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Having Fashion Fun With Binky

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Reality TV is massive in today’s world. We see stars from various shows fronting many campaigns for apparel, beauty products and a variety of other items. I’m not into many shows of this nature but as a Londoner, Made In Chelsea has been my guilty pleasure for the past few years. The beautifully shot scenery of my home town and dramatic stories have kept myself and many other viewers hooked! One of the show’s longest running characters, who happens to be stunningly beautiful and stylish is Alexandra Felstead aka Binky. For quite a while now Binky has teamed up with a brand I love In The Style for some fun and fresh collections. I really love the casual and edgy feel of the items and I was happy to see that many items from the range are available in their Curve collection. This oversized sweater dress being one of them.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Summer in the UK this year was minimal. It’s fair to say that we didn’t have much of a season and so transitional looks are how I’m making the most of my wardrobe. I really like how simple this dress is whilst still having some colour and a bit of character. I should note that when it comes to In The Style Curve items I tend to wear sizes 22 and 24. With this dress I opted for a size 28 as I really wanted it to fit in an oversized way. It’s no secret that I have a large bust, big bum and a tummy. To get the desired look I decided to up-size, I’d say it’s a true to size item more than oversized.

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dressA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I really enjoy wearing dresses that can be paired with others or worn on their own. I thought about wearing this one with some wet look leggings but decided against it. What girl doesn’t love a good pair of knee high leather boots? I pulled on some fun fish net tights and opted for my Jilsen Denise boots from Wide Calf Boot Store. Ladies like myself often struggle to find good quality boots to fit our calves. I can highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for a variety of style options this season. In my case I like a pair of knee high black boots for autumn and winter as they work with so many outfits.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a knee high wide calve boots A plus size woman smiling wearing a knee high wide calve bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I have to say I really love the range of clothing items in Binky’s range. It’s really nice to see that so many of the items in the main range are available in plus size too. This dress in particular makes me feel really sexy when wearing it even though it’s essentially an oversized sweater. The length is just right for a short dress and doesn’t hitch up high over my bum. The item makes for a fun casual piece that can easily be dressed up or down. The floral embroidered sleeves are really fun and the cute detail brings some rich colour to a black piece. I even found the perfect lippy to match the flowers, Orange Danger shade 883 from Maybelline.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dressA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I decided to wear this in a casual way but it could easily be dressed up with some cute stiletto heels, fun accessories and bright makeup. No doubt there will be more edgy and fun items to come from Binky and In the Style in the near future and I can’t wait to see them! Check out the other items in the current collection from In The Style Curve, rich colours, fun patterns and prints and sassy cuts are available. It’s definitely worth taking a look as there is something for everyone.

Check out my review of the Karina Dress which is still available.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Stay tuned here on the blog as I’ll be sharing more items from the brand here on the blog very soon!

Have fun with your look this season and don’t ditch those summer items just yet. You may be able to include them in a fun transitional look. If you are wanting something a little warmer you should definitely try out a sweater dress. Who would have thought that a sweater with a little extra length could be so fun and sexy to wear?!

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress

*Dress And Boots Are Gifted Items
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Maximise With A Maxi

Do you ever find yourself searching for a specific kind of garment? Maybe you want something for a particular event or season? In my case I was on a quest for the perfect maxi dress. It seems that having a good maxi dress is just as important as having the perfect LBD in your wardrobe and with the holiday season here and the temperatures soaring, my eyes have been well and truly open as I scoured websites and stores looking for a dress that was just right!

I wanted something that would suit my style, needs and my taste in colour and fabric. The lovely Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge showed me a dress by Lovedrobe that she had recently gotten which I instantly feel in love with! The length was just right; adequate to wear with flats, wedges and heels. The silky soft fabric was light, airy and flattering on her and I knew this was one I wanted to pick up for myself.

One of my concerns was trying to find a dress that I felt supported my breasts. So many maxi dresses have halter-neck ties or elasticated stretch material in that area, which is fine and looks good with the style. In my case I like to feel a dress mould around my bust and provide a little extra support. The thin straps are adjustable, giving you the option to wear the dress in a more fitted fashion (as I have in these pictures) or looser for comfort. The built in cups sit nicely against my shape giving me a full and elegant look.

I really wanted a dress with splashes of colour and this black maxi with splattered print in coral, pink, yellow and peachy tones is something I would wear out and about for drinks or enjoying myself in the sunshine. The waist detail and side ties pull you in at the middle giving a nice lift to the bust and comfortable sweep of the skirt. I picked this dress up in a size 26 as the area around the cups is rather fitted and it would have been too tight had I selected something smaller. Depending on the size and shape of your bust you may be able to downsize in this one as the skirt of the dress is very roomy.

I last wore this dress on a seriously hot day and despite the base colour being in black I felt really comfortable. The light fabric made this a perfect selection for such a sunny day in London. The interesting feel about the material of the dress is that I know I could have worn this dress on a cooler evening and still felt comfortable in it. To me the fabric of the dress feels rather adaptable and would be a comfortable wear for most temperatures during the summer and early autumn.

I wanted to wear a simple shrug with this one. This was in an effort to avoid gaining thick tan lines from the straps of the dress and my bra. If I were to wear this out one evening, I would most likely wear a light jacket in black to compliment the fabric and offer a little additional coverage.

