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That Zizzi Feeling!

Hey everyone I hope all is well. Sorry that it’s been been rather quiet on the blog lately.  I’ve been a little under the weather and quite snowed under at work. Having said all of that I have still taken the time to make sure that I am prepared for the change in the seasons and I have made it my mission to play around with some cool looks for autumn and winter.

It’s now the time of the year when things start to wind down, we try to get prepared for the cold and wet days and the special events such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years Eve and the office Christmas party.

I like to tone things down a little, bringing in a little more bling, dark and rich tones and some warmer essentials when it comes to my wardrobe. Recently I have been looking for some sleek items that I can wear both in a casual and sophisticated way; items with that little something extra.

I was recently gifted this gorgeous top by Zizzi. This is a sample for an upcoming collection in size M. I really like the style of this top. The asymmetrical cut really adds to the piece. I really enjoy wearing this top as it hangs nicely and clings to all the correct places. The material is lightweight and would suit both warmer and cooler months. What I really like about this piece is the detailed features. The rouched hemline gives it a nice dimension and the beaded shoulder with draped detail is really nice. I like a little extra sparkle and the shoulder detail in this itself is almost like wearing an additional accessory.

I really enjoy items with a bold section or garish print. For me a single item that can act as a strong focal piece for any ensemble is likely to find its way into my closet. I find that items like this really take the pressure off; it can be a challenge to find the right adornments and accessories to pull together an outfit so something with a show stopping feature can do all the work for you leaving you to just enjoy your look.

This top is a multi purpose item that can be worn in many different ways. I decided to pair it with wet look leggings for more of a classic-chic look. For me comfort is a really big thing when it comes to selecting an outfit and simple leggings made this outfit a really easy wear. This top could also be paired with skinny jeans, jeggings or a skirt depending on the look you want to achieve.

A simple drop necklace, silver clutch and black heels complete my look here. You could of course have some bursts of colour by wearing some interesting shoes, coloured leggings or you might even play around with your choice of make up.

Hopefully we’ll see this one make it’s way into the new collection but for now check out some of the gorgeous items from Zizzi and take a look at the AW14 lookbook to see what items might work well for you in this current season.

There are some gorgeous items coming from Zizzi in the Spring and Summer of 2015 and I can already say I will endeavour to add several items to my wardrobe because from what I have seen so far they are must haves! Check out this clip of their recent fashion show for some sneak peaks!

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

Black Magic And Gold Dust

So, we’re now at that strange time in the year when the days are getting shorter, the sun doesn’t seem to want to make that much of an appearance and we are forced to start covering up again.

I personally prefer summer to autumn and winter and I always will. It’s nice to be able able to wear bright and garish colours, bold prints and show a little skin. Having said all of that my aim this year is to have a little fun with my warmer wardrobe. Cute hats, scarves and funky adornments might be the way for me to go when it comes to adding that extra style and flair to my sense of dress this winter.

I hate to say it but I have now had to start wearing my jackets and jumpers and other winter warmers. I think it’s fair to say that summer is pretty much over and any day of sunshine and heat we get we’ll need to make the most of!

I was going through my clothes when I started to feel that sudden chill in the air and I dug out this gold studded jumper from Primark that I purchased last year. I initially bought this when I was looking to add a little sparkle into my wardrobe. This size 20 jumper is really spacious and is just the right length to cover my behind. The thing I like about items with bold prints or with adornments is the fact that they become the focal point to the outfit. Often they can take away any need to accessorise or they can help you in the selection process. I really enjoy the dusting of gold studs I think it brings an element of fun to an otherwise simple piece.

I like keeping it simple sometimes and I thought it would be cool to pair this jumper with my wet-look leggings from Scarlett & Jo size 24. They are so comfortable and stretchy and they are high waisted which is always a bonus because then you don’t get the dreaded “double belly” that can happen when the waist band rests too low.

This simple outfit is a nice one for this time of year when you may not want a coat or jacket but might feel the need to have that additional coverage for comfort and warmth in this weather. For a evening walk in the park I found this to be a really comfortable wear and it got me thinking that I need to pick up some more jumpers.

I thought that I would pair the outfit with my Joe Browns boots from Fashion World. I wanted shoes with a touch of gold and as these boots have studs that compliment the jumper they were an easy choice.

My signature hoop earrings and my lovely necklace were also a no brainer as I wanted a simple look with no added colours.

