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Today I Choose Joy

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, Celine Audrey sunglasses, black boots and silver faux leather backpack

It’s funny, sometimes the energy you put out there can really start a new topic of discussion. I have had countless people contact me recently all speaking on the positivity I display. Many people find it to be refreshing and others have asked me ‘Mayah what makes you so happy?’ In all honesty, I choose to be happy. The more time I spend navigating this world the more I see that joy and happiness are things that don’t happen to you. These are things that you grab by the hands and take for yourself.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, grey joy slogan t-shirt, black boots and silver faux leather backpackA plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, Celine Audrey sunglasses, black boots and silver faux leather backpack

My story is one full of roller coaster situations with twists and turns. My childhood and teen years saw me go through quite traumatic bullying. As a result, I ended up making poor choices, entering bad relationships and not taking care of myself. I had to reach a place where it was important for me to “check myself”. I guess you could say I learned that in order to get to a place of joy I had to start with myself…

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, black boots and silver faux leather backpackA plus size woman smiling with her eyes closedA plus size woman wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans and black boots

Several years ago my life led me to a place where I took my relationship with God to a deeper place and I decided to get baptised. I had been contemplating doing so for a while but I guess all things happen in the correct timing. People of faith often speak on joy as though it’s something only reserved for believers. I don’t agree with that statement. I think we all have a right to happiness, light and love but I do know from personal experience that we have to make it happen. People tend to fall into the trap of thinking that one day they will wake up and everything in their life will be perfect. The thing is this; if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! I think a paradigm shift and taking the steps to make things happen is the key.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, grey joy slogan t-shirt and silver faux leather backpack A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, black boots and silver faux leather backpack

I decided to start enjoying how I look, surrounding myself with like minded and positive people among other things. Talking about what I wanted in life was a pointless exercise. Deciding to just get on with things and focus on what makes me happy and what I’m good at made the difference. The easy thing is to focus on the things we’re bad at. That weight we’ve gained, our singleness, lack of money we have… I could go on really. My point is that we spend too much time and energy thinking about what’s wrong with our situations. When you switch your thought patterns to focus on the positive everything changes. You’ll be surprised at how happy you actually are! Don’t get me wrong you may not be where you want to be but, you will have made some strides forward!

black boots and silver faux leather backpackA plus size woman smiling wearing hoop earringsA plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat and Celine Audrey sunglasses

When I saw this slogan t-shirt from Zizzi at Navabi I knew I had to have it. This one phrase describes my current state of mind and place in life. ‘TODAY I CHOOSE JOY!’ In other words, I’m making the choice to be happy. I like everyone else have my bad days but I thought i’m gonna make a statement by wearing the words and not just a smile! When putting this look together I wanted to pair the grey tee with a simple pair of black jeans. I selected my supper skinny stretch jeans from Lane Bryant. Yours Clothing recently sent me these fab ankle boots so they were an easy inclusion.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat and grey joy slogan t-shirtA plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat and Celine Audrey sunglassesA plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat, black skinny jeans, grey joy slogan t-shirt, black boots, holding a silver faux leather backpack

Finishing things off I decided to add a touch of freshness with this baby pink trench coat from Evans. I thought it would be cool to wear some accessories. Hanna let me borrow her Celine Audrey sunglasses for some added glam. Tobi recently sent me some fun new things which I wanted to include with this look. I’m pretty sure that by now when people think of my style hoop earrings come to mind. With that being said you can see why I wanted this pair of in the loop hoops! Adding more silver I selected the faux leather backpack.

Aside from what i’m wearing, ultimately the key is to do the things that make you happy. It might the clothes you wear that make you smile, the people you’re with or what you do.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a baby pink trench coat and grey joy slogan t-shirt
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile! 

In The Varsity

A plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea boots

Sometimes things just come together in a way that works. I love to get girly and dressed up as you guys know but I do love being comfortable and casual. I have always loved varsity jackets. This might have something to do with my appreciation of vintage fashion? When I take a look in my wardrobe I see a series of jackets all with a varsity cut. I currently have 3 Michael Jackson ones, 2 basic casual ones and now this hot metallic number! Navabi contacted me over Christmas and asked me if I would like to select a gift to celebrate the holidays. It was actually Hanna who spotted this one and was like ‘this jacket is so you!’. Of course she was right, I wanted it as soon as I saw it!

A plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea bootsA plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea boots

In some ways i’m a typical woman, I love shinny things! Metallic and sparkly clothing items draw me in the same way a woman is pulled to jewels. I know we’re in the new season but I still have an appreciation for metallic fashion. What I love about this jacket is that unlike many, the distressed texture adds some edge and difference to things. The long-line cut makes this one workable with bodycon dresses, jeans, tunics, t-shirts and a multitude of items. I should note though that the glitter does like to get on other clothes so you may wish to select light or grey items to wear with it! Most of us like to up-size with jackets and coats to accommodate the clothes under and make room for our bust. I got this one in size 26/28.

A plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea bootsA plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacketA plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea boots

Monochrome outfits for me are so easy to wear and can be casual with a twist. I decided that rather than wear black and white i’d select black and silver items. Evans recently sent me a pair of coated jeggings and I thought that the texture against the metallic jacket would be a fun look. These are a true to fit size and are high waisted. I’m wearing these in a size 24. I feel that black items are so easy to incorporate into the wardrobe and make for a great basic.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea bootsA plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black chelsea boots

Sometimes you want to wear an outfit that is simple, comfortable and effortless. I do find that items like varsity jackets can be worn in so many ways. If you wanna see how I wore one in a sexier and dressier look check out this post from last year. As I always say multipurpose clothing items are great for those of us on a budget! I plan on wearing this jacket with a series of different items. Why worry about people seeing you in the same thing more than once. It gives you the chance to be creative?!

A plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea bootsA plus size woman wearing a metallic varsity jacket, black coated jeggings, and black Chelsea boots

I thought pair these items with an oversized black top and i’d put my hair in bunches, keep my makeup simple and wear my signature hoop earrings with my long cross chain. A simple yet flashy look all at the same time lol. As I said before I don’t think you can go wrong with shinny things lol. Maybe next i’ll add a pop of colour to switch things up a little. Stay tuned, who knows I may include this one in another outfit on the blog one day!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic varsity jacket

*Varsity Jacket And Jeggings Are Gifted Items
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Something Sweet

A plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heels

It’s that time of year when the winter cold has finally set in. We all struggle to figure out what to wear when battling the elements. I like to still bring in my style with the new season as well as dress in a comfortable and bright way. I love the blacks, greys and navys as much as the next girl, but sometimes something else is required. Don’t you wanna have that little something extra than everyone else in your outfit? Navabi reached out to me and sent me an amazing outfit of my choice and guess what, it can be yours too! Before we get into what I mean by that let me break down my look for you…

A plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heelsA plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heels

If you have been following my blog for a while you’ll know I have a thing for cute shirts! Pussybow shirts and tops have very much been the in style for a couple of years now. Marina Rinaldi are the brand behind this amazing one i’m wearing! Denim is a fabric with limited stretch and so like I do with all of my shirts I picked this one up in a larger size than what I would usually wear, size 26 to be exact. Those of us women with larger boobs have to accommodate for the fastening of buttons and the possibility of gaping. It should be noted that I wasn’t wearing the best bra when I took these photos. I was unwell at the time and comfort was my priority. It’s a really nice length though and can easily be worn with other skirts, trousers and jeans.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heelsA plus size woman wearing a denim pussybow shirtA plus size woman wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heels

So the shirt was the first item I picked when putting this look together. You know me, I like items that can be worn in a variety of ways. I did however decide to select an item that would be great for the season and could be worn with other items in my closest. This led me to the fabulous a-line faux leather skirt in Bordeaux red colour. A warm colour perfect for both autumn and winter, especially the Christmas season. I already knew that I had a variety of lipstick shades that would make a perfect match! I also knew that I had the perfect pair of heels to compliment my look. This I selected in a size 24. I also selected a pair of 60 denier tights, size 24-26. Once the cold sets in it’s always good to have a nice pair to keep the chill at bay.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heelsA plus size woman wearing a faux leather skirtA plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt, faux leather skirt and heels

