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The London Bridge Experience and Tombs This Halloween

It’s Halloween and many of us have mixed views about the holiday. Some see today as a time to remember those we have lost, some see it as a time to just let loose and have some childlike fun and others decide to make this a time full of family fun for the kids. I’m personally not a huge fan of the holiday but I do like to see the creative and fun costumes and fun makeup that people tend to wear. It’s the one time of the year where people of any age can dress up without any inhibitions or discomfort and eat tons and tons of candy!

As you can imagine there are loads of fun parties and events all over town and I happen to know some great things to do tonight! The Entertainer have a series of amazing offers and attractions everyone can enjoy right here in London. As a member of their online Squad I was recently asked to come and film a short clip at The London Bridge Experience and Tombs. On a hot summers evening I went through the attraction in total darkness and all on my own! I have to say I did get a little bit of a fright at times. Having said that, I think we all like a little bit of harmless fun from time to time even to be scared just a little…

In the run up to the holiday many attractions and venues have been working towards their fright night specials. Usually fright night allows patrons the chance to enjoy extra scary and lengthy periods of horror filled fun with many twists and unexpected turns. If you haven’t found something fun to do check out the app and see what they have to offer.

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Here’s a little bit of what happened when I was greeted by ghouls and ghosts in the heart of London Bridge!


In honour of a musical classic and in the perfect theme of the Halloween, here’s a favourite of mine by Michael Jackson:

Happy Halloween everyone!