What I really like about this look which I never paid attention to until I looked at these pictures is the fact that from the back it looks as though I’m wearing a plain black jumper and simple leggings. When you see the ensemble from the front there’s loads going on with gold sparkles and the wet look shimmer on the front panel of the leggings. I think when it comes to fashion sometimes the element of surprise can be fun when someone is wearing something different to what you expect lol.

Have a look in your closet and see what might work for you during the change in the seasons.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile! 

Lip Service! A Pink Clove Review

Summer brings many fun and adventures times for everyone. Festival fun, long days, short nights and holiday romances. Dressing for the season is always fun and in keeping with the time old traditions of summertime it’s no surprise to me that a massive trend at the moment is fabrics covered in lips and kisses. Many different companies are showering their items in kisses this year and I really wanted to get in on the action!

Pink Clove recently ran a Facebook competition inviting their followers to like and share a picture that they had put up on their page. The potential prize to be won was this gorgeous Lip Print Button Front Swing Vest. I, like many others wrote a comment and posted the picture up on my page and thought nothing of it. When I got announced as the lucky winner of this top it of course was not what I was expecting at all! I instantly thought about what I might wear this one with and that it should be perfect for the warm British summer

I requested this one in a size 24 as I wasn’t sure if the buttons on the front were just a design detail or if I would need to accommodate for extra boob room. As any woman knows there is nothing worse than having a really nice top or shirt which gapes where the buttons are! For those of you who may be considering this one for a purchase, the front is just a design detail and the top doesn’t open at the front.

The loose fit was just what I wanted especially as London can get unbearably sticky and uncomfortable in the sunshine. A light and airy fabric, makes for a really comfortable wear and I can also confirm that the colour does not fade after a wash or two. I decided to pair the top with a simple pair of black leggings; although a pair in a bright and bold colour would look really cool or you could pair it with some jeans.

I really like using accessories and other adornments to bring a look together. I thought it might be fun to wear a lip print hair scarf to cover my often difficult hair and to add a little something extra to the look. The Raffia clutch from Simplybe and a pair of pink and white metallic drop earrings, and a simple pair of white ballerina pumps from Primark finish off the look.

If any of you have this top I’d love to see how you styled it up so feel free to send me a picture or a message.

This summer is set to be a fun one and I hope you all have lots of fun and have a many kisses yourself!

Blue Summer Style

It’s hard for us to find things to wear in the summer, we often end up just wearing the brightest items that we have and end up leaving some of our other pieces behind in the wardrobe. I wanted to see how I could incorperate some of my multi seasonal items with some of my summer favourites…
I like to be comfortable on warmer days but sometimes you don’t want things to be too casual. I like to find ways to bring vintage items and more modern items together, I thought it would be fun to play around with blue seeing as it’s my favourite colour; so I took my denim skater skirt from Primark size 20 and paired it with my Dolores Doll polka dot top in baby blue from Collectif. These were the Key items that I wanted to work with, so I was happy I had the main frame of the look. I will be honest though as I have a large bum I needed some leggings or thick tights underneath because should I have had to bend over for something I would have been revealing my under garments lol.
I thought it best to wear my black leggings from Yours Clothing size 22 underneath. As black is such a strong colour I decided to offset the colour by adding a black shrug top to the outfit, also from Yours. Colour coordination is something I always try to do so I pulled out my white flats from Primark to work with the polka dots on the top.
After all the playing around with colours and things I was about to play it safe and go for my silver hoop earrings when I spotted a pair of drop earrings I bought about a million years ago! The 1960s double looped earrings were in the exact same colours and shades as my top so I thought they would make the perfect accessory.
So there you have it, play around with what you have hanging in your closet you may open up the possibilities to a whole new outfit! This is why I like staple pieces, you can play around with them and incorporate them in a variety of looks.

On The Road To Edgy!