Now I’ve broken down my look and what led me to select these items here is where it comes to you! Navabi and I are give you the chance to win this entire outfit (apart from the heels lol). All you have to do is as follows, the winner will be selected at random and the outfit will be theirs! Good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
A plus size woman smiling wearing a denim pussybow shirt

*This is a gifted outfit
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Thea Jungle Queen

Dress Is A Gifted Item*

It’s funny how you can see an item of clothing and it can look totally different on you compared to someone else. I was recently at a fashion event with Navabi and Studio 8 and like all other fashion events, there are usually stands full of clothes everywhere and sometimes the opportunity to try them on for yourself. I’ve never been a huge wearer of the colour green. I don’t have much of it in my wardrobe, in fact I would go as far as to say I have maybe 3-4 items in total! The thing is though I simply had to try on the Thea dress from Studio 8!

I’m not really sure why green is a colour I don’t gravitate towards because I always enjoy wearing it and I enjoy how it looks against my complexion. I really like this dress as I think it’s a great multipurpose item. I found it a really comfortable wear on the day that I took these photos. In the hot summer sun it was a really nice item and not uncomfortable in the heat even though it’s lined. I also think this would be a great dress to wear to work and/or out for the evening. The thick shoulders allow for a comfortable and modest fit which works with most bra styles. The triangular modesty panel in the front is really nice if you want something with less cleavage exposed. The hem sits just across the tops of my calves and is a really nice cut for my 5’5 frame.

I decided to wear this one with a simple pair of cork wedges and a black handbag. Everyone who knows me knows that coordination is my thing and is something I always do with my outfits, colour coordination that is. I guess it’s a Caribbean trait that is well and truly in my DNA lol. I thought it would be cool to pick out colours and tones within the dress and select the rest of outfit around them. Despite not owning a lot of green items I have bandanas and hair scarves in most colours so I dug out my green bandana and thought it would make a nice addition to the outfit. Combined with my signature hoop earrings and my  Ted Baker Belle Tortoiseshell glasses I was more than ready for a hot summer day.

Don’t limit your fashion choices when it comes to cuts, colours or even fabrics you’ll be surprised with some of the things that not only look and feel great on but; how they make you feel when wearing them. I like to dress to my mood and so I have all manner of clothes in my wardrobe! I look forward to selecting more items from Studio 8 in the future as I had only included some of their accessories in my collection previously. Check out their website to see some of the newest selections they have available.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Nautical Summer Style

Top And Trousers Are Gifted Items*

I love this time of year! The sun is shinning, everyone is in a playful mood and wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible. July is a special month for me for so many reasons, for one thing it’s my birthday this month and this year I’m heading to Vegas! I cannot wait to soak up some of the desert sun, catch a fun stage show and see what the city known for millions of lights has to offer. At the moment i’m still in London and the sun is shining fierce and hot over here and, I hope it stays this way for quite some time!

I love the fun and fresh colours that are available, fun pastels, pretty florals and of course nautical stripes! Navabi sent me the most amazing pair of wide legged trousers from Manon Baptiste with a series of fun navy and white stripes. I have to say these are so comfortable and the thick elasticated waist band makes for a tailored yet floating feel. The tassels are really fun and playful (even though I tucked them in for this look), I have to say I do enjoy a good pair of statement trousers. This is the time of year where bold prints are a must so why not have fun with them?

I knew I wanted to wear a really fun summer top with these pants and seeing as I’m the queen or coordination it was always gonna be something blue or white! I was recently sent the cutest top from Lane Bryant. The belted off the shoulder top brings a little bit of girly magic to a simple piece. This one is part of the amazing Glamour X collection and, I have to say I LOVE IT!  There are thin elasticated loops to hold the belt in place and the front can be tied in a way that suits your own personal style. I wanted a large girly bow when I wore this one. The belt really helps to accentuate the waist and showcase your curves, even for such a loose item. The gathered neck detail is also really flattering in addition to the fluted sleeves.

