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Pink Isn’t Only For Barbie! A Lane Bryant Review

A plus size woman smiling wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket

One colour I didn’t enjoy wearing too much in my younger years was pink! As it turns out I realise that the colour isn’t just for us women, it looks amazing on everyone of all shapes and colours. As I scroll through my social media feed I come to realise that all girls love pink! Makeup, clothing, accessories…you name it people everywhere are really feeling the many shades of pink. When I was in Las Vegas in July I found this incredible hot pink plus size convertible midi dress during my trip to Lane Bryant. When it comes to summer fashion we all love a bit of colour. I enjoy wearing bright, bold and striking colours when the sun is shining. With just a few days left in the season i’m making the most of the newest additions in my wardrobe.

A plus size woman wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket holding a backpackA plus size woman wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket

I guess you could say people tend to think of pink as a girly colour, which it is but, many people are rocking it in a variety of ways. I’ve seen men sporting some really nice summer suits, slacks even sunnies this season. Ladies like myself have been playing around with prints, florals etc.. I don’t own a lot of pink but when I do get items this colour, I tend to go for hot pink! I was on the lookout for something comfortable and flattering to wear in the sweltering Vegas heat. As soon as I saw this plus size convertible midi dress I went right to the fitting room to try it on! The gathered detail makes it hang in a way where it clings to only the best parts. In these pictures I’m wearing this dress strapless. It does however come with additional straps that can slide into sewn in clips. With 2 adjustable sections you can make them a closer fit or far apart depending on the width of your shoulders and what feels best for you. The top of the bust-line is elasticated for a snug and secure fit so either way works.

A plus size woman smiling, wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket holding a backpack by a benchA plus size woman wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket

I’m only 5’5 in height and so for me the length of the dress is maybe a bit longer than intended but, if you want something a little shy of maxi length and you’re 5’7 or under this would be perfect. The fabric is a super soft jersey, lightweight and perfect on a really hot day. For a delicate and simple dress, the material is thick enough to withstand a strong breeze and will conceal your undergarments when stretched.

A plus size woman smiling, wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket holding a backpack by a benchA plus size woman wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket holding a backpackplus size pink convertible midi dress, white brogue shoes and white backpack

I feel super girly when I wear pink but, I like to think of myself as the queen of coordination. I’m one of these people where everything has to match. When styling this look I did think that to add more pink would take away from the dress. Not wanting to look too candy coloured I decided to pull on a white denim jacket, white brogue shoes and a white pleather backpack. I’m always on the go and so I need my fashion to be fun and practical at the same time. I did however decide to wear my favourite pink lippy, Raspberry Miracle 04 from Lumene.

A plus size woman wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket A plus size woman smiling, wearing a pink convertible midi dress and white denim jacket

So I guess it’s kind of funny, the older I get, the more cutesy and girly I become! I don’t think we ever grow out of playing dress up, even if we do it in a playful, understated sort of way. Casual or glamorous, come rain or shine I love bright colours. Your mood can become heightened just by what you wear, the spring in your step may get some extra bounce and people may even smile at you more frequently. I intended on wearing some much needed colour in the autumn and winter months. I plan on transitioning from light summer styles to some interesting but fun looks this coming fall. You will most definitely see me wearing some fun things, who knows maybe even more pink!

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A plus size woman smiling, wearing a whit jacket and a pink convertible midi dress dress

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Summer Stripes – A Lane Bryant Review

*This is a gifted Dress

Summers in the UK seem to get shorter with each passing year. As a summer baby born in July I crave the warm sunny days where the flowers have bloomed, pub gardens are packed and we can wear those cute summer outfits that are needed during the warmer months. I love it when I can get really cute and girly and I find that summer is the season where I most enjoy doing so. I was recently sent a cute stripy sun dress from Lane Bryant and I was finally able to wear it last weekend. Technically summer starts in June but lately in London the warm days have been few and far between but, when they do finally come they tend to be sweltering hot!

I really love this dress it’s bright, light and extremely comfortable. I really like the length and found that I could easily wear anti-chafe shorts without them being seen if I wanted to. The thick shoulders allow for any style of bra to be worn and I was able to select one that provided me with a lot of comfort and support in the summer heat. I often worry that buttons will gape when it comes to any item of clothing with a front fastening due to the size of my breasts. With this dress I found that I had more than enough boob room with all of the buttons fastened although in these photos I chose to leave a few open at the top for a little cleavage to be shown. The tie detail at the front I found to be a really cute way to accentuate the waist and showcase the shape of the breasts when fastened.

The bright pastel blue of the dress is perfect for this season and the different sized stripes I think is a nice touch and elongates the length of my 5’5 frame. I deiced to pair this one with a pair of brown leather sandals from a previous Lane Bryant collection, my signature hoop earrings and a pair of Isabel Marant Daria Mirrored glasses. I felt a little like a 70s soul diva in this outfit I have to say lol. The temperature in London was about 32 degrees Celsius when I took these pics. Even in such hot sun I was more than comfortable and felt like summer had well and truly arrived!

I love to wear a comfortable heel regardless of the time of year but a cute pair of open toe sandals or wedges really tops off a summer look. I could have gone for a white or blue shoe to compliment the colours in the dress but thought i’d go the other way and work with the sunglasses I was wearing. If there was a bit of a chill in the air then a white cardigan or a denim jacket of some kind would have been a nice addition to this outfit.

