my Blue T-Bar wedges from New Look and I was set to go, with the added addition of my hoops of course.

I love that we have the option to be creative with our fashion choices. We mix casual with dressy, sophisticated with sexy, masculine with feminine. In all of this experimentation we see some seriously cool looks both in the modelling world and on our local high streets. Have fun with your look, play around and see what you can come up with, you may be surprised with the results!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Introducing Polly Grace!

It’s always exciting when a new plus size brand hits the market! Recently I was contacted by Polly Grace, a brand ranging in sizes 16-32 with a fun and fresh selection of clothes. They let me select a few items to review and thought it would be cool to see how I might style them. The first thing I saw on the site that caught my eye was the Stella Dress. What I liked was the bold print, I really love the mix of white and blue with swirls of chocolate brown. I’m wearing this in a size 24 and I have to say it’s pretty generous in size. I usually like to wear dresses that are slightly big to accommodate my behind and my bust. I found there to be a decent amount of room in this dress and a size 22 would have been a really nice fit for more of a bodycon fit to have been achieved. I really like the detail in the front which gives the dress a wrap illusion.

The jersey fabric is really light and airy with a soft feel. This dress is a really nice option for spring and summer and would look really nice seriously glammed up. I wanted to go for a casual look with this one due to the nature of the fit. I paired this with a simple pair of black leggings and my platform wedged sandals from Yours Clothing. Now as many of you know blue is my favourite colour, I talk about it a lot and every time I see an item of clothing in any sea tone it simply has to be mine lol. The gorgeous Savannah cardigan was a must have because of the rich colbalt colour. The waterfall draping in the front is a really flattering detail for women of all shapes and can be added to both causal and sophisticated styles. I’m wearing this in a 22/24 and I really like the way it fits with plenty of room in the arms and in the main body of the garment.

I’ll be totally honest I’m having a really bad relationship with my hair at the moment. No matter what I do with it I’m finding it hard to maintain at the moment so my very frequent use of bandanas and hair scarves is because of this. As the print of the dress is quite loud I wanted to go for something really simple so I opted for my white mesh hair scarf. Combining this with my signature hoop earrings gave me a finished look that I really liked. A casual look with slight gypsy flair.

No matter what you wear there is always a way you can pull more than one look out of it. There are so many ways that you can make a casual item more glamorous and vice versa. Next time I wear this dress I may well pair it with some heels, heavier makeup and I may wear my hair down. More jewellery would also be a way to glam up this look. You can always pull from a single colour with your outfits and use that when selecting your accessories, nail polish or makeup.

There’s many more interesting and fun items available from Polly Grace and I’ll be sharing some more of them with you in future posts. Check out their website to see the full collection, when you make your purchase be sure to use my exclusive code: Mayah20 for a discount, also for a limited time in May the shipping is absolutely free!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!