I pulled out my old pair of blue wedges and finished off my look with my signature hoop earrings, a navy bandana, blue flower bracelet and my favourite blue cross. Now when the weather is like this an amazing pair of sunnies is very much needed! I decided that my pair of Ted Baker Belle Tortoiseshell glasses were a must! The gold mirrored lenses are really nice and the feature makes these really nice to wear when the sun is beaming bright and strong.

Enjoy this time of year, get out with friends and family, make the most of what the season has to offer. There are so many amazing events and parties to attend but if you’re more low key and you just want to kick back that can be a lot of fun too. I plan to spend the rest of the summer in a variety of ways and I definitely have to catch up with some friends. I’ll be sure to play around with some fun summer styles in the process so stay tuned!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Embracing My Blackness

*Photography By Studio52 Clothing From Evans Clothing, Live Unlimited And Hotter Shoes

It seems that the entire planet is talking about America at the moment. They have just elected the new president, enjoyed the Superbowl Halftime show and black history month is in full swing. I’ve been watching a lot of American TV shows and news postings lately and even though the celebration of black history month doesn’t come to the UK until October, it got me thinking about the icons who have inspired me, important people in my family and of course my own blackness…

I come from a multi racial family as many of my readers know. My mother is half Irish and Trinidadian and my father is Jamaican. In both sides of my family the Caribbean influences have hints of Indian and Chinese. Having said all of that people are often interested to know where my family are from and having been exposed to all sides of my culture I have always identified as a mixed race person. I personally find that embracing a part of myself doesn’t have to mean ignoring the other and I try to merge the different areas of my background into the various areas as life such as my diet, the music I create and listen to and of course when it comes to my looks to name a few.

For the past few months I have been wearing my hair natural and it has been an interesting journey. I had no idea how much work and upkeep is required in taking care of my hair or how I would be perceived with the different styles I might wear. I’m still trying to get used to it to be honest with you and at times I find myself frustrated. I am finding that the most supportive people around me on my hair journey actually happen to be my white friends. I had expected in all truth that I would be bombarded with people asking questions about my hair and wanting to touch it out of a somewhat negative interest but, I was pleasantly surprised in that area and was received with positivity and enthusiasm. My friends seem to really love the “REAL” part of me and think that I should take my look to the next level with more experimental hair styles. In contrast to this I have found that some of my own family members have had some minor issues with my hair and how I have chosen to style it on occasion. I have been teased quite a lot recently and given the nickname Harriet Tubman. What’s awkward for me is that this has been given to me in a negative sense. I guess wearing my twists with scarfs or bandanas reminds some people of the kind of images we see from times past or what we see from documents surrounding slavery or something. In truth I am slightly saddened by this for several reasons. For one thing I have a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of my 4c hair but I find that using a woman like Ms Tubman as an insult is insane! For one thing she was a humanitarian, abolitionist, american spy and armed scout during the civil war, what an incredible women with an amazing legacy.

I will always enjoy a variety of different hair styles, wigs, natural and styles in between. One thing that is apparent though is that a black or brown woman wearing her hair natural to some people looks like a rebellious action or a political statement. I never would have thought that sporting the very hair that grows from my scalp would be viewed in such a way. The thing is, I will continue to use these situations as a talking point to raise awareness to things. Many of my friends and even some family members had no idea how time consuming, expensive and difficult wearing natural hair could be until they were witness to what I go through. Washing your hair can take between 3-5 hours sometimes, luckily stylists advise that women with hair like mine only wash their hair every 1-2 weeks!

I am enjoying embracing myself and learning more about influential and special people who play a huge role in black history. As a Londoner I can honestly say that what is taught in schools about black history is so minimal and it’s a shame because there are so many amazing things that can be shared. I don’t think of myself as a particularly political person but I do have a big opinion and the readiness to share it if asked or if the moment requires it.

