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A Blush With Confidence

Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heels

Every now and then your social calendar gets some excitement with some fab events. Just a few days ago I attended the opening of the ‘Michael Jackson On The Wall’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. This was a very exciting occasion for MJ fans and art lovers. The only Michael related event I have attended where black tie dress was requested. When trying to figure out what to wear I had one item in mind. This blush maxi dress from In The Style Curve.

Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heelsPlus size woman wearing a blush maxi dressMichael Jackson On The Wall, National Portrait Gallery

I love an elegant dress. Wedding, gallery exhibition, dinner party… whatever the event a good dress can set the tone. Blush is a colour that works with all skin tones. The muted pink shades are feminine and cool. This maxi dress shows just the right amount of skin with a plunging V neckline and above the knee split on one side. I love the fit of this dress and how it clung to my curves in all the right places. The only problem I had was the length. I found myself treading on it at times even though I was in heels. I still enjoyed wearing it though.

Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heelsPlus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heels

Michael Jackson is a man who is more than special to me. As a musician he has inspired me more than most. Growing up he was a huge male influence in my life. Through him I saw what it meant to be a dignified, highly educated man full of heart, soul and music. It’s not surprising to see that he is such a muse for many artists of all persuasions. Musicians like myself, sculptors. painters, designers, actors and much more. Seeing incredible pieces by the likes of Mark Ryden, Andy Warhol and many others was such a pleasure and highlight for me. Especially being able to see the actual painting used for my all time favourite album ‘Dangerous.’ My friends and I had a great time seeing all the interesting works.

Michael Jackson fans at the opening for Michael Jackson On The Wall At the National Portrait Gallery Michael Jackson fan at the opening for Michael Jackson On The Wall At the National Portrait Gallery wearing a blush maxi dress
Michael Jackson ‘Dangerous’ by Mark Ryden.
Michael Jackson fans at the opening for Michael Jackson On The Wall At the National Portrait Gallery
Paintings by Andy Warhol

So I can say that I had a great time with my friends as a part of MJvibe (check out the fab review of the exhibiton), and of course being stylish in this elegant dress. It would be a lovely option in a series of colours and just a tad bit shorter. Be sure to head on over to In The Style Curve to see what sassy, sexy and fun items they currently have available!

Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heelsPlus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress and champagne t-bar heels

If you guys love art, music and you’re in London, be sure to head over to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the exhibition, it’s really interesting.


Plus size woman smiling wearing a blush maxi dress

*This dress is gifted
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Beautiful Blossoms

I can’t help but feel cheery when the sun in shinning. I am a pure summer baby in every sense, not just because my birthday is the middle of July but because I love all things summer! I love the heat and enjoy almost everything about a summer day. The bright and gorgeous weather, beautiful plants and flowers, butterflies, the extra long days and the shorter nights. One thing I enjoy in particular is playing around with my summer wardrobe. I think what I love about summer fashion is the varying ways that we can express ourselves. Some like to show a lot of skin and catch a tan, others like bright and fun pastel colours and some like myself enjoy switching things up. I love a bright and fun outfit but I also like black floaty maxi dresses this time of year. I find that they make for amazing transitional outfits. You could possibly wear one to work and then head out at the end of the day for a nice meal or drinks with friends.

I really enjoy wearing chiffon dresses. I find that the light and airy material makes for an elegant dress which can be worn during the day and night but the good news is that they feel comfortable in quite hot and humid weather. This dress I’m wearing is from one of my favourite Scandinavian brands Zizzi. This dress is from a previous collection and is a little big for me as I have recently lost some weight. However I love it that much that I really don’t care lol. I’m wearing this dress is a size XL. I really like the white binding across the bust, arms and hem. I think the slight addition makes for a nice monochrome feel.

As the dress is quite long I wanted to wear a slight heel so that I didn’t keep stepping on the hem. I of course opted for my black Michelle Heels from Hotter, my go-to pair of black heels at the moment. Unfortunately we haven’t been blessed with many hot and sunny days in London this year. It’s starting to look as though things are heating up weather-wise which is great for me because I can’t get enough of it! Hopefully i’ll get to go somewhere exotic and beautiful at some point this year but for now i’m going to make the most of the sunshine we get here.