In the recent weeks I have seen so many conversations by ladies in the plus community about pushing boundaries with fashion. It seems that many women are frustrated with the lack of edginess out there. I personally think that you can be edgy in many ways. Sometimes it can be a combination of basic pieces that can create a somewhat edgy look.
I figure that being edgy and a little different isn’t always about outlandish and garish prints, crazy fabrics or asymmetrical cuts. In this outfit I am wearing the most simple and safe colours you can think of; black and grey, but I think what makes it a little edgy is the difference in the items.
The metallic silver top from Junarose (size medium) is paired with simple black leggings from Yours Clothing (size 22). As the top is a short one and stops just under my stomach I decided to add my pleather skater skirt from Simplybe (size 24) to the ensemble. I always wear something over my leggings unless the top or dress is at a length where my behind is suitably covered.
London weather tends to get rather chilly and as I was heading to the club shortly after these photos were taken, I thought it best to add this jacket by New Look Inspire range (size 22).
It should be noted that all of these items are from previous collections.
When I wear skater skirts I like them to be fairly high waisted. I find that they really work with t-shirts and crop tops. Unless I’m dressed up in a vintage style I tend to select items of clothing that can be versatile and worn in either causal or dressy styles. Every single one of the items can and will be worn in other outfits and I look forward to showing you some more variations soon. The great thing about each piece is that they are all light in weight and feel extremely comfortable on.
Had I been wearing this outfit out and about during the day I most likely would have added a series of accessories. A necklace or two, bangles etc. I think I would have added a bit of colour with my chosen accessories, perhaps opting for a cobalt blue handbag, blue shoes and some acrylic jewellery. I most definitely would have worn heels too. For me this was a simple outfit to wear at the club without too much flash or glitz. I was aiming for something comfortable to dance in without anything to get in the way or get snagged on by potential passers by and other club goers. Keeping it simple with just hoop earrings was my only addition to the look.
Take a look in your wardrobe, see what you have and play around, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Tribal Chic – A Lovedrobe Review

When I entered a recent give-away being run by the lovely Becky from The Ramblings Of Mrs Bebe I was stunned when I received an email saying that I was the lucky winner. The prize was to select a dress of my choice from Lovedrobe. I spent ages going back and forth trying to decide on which item I would like, so many of the dresses were just gorgeous and I will be honest it was so hard to make a decision! I decided that the best approach was to select something totally different to everything else in my wardrobe. I was lacking in fun casual styles and when I saw the tribal print dress I knew that was the one I wanted to pick.
Instantly I knew that this was one I could have a lot of fun with and already had accessories to go with the style.
A common problem I have is trying to find items that will sit comfortably around my bust line, I had to size up in this dress. Where I normally go for a 20 or 22 I actually got this one in a 24. The fabric is light, airy and so nice to wear, but it has no stretch at all and is quite tailored in the chest area. The cut of the dress is similar to that of a skater cut but a little less fitted in the mid section.
I love the fall of this dress and the way it lightly skims my frame, it feels so nice on and would be great as an individual piece or worn with other garments. As you can see I chose to wear this one with a pair of simple black leggings with a rouched hem from Yours Clothing. I have also worn this one with a simple black shrug as the spring weather here in the UK does tend to have a slight chill in the air.
When it came to accessorising this outfit I was lucky in that area. The dress comes with a thin black buckle belt which perfectly fit me. It does tend to slip under my bust at times though so in my case it’s a discreet addition to the piece.
Tucked away in my accessory basket I have had a black beaded necklace that I have never worn! Finally I have something that I can match it with!
I have always worn scarves over my hair (especially when I’m having one of those dreaded bad hair days we all experience…) this black and white patterned one is another accessory that I have owned for several years now and to my luck it worked fantastically with this dress. The look was finished off with my simple black platform shoes that I love so much.
If you wanted to add sharp bursts of colour to this look you could stick with tribal theme and work with deep reds, oranges or even greens.
Bangles, beads and acrylic jewellery could work as well as sandals for footwear.
To see what other fabulous looks are available from Lovedrobe simply click here!

Rockabilly Meets Rock Chick

Recently I have been trying to switch things up in my wardrobe. One of the things that I hate the most about the winter months is the fact that most of the warm and comfortable clothes out there end up being dark, lifeless and to be honest quite boring!

I wanted to find a way to put my usual 1950s flair into a more modern day casual look. Unable to wear my circle skirts and swing dresses due to the piercing cold temperatures and dreary wet days I opted for a mix of rock chick chic and classic rockabilly.