*Photography By Studio52 Clothing From Evans Clothing And Live Unlimited

I simply think that with what’s going on in America at the moment and to a degree here in the UK; that it’s important for everyone in the world regardless of their ethnicity or their experience to speak out and share their stories. I really believe that the only way barriers are broken down, people come together and change is a possibility is through talking and sharing. People don’t understand or they can be fearful or what’s new or different and I find that even something as simple as one’s hair can be an interesting place to start and get the dialogue going. These are the things that brought for the civil rights movement, feminist movement and spawned the welcoming change to the LGBTQ community all of the world. We all have rights, we all want acceptance and love and I just think that people really need to listen to that old saying our parents told all of us “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. The thing is we have become able to experience different genres of music, various styles of cuisine and even adopt customs from our brothers and sisters. I really think a lot has been achieved but  we need to take the time to look at the topic of skin colour and the areas around it, otherwise we stand still or even worse move backwards in our way of thinking.

I may see myself as a woman of mixed race but I have always embraced areas of my blackness and I’m proud that I can do more of this through something as small as wearing my hair the way God intended for me to have it!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Take The Jump – A Navabi Fashion Review

Hi everyone I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely Christmas with your family and friends. I’m sorry I’ve been quiet here on the blog over the past couple of weeks. I have pretty much been working non stop running up to Christmas and have barely had the chance to get online. I’m enjoying the end of the year and taking some much needed me time to catch up with friends and loved ones, eat loads of amazing goodies and just kick back.

This time of year people tend to dress to their best wearing stylish and elegant items to the family dinner or work Christmas do. In my case I have wanted to keep things smart, sophisticated and comfortable. I enjoy trying new things and experimenting with my look and 2016 has been the year of many fashion firsts for me. This year was the first where I have found the perfect strapless bra, incredible high heeled shoes and discovered some new hair and beauty tips. A few weeks ago I also picked out my first ever jumpsuit. Now I will be honest my body-shape and the way I like to look has been the reason for my delay in getting a jumpsuit…

I have what I describe as a split belly lol. The waist line where most of my jeans and trousers sits is across an indent in my stomach area, many curvy girls have this issue and I don’t like to enhance this as I find you can have an over-spill situation where the top half of your belly pokes out lol (thank god for spanx lol), the other reservation I had about wearing a jumpsuit was the chance that I may end up with a camel toe lol.

I had seen some of my friends wearing jumpsuits and looking amazing doing so, i decided it was finally time for me to try one out for myself! I picked up this gorgeous two tone pewter and black one from Navabi. This has fast become a favourite outfit of mine to wear and it was actually a Christmas outfit of mine this year. I loved the wide legs, batwing style arms and heavy fabric. This jumpsuit comes with a zipper at the back but to be honest I have been able to get this off and on without ever using it, simply stepping into the garment. What I love about this piece is that it works as a multipurpose item and can pretty much be worn anywhere.

I will be honest though, this is a little long for my 5’5 frame and so I decided some high heeled sandals were a must to go with this one. Velvet being the fabric of the season I had to wear these gorgeous platform heels from Evans. I really love the way they fasten around the ankle and I should also note that these are also available in cherry red. I thought I would keep the rest of my look fairly simple by just wearing my signature hoop earrings and basic makeup.

I say you can look incredible as well as feel comfortable and this is the time of the year when everyone is focusing on looking and feeling glamorous and stylish. I am so glad I finally took the plunge and picked up a jumpsuit and I should let you all know, I’ve already selected some more that have been added to my wardrobe.

I also wanted to say to you all that if I don’t get to post again before the start of 2017 let me just say have an amazing new year, I hope you all get to experience some amazing things next year and that many of your Christmas wishes come true!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Battling The Cold

It’s December and everyone is counting down the days as we approach Christmas and the New Year. I have to admit I really dislike the winter, for me summer is where it’s at; but I have to say despite my distaste of the season I still try to make the most of things. I may hate that the days are darker and daylight is scarce, the cold temperatures will always disagree with me and being around so many people full of cold is never fun! Having said all of that there are some things I enjoy about winter. For some reason people make that extra special effort to re-connect with their friends, family fun is visible everywhere and the incredible food available always makes social events even more appealing. We all have things that we do during the day and we all have places to be. The winter season is one time of year when we all need a good winter coat!

