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Relaxed Summer Style – An Evans Clothing Review

*All Items Worn Have Been Gifted

Summer is drawing to a close and we are being treated to the odd day of sunshine. As Autumn is starting to creep in we are in one of those transitional periods when selecting items for our wardrobe can get a little tricky. I am currently still trying to battle some of my former confidence issues and with that I aim to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone, until things get comfortable for me that is. Many of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I don’t like showing off my upper arms. My biceps have always been one of my problem areas and I have tried to pick out clothes to force me to go bare armed. I find that when I do things to push myself in a different direction, I tend to end up liking the way that part of my body looks.

Hanna and I recently took a trip to Evans in London’s Marble Arch to check out the current collections and select a few items for review. I saw this emerald green tunic from Live Unlimited and really wanted to try it out. The thickness of the shoulders and the cut of the garment is one that I knew would flatter my shape really nicely. The included pockets are a bonus too as they are deep enough to store your phone, purse and your lipstick! I’m wearing this in a size size 24.

Green isn’t a colour that I have bought a lot of over the years. I really like how certain shades of green bring out the golden tones in my complexion but I haven’t been lucky enough to find that many items I like. I really enjoy wearing this tunic as it’s comfortable, spacious and a great length. I thought it would be nice to pair this one with a pair of wide leg trousers for a relaxed summer look. I opted for this pair of white, wide legged linen trousers, I’m wearing these in a size 24. I love the lightness and the easiness of these 2 items worn together. For a really comfortable and simple look that is really nice in this transitional period, these items work really well together. The richness of the green really makes the white pop.

Tackling a bad hair day I opted for my black fringed hair scarf. I love having hair-wear that works with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, and so I have been collecting bandanas and scarves for several years now.

To finish off the outfit I pulled out my nude patent open toe heels. I think everyone woman should own a pair of nude heels as they work with so many colours and can offset a look in a different way to classic black shoes.

I love my silver jewellery it’s no secret that’s in my preferred shade when it comes to accessories. I really like the contrast between my skin tone and the sparkly silver. My signature hoops were a must and were complimented nicely by my caged stone necklace, this one is currently available from the Dorothy Perkins website in a rose gold. You may still find the silver version in selected stores however. Finished off with this square cuff bangle from Topshop and my outfit was just as I wanted it.

I kept my makeup to it’s usual style and added a sparkly pink lipgloss from Rimmel. I opted for a deep green silk finish polish from Barry M on my nails. I have recently become obsessed with nail polish and have racked up quite a collection! More will be revealed soon on the blog…

So you know what I always say, aim to have clothes that are suitable for all occasions and moods. Separates can make this idea easier to achieve. I find that with separate items I can wear some things that were meant for the previous season into the next one, if matched with something carefully. I dress to my mood and comfort level so although I sometimes love to wear a fitted outfit or have my cleavage on show, there are times when I just like to keep it simple with a little something extra for style.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Introducing Polly Grace!

It’s always exciting when a new plus size brand hits the market! Recently I was contacted by Polly Grace, a brand ranging in sizes 16-32 with a fun and fresh selection of clothes. They let me select a few items to review and thought it would be cool to see how I might style them. The first thing I saw on the site that caught my eye was the Stella Dress. What I liked was the bold print, I really love the mix of white and blue with swirls of chocolate brown. I’m wearing this in a size 24 and I have to say it’s pretty generous in size. I usually like to wear dresses that are slightly big to accommodate my behind and my bust. I found there to be a decent amount of room in this dress and a size 22 would have been a really nice fit for more of a bodycon fit to have been achieved. I really like the detail in the front which gives the dress a wrap illusion.

The jersey fabric is really light and airy with a soft feel. This dress is a really nice option for spring and summer and would look really nice seriously glammed up. I wanted to go for a casual look with this one due to the nature of the fit. I paired this with a simple pair of black leggings and my platform wedged sandals from Yours Clothing. Now as many of you know blue is my favourite colour, I talk about it a lot and every time I see an item of clothing in any sea tone it simply has to be mine lol. The gorgeous Savannah cardigan was a must have because of the rich colbalt colour. The waterfall draping in the front is a really flattering detail for women of all shapes and can be added to both causal and sophisticated styles. I’m wearing this in a 22/24 and I really like the way it fits with plenty of room in the arms and in the main body of the garment.

I’ll be totally honest I’m having a really bad relationship with my hair at the moment. No matter what I do with it I’m finding it hard to maintain at the moment so my very frequent use of bandanas and hair scarves is because of this. As the print of the dress is quite loud I wanted to go for something really simple so I opted for my white mesh hair scarf. Combining this with my signature hoop earrings gave me a finished look that I really liked. A casual look with slight gypsy flair.

No matter what you wear there is always a way you can pull more than one look out of it. There are so many ways that you can make a casual item more glamorous and vice versa. Next time I wear this dress I may well pair it with some heels, heavier makeup and I may wear my hair down. More jewellery would also be a way to glam up this look. You can always pull from a single colour with your outfits and use that when selecting your accessories, nail polish or makeup.

There’s many more interesting and fun items available from Polly Grace and I’ll be sharing some more of them with you in future posts. Check out their website to see the full collection, when you make your purchase be sure to use my exclusive code: Mayah20 for a discount, also for a limited time in May the shipping is absolutely free!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Pastel Infusion – A Cut For Evans Review

One of the hardest things for me is finding ways to make simple casual styles fun and enjoyable to wear. I have a lot of fun getting all glammed up and I find that it’s easier for me to have fun with glamours looks. I think that because I had previously spent years in simple jeans and uninspiring tops that when it comes to playing around with basics I can often fall back into old habits I have spent time trying to break.