For a dress with such a bold print I wanted very light and simple accessories. I played around with the colour pallet of the dress and so I opted for the Raffia Clutch from Simplybe and netted ballerina shoes from Primark. Feathered jewellery added those finishing touches I like and I feel that they worked well with the print in the dress.

The great news about this dress, it’s on sale! You can pick this one up at Evans where I got mine at an amazing £30 reduced from £50. If you like this one I would definitely recommend it. It feels amazing on and the style is simple and elegant. With just the right amount of colour this is one that works perfectly for the current season. I look forward to taking this one with me on holiday where it shall make an appearance at the beach!

Remember what ever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile! 

Collectif Dolores Doll Summer Bouquet Review

I have officially fallen in love with the most gorgeous dress, the Dolores Doll Summer Bouquet!
It’s no secret how much I love vintage swing dresses. The style is classic, sexy and amazingly fun to wear! When I picked up a Dolores Doll dress last year I absolutely loved the fit, length and cut of the dress. The Summer Bouquet dress was one I really wanted to get my hands on last year but it was often out of stock in my size. The original print of the dress comes in a gorgeous yellow and green floral design. I will be honest when I ordered the dress I expected to get the original print delivered to me in one of those hot pink Collectif packages. So when I pulled out this gorgeous pink and navy print I was even happier than expected, the colours are really nice and I love how they sit against my skin tone.
The beautiful Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust modelling the Summer Bouquet dress.
Image Courtesy Of Collectif
 I like for my dresses to cling to all the right spots and hang loose on all the other parts. When I select a dress to wear, comfort is usually my first port of call and then I consider what might work for the given weather or what might best suit the events taking place that day. As I have been creating quite a collection of dresses from Collectif I knew that this one would fit perfectly, and accompany many other items in my wardrobe.
To be totally honest with you every single person I have seen wear these dresses looks amazing in them and I’m not surprised that every time I have wanted one I have had to act fast to grab my size! Luckily for me when I picked this one up a couple of weeks ago the dress was on sale and I got it for almost half of the price, so I guess you could say I was pleasantly surprised twice over!
The stretch fabric is very generous and most women have to downsize in this style by 1 sometimes 2 dress sizes. I wear this style in a size 20 and I tend to pair mine with a petticoat. Available in sizes 6-22 this style is open to many ladies out there. 98% cotton and 2% elastane, the fabric feels great on and is washing machine friendly, never have the colours on any of my Collectif dresses ran or faded so for me I find these an amazing investment.
I think for me I enjoy the Dolores Doll style so much because the cut suits women of all shapes and sizes. I have found in the past that buying a dress that leaves enough boob room can be a challenge. This style of dress not only is very roomy in that area, I actually don’t mind having a heavy cleavage on show when I wear this cut of dress. I feel incredibly womanly when I wear my vintage dresses and I look forward to picking up even more Dolores Doll dresses in the future.
I am pictured here wearing my white petticoat from Vivien Of Holloway. I actually prefer wearing petticoats when I wear my vintage dresses. I like the way that the fabric drapes over the underskirt and showcases the print that little bit more. I decided to wear a simple black bolero with this one and bring out my black platform heels to match. As this dress is all about the followers I thought it would be wrong for me not to wear any in my hair so my trusty white hair roses from Black rose were a must!
Check out my previous post about the Dolores Doll In Polka Dot print here:
For more reviews and styles in this cut check out the reviews by Curvy Wordy and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

Fashion World Red Carpet Challenge!

Every woman likes to look her best and when it comes to red carpet looks we take no exception! When Fashion World reached out to me and asked me to take part in a recent blogger challenge I jumped at the chance!

The challenge was to select a dress and shrug that you would like to wear on the red carpet. With a careful selection to chose from I knew I wanted something from the Claire Richards collection!
As we’ve had such a long and drab winter my selection was something bright and colourful.
I absolutely fell in love with the Prom dress in the collection as it has a look that lends itself to the vintage style that I absolutely adore! This dress made me feel so feminine and dainty and the beautiful flowers that accent the garment add that touch of sunshine that we’ve been missing at the moment. With the Grammys, Brits, Baftas and Several other award shows that have taken place recently I got to thinking about how I would wear this gorgeous number.
I love the sweetheart neckline of the dress and it hugs in all the right places. A snug fit around the bust and waist and a gentle flare over the hips gives such a comfortable fit. I decided to add pearl bracelets and white hair roses to add to that girly but elegant feel. If I had decided to wear my hair down I would have worn a cluster of hair flowers to add that little something extra.

If I were to wear this dress without the pink cardigan from the Claire Richards collection I may have paired this one with a pink cinch belt and maybe some white heels.
My usual thing to do when it comes to such a colourful number is to wear black heels with a black clutch bag just to add that little touch of sophistication to an otherwise really fun piece.
I find that many women decide to dress in a way that can sometimes be older than their age when it comes to red carpet looks. As I’m still in my mid twenties I wanted to go with something more fun and fresh that would lend itself to the current trend of pastels and flowers.
There are so many gorgeous dresses in the current collection by Claire Richards that you are simply spoilt for choice!
Doesn’t she look fabulous in this one?
Stock image Courtesy Of Fashion World 
I already have my eye on many other dresses. Check out the collection and see for yourself: www.fashionworld.co.uk