I’m really hoping that I have some more sunny days to enjoy in London as I have several summer outfits I plan on wearing! If all else fails I am taking a trip to Vegas next month to celebrate my 30th and I will most definitely be able to sport some of my summer looks in the strong desert sun! I used to dread sweltering hot days as I would want my arms covered due to lack of confidence. Now I could care less about layering up on a hot day and choose comfort before anything else. Having said that comfort doesn’t have to be safe and boring. It can fun, sexy and flattering all at the same time!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

In The Summer Sun – A Lane Bryant Review

*This dress was a gifted item

It’s a strange sort of summer this year. Usually there are endless conversations going on with people complaining about the heat, praying for a rain storm and hiding away in the shade. Now I love everything about the summer the sweltering heat, picnics in the park, the bright and beautiful colours everywhere and the excitement for holidays far away by the sea. This year we have had none of that. The conversation has been full of complaints as usual and this time we’re all whinging about the rain, cold days and short bursts of sunshine. Usually I’m in the background listening to what others have to say whilst i’m o the opposite oppinion and on the other side. This year I’m right there with them bitching away because summertime in London has been non existent with the odd hour of two of good weather.

Now when you’re someone who loves wearing a good sun dress and luxuriating in the sun, you make the most of the good days when they are here! Last weekend the sun was shinning, birds were singing and the need for layers was finally gone! I finally got to wear my gorgeous Fit & Flare Sleeveless Dress from Lane Bryant! A few weeks back they sent me some great bits to enjoy for the summer season and I haven’t really been able to wear any of them! I’m wearing this dress in a size 22 in the moderain plaid print. I have to say I love the feel of this one. It’s made out of a super silkly slinky fabric and I have to say it feels light as a feather on. A great option for a beach holiday or summer lunch.

The dress come complete with a zip fastening at the back and additional skinny belt. I was very impressed with the belt as 9 times out of 10 when a belt comes with a dress it has to be discarded due to poor fit. I had plenty of room in this dress and really enjoyed it’s loose fit feeling. Stopping just by the knee made wearing anti charf shorts very comfortable lol. I will say this, I love wearing bright and colourful clothes but I do lack in the orange and yellow department. I love that the print of the dress has splashes of orange, peach, beige, yellow and khaki green in box grids and lines.

Hanna let me borrow her Strappy Wooden heels, also from Lane Bryant and I think they totally complete the look. I was really surprised by how comfortable these shoes are! They are pretty high, really easy to walk in and virtually pain free! The only downside is that my left foot slid forward in the shoe in a little but to be honest I really didn’t care. When you feel good in the sunshine and enjoy those bright summer moments the little things don’t even bother you.

I’m hoping we get to enjoy more of this beautiful weather and I get to wear more summer items! Unfortunately it’s grey and wet as I write this post…

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Maximise With A Maxi

Do you ever find yourself searching for a specific kind of garment? Maybe you want something for a particular event or season? In my case I was on a quest for the perfect maxi dress. It seems that having a good maxi dress is just as important as having the perfect LBD in your wardrobe and with the holiday season here and the temperatures soaring, my eyes have been well and truly open as I scoured websites and stores looking for a dress that was just right!

I wanted something that would suit my style, needs and my taste in colour and fabric. The lovely Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge showed me a dress by Lovedrobe that she had recently gotten which I instantly feel in love with! The length was just right; adequate to wear with flats, wedges and heels. The silky soft fabric was light, airy and flattering on her and I knew this was one I wanted to pick up for myself.

One of my concerns was trying to find a dress that I felt supported my breasts. So many maxi dresses have halter-neck ties or elasticated stretch material in that area, which is fine and looks good with the style. In my case I like to feel a dress mould around my bust and provide a little extra support. The thin straps are adjustable, giving you the option to wear the dress in a more fitted fashion (as I have in these pictures) or looser for comfort. The built in cups sit nicely against my shape giving me a full and elegant look.

I really wanted a dress with splashes of colour and this black maxi with splattered print in coral, pink, yellow and peachy tones is something I would wear out and about for drinks or enjoying myself in the sunshine. The waist detail and side ties pull you in at the middle giving a nice lift to the bust and comfortable sweep of the skirt. I picked this dress up in a size 26 as the area around the cups is rather fitted and it would have been too tight had I selected something smaller. Depending on the size and shape of your bust you may be able to downsize in this one as the skirt of the dress is very roomy.

I last wore this dress on a seriously hot day and despite the base colour being in black I felt really comfortable. The light fabric made this a perfect selection for such a sunny day in London. The interesting feel about the material of the dress is that I know I could have worn this dress on a cooler evening and still felt comfortable in it. To me the fabric of the dress feels rather adaptable and would be a comfortable wear for most temperatures during the summer and early autumn.

I wanted to wear a simple shrug with this one. This was in an effort to avoid gaining thick tan lines from the straps of the dress and my bra. If I were to wear this out one evening, I would most likely wear a light jacket in black to compliment the fabric and offer a little additional coverage.

For a dress with such a bold print I wanted very light and simple accessories. I played around with the colour pallet of the dress and so I opted for the Raffia Clutch from Simplybe and netted ballerina shoes from Primark. Feathered jewellery added those finishing touches I like and I feel that they worked well with the print in the dress.

The great news about this dress, it’s on sale! You can pick this one up at Evans where I got mine at an amazing £30 reduced from £50. If you like this one I would definitely recommend it. It feels amazing on and the style is simple and elegant. With just the right amount of colour this is one that works perfectly for the current season. I look forward to taking this one with me on holiday where it shall make an appearance at the beach!

Remember what ever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!