I decided to pull together my look with my classic White Dolores Top from Collectif, Wine Studded Cardigan from Excite Clothing and Black Rouched leggings from Yours Clothing. To add that extra touch of vintage chic I selected my red polka dot scarf from Collectif. I had been waiting for a moment to wear it and I liked the way it accented the outfit. I wore my black cinch belt from Primark with gold clasp to compliment the studded shoulders of the cardigan and gold hoop earrings. Black platform heels finished off the look.
Outfit Pieces:
White Dolores Top £25
Stock Image Courtesy Of Collectif
Wine Colour Studded Cardigan £16.99
Also available in black, grey and purple
Stock Image Courtesy Of Excite Clothing
Black Rouched Leggings £10
Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing
When it comes to these individual items the thing I love about all of them is that they have become staple pieces in my wardrobe. Each item has a versatility that makes it accessible to a variety of styles. Take the Dolores Top for example. This is one that could be paired with jeans, pedal pushers, shorts and a variety of different skirt styles. The cut and shape is vintage but it lends itself to several modern looks. I picked this up in a size 20, as this is the top half of the Dolores Doll dresses that I love so much so I knew the size would be just right but if I wanted something a little less tailored I would have got this one in a 22.
What I loved about the Studded Cardigan the most was the length and the shoulders. I love the fact that I can wear a warm, comfortable and stylish cardigan with interesting adornments that again can be dressed either up or down. I have also worn this one with a simple cami and black leggings. The Cardigan was a size 20/22. I wanted there to be room, but for this one to have a more snug fit so that I could wear it with the kind of tops showcased in this post.
All of these items are still available from the relevant sites and you can switch them up in pretty much any way. If I wanted to take the vintage style to the next level I would style my hair in the rockabilly fashion either putting a quiff or victory rolls in my bangs, wearing cherry or pearl accessories and patent shoes. If I decided to veer more towards the rock chick look then I would most likely wear a studded clutch or handbag, heavy smokey make up and black acrylic jewellery.
If any of you pick up any of these items I’d love to see how you put your outfits together!
To pick up any of these pieces check out these sites:

Black Sparkle! A Review Of The Black Sequin Shift Dress By Yours Clothing

Towards the end of last year there were a series of fabulous parties, events and friendly gatherings that took place. One thing that we all like to do when meeting our friends for dinner, heading to a party or when we hit the clubs is to look glamours. I am a firm believer that you can’t go wrong when you have a bit of sparkle in your wardrobe, and it was this need for something that glimmers which had me picking up the Black Sequin Shift Dress from Yours Clothing.

What drew me to this one is the simplicity in it’s style. Sometimes I like to look glammed up but not to the point of being over dressed. I loved the length of this one as it just skims the knees and clings in all the right places, showcasing my curves and concealing the areas I’d rather cover up. The material is soft and extremely comfortable to wear and I think it’s one that can be worn at any special occasion or fun night out.
The dress has a cut out in the back which nicely covers the back band of your bra offering another dimension to the design and giving it that little something extra. I decided to also pick up the Cap Sleeve Jersey Shrug With Seam Detailing  from Yours Clothing to pair with this one. As some of you may know I feel more comfortable with the tops of my arms covered and I also thought it might make the dress a little warmer during the cold holiday season. The shrug is a silky soft material that slips on really nicely and feels great on.

I decided to wear this one with a pair of the Black Ruched Hem Leggings they sell also. These feel fantastic on, are fantastic quality and make for a great staple piece in any wardrobe. And even better news, you can buy two pairs for just £16 or one for £10
Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing
You could pair this one with tights or of course wear on it’s own. For me I was aiming for a classic all in black look with a silver accessories. Heeled lace pumps finished off the look and I have to say I have worn this dress a couple of times now and it always looks fantastic on. As a side note this one washes really well also.
Stock Image Courtesy Of Yours Clothing
This one is also available in gold and is currently on sale reduced from a fantastic £35 down to £15 so be sure to pick up yours before all the available sizes run out!

Pink Clove – Tartan Skater Dress Review

I think it’s fair to say that when I look for a new dress I either want something that could be a staple piece in my wardrobe or something more suited to those special occasions. When I first saw this dress it was worn by a couple of the girls at the recent Plus London event that took place this year. Now it seems that the common trend at the moment is Tartan prints, so combine that with a skater cut and for me you have yourself a winner!

The thing that caught my eye with this dress was how it suited everyone I saw wear it! When I see garments in an all over pattern I often find them to be a little too much or not quite enough. In this case I thought the look was just right, the colouring wasn’t too bold or too rich, it was perfect!

This dress has fast become one of my favourite pieces to wear as it’s just so comfortable! The stretchy material moulds perfectly around my bust and waist and feels fantastic on. I love the sleeves as I get the prefect coverage over my arms (as you may know from previous posts of mine I’m one to cover up my arms when I can!). For me though one of the great things about this dress is the belt! I have bought many an item over the years which comes with a belt and it’s usually an accessory that I have to discard as most clothing companies simply make them too small!
I have worn this dress out and about, at work and for drinks. Each and every time I have had compliments from those around me and I always feel fantastic in it. Also I should add that it washes really well and the colour doesn’t fade either.