My old style consisted of mostly black clothes including  a lot of t-shirts, bootcut jeans and fairly boring items. Last year my mission was to fill my wardrobe with wild and garish prints, bright colours and interesting fabrics. The Cut For Evans range that launched early last year really intrigued me. Full of interesting neon tones, wild patterns and interesting cuts, I just had to grab an item from the collection and so I opted for the tube skirt in the collection. Check out how I styled it here.

The second collection from the Cut range which launched at the end of the last year brought with it a very different style to the previous collection. This time a different design team and a different approach brought us a more subtle range which still held the edginess of the original Cut For Evans Collection. There was a large selection of items that still contained wild and interesting prints, interesting shapes and fun outer wear.

At the launch event for the second collection I tried on several items and, one that most of the women were drooling over; myself included was the amazing Purple Digital Bomber Jacket! Bomber jackets are a really fun way of adding a large burst of colour or different dimension to complete an outfit. When I want to wear something that provides a decent amount of coverage but serves as part of the outfit I gravitate towards fun jackets and blazers.

The kaleidoscopic pattern with an infusion of purple and blue pastel colours seriously caught my attention. I love purples and blues as you all know and this piece serves as a funky and stylish casual item that can be dressed up or down. I picked up the jacket in a size 26. Despite being a soft and stretchy fabric, the upper arm area of the jacket has very little stretch so if like me you have large arms you may wish to size up for this one. I decided to wear this one with the indigo super stretch denim jeans, also available from Evans. In keeping with the pastel theme of the look I put these items together with a simple mesh tee from Primark and the main look was complete.

Being that I have problematic hair I have built up quite a collection of hair scarves and bandanas for those dodgy hair days lol. When I found an old lilac bandana that I bought about a hundred years ago I was really happy to see that the shade matched the bomber perfectly! My signature hoop earrings are always a must and a simple drop necklace finished off the look. I really look forward to wearing this jacket with some of my spring and summer items. I love the colours and I just think that it can add that little colour that’s lacking this time of year but be in keeping with the flowery tones that pop up during the warmer times of the year.

This look sees me bringing elements of my old style together with key features that I now embrace in my new look. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I love experimenting and playing around with some of the older items in my wardrobe. If you have that odd tee or jacket you really love have a play around with other items in the wardrobe and your accessory drawer. You’ll be surprised what options you have and what cool looks you might come up with!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Have You Seen Amy? A Monroe Knows Review

*This dress was a gifted item

We women like our dresses to be flattering, stylish and comfortable and when searching for the perfect dress it can be hard to know where to start. I was recently given the chance to review a gorgeous dress from Monroe Knows. There are many up and coming brands out there at the moment and I have to say one thing that sets Monroe Knows apart from many competitors is their clear thought and insight into making clothes to suit a plus size shape. I’m reviewing their Amy Dress in red size 24. This dress is available in sizes 18-26 in 2 other colour-ways; black and green. When picking up dresses I have to be careful when selecting a size because of my bust and behind. More often than not I have to up-size because of this. There have been many a time when I have tried on something and it fits me perfectly everywhere except those areas so I always like to play it safe.

I was really impressed with the attention to detail with this dress, firstly the fabric is really good quality. 95% viscose and 5% spandex there is plenty of stretch with this one which is more than accommodating to those of us with a large bust and generous behind. The slight gathering at the waist works as a built in cinch built; enhancing the shape of the dress and accentuating the curvature of your silhouette. I really like dresses that work with your curves and highlight the key areas that we like to showcase. I tend to gravitate towards dresses that pull in at the waist and mould nicely around my breasts. I like the the skirt of a dress to hang loosely on me and the top section of the dress to cling. I find that this sort of cut works best with my shape and size.

I find that dresses with a wrap detail suit pretty much any size and shape of woman and they work with women who have small, medium or large shape breasts which is a huge bonus for us as a consumer and of course the designer. Admittedly I have some dresses that most definitely work better with large busted ladies so I think it’s nice when there is a dress that is pretty much open to all who like it.

The three quarter length sleeves are really comfortable and stretchy which again is a bonus as sleeves can be a tight spot for some of us bigger women. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that even though I will expose my arms during warm months and such I do feel more comfortable with them covered which is why I love my jackets, shrugs and cardigans.

The overall length of the dress is really nice and stops just past the knee for me. I’m 5’5 and so this acts as a slightly longer dress than many of my others but that’s actually the thing I like about it. Many of the vintage dresses that I adore are also this length and I find that you can be sexy yet understated when wearing a dress which displays your cleavage but sits at a comfortable length. For me this is always a bonus because I have a large and high behind which tends to make many of my skirts and dresses hitch up a little in the back and I worry about having to wear leggings or tights underneath to conceal my private parts should a high wind kick up or something.

I have a thing for wine red items, especially dresses as I have about 4 of them already! I have to say I really like this colour I think it compliments many different skin tones and it’s not to bold or brashy which sometimes is required. I have worn this dress to work and it makes for a really practical item. I spend a lot of hours on my feet running around and talking to a variety of people so I like clothes which carry a certain sophistication about them but still carry that chic and stylish flair that makes us women feel like a million dollars.

Here in these pictures I decided to keep things simple wearing only a statement necklace and black heels in addition to the dress. I thought I’d break out one of my black hair scarves. I tend to wear hair scarves a lot this time of year, I find that they work with a huge selection of looks and help to keep the cold at bay.

This dress would look really cute worn with flats or even a pair of boots.

If you like the look of this dress and would like to pick it up for yourself you can get it here and the good news is that the dress has been reduced from £74.99 down to an amazing £37.50!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!