It’s been an interesting few weeks that have passed by for me. I’ve witnessed some of my friends having babies, getting engaged etc. others have been going through some more painful changes and I’ve been going through changes both personally and professionally. Seeing the spring flowers popping up and the blossoms on the trees for me is not only a sign of this gorgeous summer starting but of many positive and pleasant changes. I’m gonna enjoy the wind in my hair, sun on my skin and whatever comes along! Change is exciting and brings with it many amazing things!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


Esmeralda In Blue – A GCGMe Review

*This Dress Is A Gifted Item

One thing I love is being able to channel the style of another woman, be it a friend, celebrity or even a fictional character. In this dress I feel a little bit like a Disney princess, not your overly glammed up Disney princess, in this case I was channelling Hunch Back Of Notre-Dame’s Esmeralda!

I was recently contacted by Australian fashion company GCGMe. I had never heard of the brand before but was thrilled to have been asked to review something for them once I had checked out their plus size maxi dress selection. What I really liked about the brand from browsing their website was the variety of options for women who like to embrace colour and something a little more glamorous. I really liked their maxi dress options and had my eye on several! I eventually opted for the Macy dress and I am really happy with my choice!

The first draw for me when it came to the shape and style of this dress was the off the shoulder detail. I think all women have those areas that look beautiful on everyone, one in particular is the decolletage. Showing a hint of skin is really sexy yet subtle and for dresses of this shape, extremely comfortable to wear. I haven’t seen that many tops or dresses with an off the shoulder neckline that have really grabbed me and this dress ticked all the boxes for me. Firstly I love maxi dresses that just sweep the floor. There’s something really elegant about a dress that sweeps over your heels. This dress had a really nice length against my 5’5 frame. I should note that in these pictures I was wearing flat ankle boots.

Available in sizes S-4X this is one that works for pretty much every shape and size of woman and really flatters when worn. This dress comes in 8 colours so you have your choice of options. In my case I had to pick the cobalt blue version in size 3X. I really like the length of the sleeves as they cover the biceps really comfortably with an elasticated cuff to hold the shape. There is also a detached waist tie which can be worn to cinch you in at the waist. I chose to go without mine for these pictures because I liked the way the dress hung on me without the tie. The binding at the waist moulded my bust really nicely and was in a really good place for women of all bust sizes.

At the moment I am wearing my hair loose a lot of the time and as it’s currently styled with slight waves. When I first tried this dress on in front of the mirror it gave me the feel of an exotic gypsy. I instantly thought about the Disney character Esmeralda and how she was dressed in the movie. Large hoop earrings, hair scarves and simple shoes. These are all features of my day to day style so it was easy for me to figure out how I was going to style this one.

Play around with your style, sometimes when you take inspiration from someone or somewhere different to the norm the results can be interesting and fun. You may end up with a slightly different spring in your step and a new style you can rock from time to time!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Take It To The Maxi! – A Boohoo Plus Review

So we’re deep into July which means we should be in the thick of summer! Unfortunately London has had some really random weather and we’ve had more chilly days than hot ones. The good news is when it is hot and the sun is beaming in London everyone finds themselves wearing their summer best and enjoying the day out and about with friends.

Recently when shopping at Boohoo I was on the hunt for a light and airy dress to wear for those hot days. You all know I love to glam up but sometimes I just like to be comfortable and casual. The thing is everyone needs to own a plain black maxi dress so when I saw the Leah Race Back Maxi I knew I had to get it! I picked this dress in a size 24 and I have to say I love wearing it! It is so light and so comfortable that it’s perfect for one of those really humid days when you just want relief from the heat! I should note because of the size of my breasts when I wear this one my bra is slightly exposed at the sides.

Like many plus size women out there my problem area with my body is my arms. I used to feel so uncomfortable with my arms exposed and would brace the hot sun with jackets and cardigans on even if the heat was Sweltering and sticky! Last year I went out totally jacket-less for the first time and it’s this year that my aim is to keep pushing myself in that area. Due to the fact that I wanted to push my confidence and and have my arms bare a solution to the fact that the dress pulls a little in the chest for me was to wear a cropped, sleeveless denim jacket. I bought mine last year in Primark for a bargain!

When the sun is beaming down on you, the last thing you want is to be laden down with accessories! I decided to only wear my signature hoop earrings and hair scarf. Finishing off with a small pop of blue with my t-bar wedges from New Look my outfit was complete.

Hanna is the lipstick queen she has pretty much every shade known to man and sat me down one day to try out all the colours and see what sort of tones look nice against my complexion. Picking out a summer bright baby pink shade, she said she thought the Nikki Minaj style tone looked cool on me. I thought it would be fun to try the shade again and so here you have it, me with supper girly pink lippy!

Dressing comfortably doesn’t have to mean losing you sense of style so have fun in other ways with your makeup and hair accessories if you want to keep things simple in the summer heat!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!