I tend to wear this dress with thick black tights or leggings but of course you can go without and wear it on it’s own. This is a fantastic item for this time of year as it’s warm, colourful and has those reds and blues we all love! I have tried out a few different things when wearing this one and have swapped the navy patent belt for black and red vintage cinch belts. I tend to wear silver accessories such as bangles, pendants and my hoop earrings that I love so much. You can play around with this dress however you like to be honest. It might be a nice look to try some acrylic jewellery in the reds and blues to compliment the dress or you could even try black! I have worn this dress with black Uggs, high heels, boots and flats! The options are just endless. If you like this one you really should try it, you won’t be disappointed!
Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove
This dress is currently available at www.pinkclove.co.uk for a fantastic £22 

The Definition Of Size Art Exhibition, What An Event!


When I met Anita Bellamy at Plus London this year I was so excited to hear about the fantastic exhibition she was working on. Hearing her thoughts about the plus size community and our daily struggles really made me address some issues that I had buried in the back of my mind. I myself have suffered from a variety of confidence issues such as not wanting to be seen in certain clothes, not wanting to show my naked body to a partner without seriously dim lighting etc. and she really got me thinking. Why am I allowing other people’s ideals get into my head and make me hide behind certain defence mechanisms?!
Those who meet me find me to be a bubbly, outspoken and somewhat confident person but in all honesty I’m not quite as confident as I could be. I am happy to say that I have come on in leaps and bounds but I have a fair way to go. I see other plus size women showcasing their curves and wobbly bits in swim suits, daring cuts and wild prints and I wish I could push my own limits that little bit more!

What all my soul searching and experimentation has led me to believe is that confidence is key, one of the things that Anita is really trying to instil in everyone; not just the plus size community. The truth is the better you feel about yourself the better you live your life! It sounds pretty simple but for some people it’s a lot harder than it sounds. In truth when you start to put value into yourself you make better personal choices, carry yourself with more pride and in turn become a lot happier! There really isn’t enough emphasis put on how important it is to be confident and this is why when I heard about the ‘Definition Of Size Art Exhibition’ I knew I had to go and see what it was all about!

Me and my beautiful friends Sarah and Chiara
Photo By Irena Vondrasova

When I arrived I was greeted by the smiles of many friends I have made since my entry into the plus size and blogging community. Friends I had met online and at recent events were there, and even before the exhibition had begun the atmosphere in the room was fantastic! Beautifully covered canvases were waiting to be unveiled, drinks were flowing and everyone was anxious to see what was about to happen! Even with an ankle injury Anita was up and about making sure everyone felt more than welcome and that the days’ events were set to run perfectly. The itinerary for the day included a fantastic speech about the project, live music entertainment, buffet lunch, beauty treatments and a raffle containing amazing prizes! It was clear to me that a lot of time, effort and work had gone into making the day happen and I was really pleased to have been invited to come down and be a part of it all!

Photo By Irena Vondrasova

Anita took the stage and shared her vision for the project with us all and I have to say even before I saw the gorgeous photographs on the canvases I was very inspired and really wanted to be a part of the project. I have seen so many people crushed and hindered by their lack of confidence and it’s a problem that I really think needs to be addressed especially within the plus size community! I believe that everyone has a right to look and feel beautiful no matter who they are, what their background is or the size of their waist!

What was showcased to us were stunning photographs of both experienced and inexperienced models and to be honest, you wouldn’t know who was used to being in front of the camera and who wasn’t! Different styles of fashion and different types of women were in the pictures. What really excited me was to see that no matter what your look, size, style or ethnicity, beauty is one of the most diverse things out there! Unfortunately we only get to see one kind of beauty on a regular basis in our print magazines and television shows and I really think this kind of project will most definitely make many critics take off their blinders and see things from a new and fresh perspective!

Terri and her stunning portraits! Doesn’t she look amazing?!
After seeing such great photography we had some live music from X Factor contestants Brick City and had a fantastic time getting henna tattoos, facials and talking all things fashion until the end of the evening. I can’t wait to see what else comes from this fantastic project and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted about it!
Brick City
Photo By Irena Vondrasova
Me and the girls!
Photos By Irena Vondrasova
Myself and the lovely Anita
It’s really great to see things moving in the right direction. Plus size fashion brands, tv shows, blogs, magazines and various projects being held in our community are slowly making it happen. Hopefully things continue on in this way because so far it feels good to be a part of the transition.
Finally people are starting to see that we have a right to look and feel just as attractive as our smaller counter parts and I believe functions like this one can only speed up the changing process.