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Golden Delicious!

I used to be scared of wearing clothes that glistened and sparkled. I think it comes down to that ever long list of rules that we plus size people are supposed adhere to when dressing ourselves. The thing is it feels good to wear something pretty that blings and that’s how I feel about this gorgeous Gold Baroque Peplum Top from Pink Clove. I think it’s always a good idea to have something in the wardrobe that be worn both casually and dressy and this item most definitely can feature well in the two styles.

I really like the way that this top feels against the skin, the soft velvety texture makes this one a good choice for pretty much any season. I know that I will be wearing this one in the colder months too and quite possibly on a night out for drinks with friends or something. I have this one in a size 24 which gives me more than enough boob room and it doesn’t cling to my upper arms either (which is always a plus point!). There is a fair amount of stretch in this one but depending on your dimensions you may want to up or downsize if you have a slightly larger bust or belly. I didn’t want to have to wear any shapewear or anything with this one and as the material has that sheen to it I thought it best to go a little looser on the fit.

I was aiming for a sleek and casual look when I put this outfit together so I decided to pair this top with a simple pair of dark washed Demin Jeggings from Yours Clothing. For me it’s important not to compromise on comfort when I pick my outfits so I like things to often be a little loose in areas especially in the bum and tummy areas. I am wearing a size 26 which is a size up for me when it comes to yours leggings. I think a bigger size can often look better with clothes that either have a thick or elasticated waist band that sits at the waist, as they don’t cling to the unwanted areas which can result in bulging.

I thought I would keep it simple when it came to completing the look so I pulled out a classic pair of black heels, my trusted twisted gold hoop earrings and my lovely necklace. Sometimes your clothes are statement pieces that will be the focal point to an outfit and I found that the Pink Clove Peplum top is one of those items so I thought it best to keep everything else simple.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and KEEP SMILING!

My Valentines Choice: The Red Lace 2-in-1 Peplum Dress By Scarlett&Jo For Evans

It’s not secret that I love the range of dresses by Scarlett & Jo. The quality and style of their collections always has something to suit everyone. I recently picked up another one of their gorgeous styles in the Evans sale that took place over the Christmas period. This time I opted for the Red Lace 2-in-1 Peplum Dress.

What drew me to this dress in all honesty was seeing so many other bloggers and friends wearing this one. The variety of colour ways available meant that there was something for pretty much any occasion. After seeing so many fantastic images of women in this dress I knew it was one I wanted to try out.

As we know this is the time of the year when all talk goes to romance and passion with Valentines day right around the corner. Fashion mags and high street stores are already talking about lingerie and dress options for us women to select for that perfect evening with our partners and in my case it was this dress that came to mind when I was picking out my own for the public holiday.

True to form, Scarlett&Jo have thought about everything with this one. The design is simple but sweet. The peekaboo lace panel that sits over the cleavage adds an element of sophistication to the design whilst being very sexy and chic.  The peplum top just drapes over the the skirt in a really delicate way. I love the way this feels on. The quality of the fabric is great as it’s a thick stretchy material that moulds generously to the curves, covering up any lumps and bumps that you may not want to showcase and enhancing the best bits.

What I like the most about this dress is that all on it’s own it’s a sexy, elegant, sophisticated dress that makes you feel fantastic and it doesn’t need much in the way of enhancements. I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum when wearing this dress as I don’t want to take away from the sweet and simple style. I paired this one with thick black tights, black shoes and silver accessories.
I look forward to wearing this one out on the town as I know not only will it feel great on but it will look it too!
Stock Image Courtesy Of Scarlett&Jo By Evans
The 2-in-1 Peplum style has proved popular with Evans and Scarlett&Jo have since brought out a series of styles including both block colours and 2 tones styles. Check out the Evans website to see the available collection and to pick up yours! www.evans.co.uk

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