I was on the hunt for a new winter coat when I was contacted by the incredible team at Lovedrobe. I have many items from this brand (mostly dresses) and in truth I hadn’t seen much of their winter collection this year so it was great for me to be able to select one of their great winter coats to try out. I know it’s mental but I have to say in all honesty this is the first Parker I have ever owned! I tend to keep a basic approach when picking out a black winter coat but as time goes on i’m finding our winters even colder and, having to be up and out of the house really early made me want something with a warm and fluffy collar or hood. I really like the quilted pattern on this coat and that it has a fitted look. In all honesty most of the winter coats I have owned in the past have concealed my figure and many times I was left feeling as though I was wearing a sack!

The Faux Fur Quilted Coat is a really nice fit. I picked this one up in a size 24 and find that it’s roomy enough to wear with a nice thick jumper, the collar is extremely silky soft (even after I had been caught out in the rain). I love a good pair of jeans and I tend to gravitate towards black or indigo skinny jeans of some sort. In this outfit i’m wearing the black ultra stretch skinny jeans from Evans in a size 24. I didn’t want to wear all black on the day that I took these photos. I thought it would be fun to pair the coat and jeans with a lighter top. I decided to wear the Ivory Asymmetric Stripped Top from Evans, size 22. I love how light and airy this feels on and the slit down one side ads a fun detail to the shape.

In keeping with the black and creamy theme I wanted the perfect pair of winter boots to keep the cold at bay! In all honesty how I came to acquire these boots is a bit of a funny story. I was wearing a pair of slip on trainers one day at work when the glue came apart on the sole of the right shoe! My foot literally came right through the shoe! I quickly ran over the road to my local Sainsbury’s and picked these suede borg boots up for an emergency lol. The shoes I was wearing were falling apart on my feet and these boots literally saved the day (and my outfit lol). Their toffee brown colour really appealed to me and I really like the faux fur trim.

For me the winter is when I like to wrap up warm and be cosy. I still bring elements of my usual style into my look but in all honesty the priority for me is comfort and warmth this time of year. Having said all of that it is party season so I know it’s only a matter of days before I pull on a sexy little frock for a dinner somewhere.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

One Step From The Sun

*This Is A Gifted Outfit

Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the autumn season and getting into the festivities that are taking place out there. I personally like to spend as much time as I can playing around in the leaves, enjoying the amazing food and of course the fashion! At the moment I’m going through an experimental phase when it comes to my look. I still have those elements that will always creep into my outfits but recently I have been trying to get the most out of the bright days as possible, especially seeing as it gets pitch dark before 5pm! I have been lucky though, there have been some great options out there both on the high street and online.

The UK’s longest running fashion brand to cater to curvy girls is of course Evans. I have been shopping there for as long as I can remember and I have to say their options have expanded so much over the years! They have been collaborating with a series of brands, new and innovative designers and at expanding their collections with each season. Just a few days ago I was at the SS17 press event by Arcadia and there are some incredible new lines coming next year. Top Shop in addition to their amazing clothes have an incredible new makeup range, Dotty P are playing around with a series of beautiful feminine styles (there is a silver pair of stilettos I must have) and of course Evans are bringing us fabulous denim, funky florals, dainty lace items and a series of botanical prints.

Recently I was given the opportunity to pull some looks from their current collection and I have to say it took me an age to make my picks as the options were just endless! There was something for everyone with a strong and large range of sparkly and dazzling threads for the upcoming party season. I will be sharing many of these items with you right here on the blog in the very near future, but to start with I went with some items that can be adapted into a series of both casual and dressy looks. Hanna and I decided to go to lunch on a Sunday afternoon and of course took full advantage of the warm sunshine. I was wearing this incredible Black Animal Print Shirt Dress from Live Unlimited. The oversized shirt dress has hanky hem detail and a long fitted cami underneath. This is one that could easily be worn open as a duster jacket or worn as more of a floaty dress i’m wearing this in a size 22. I decided to put it with a pair of the Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans, size 24 (a must have item) and I was almost set. I really like the length of this one and the loose feel and have found this can also transition into a more sophisticated outfit perfect for the work environment.

There are only a few days left where we can pull out sunnies and incorporate them into our outfits. I am a huge aviator fan and I have probably around 6 or 7 pairs! I won’t lie, ever since I saw Michael Jackson rock these as a kid I have been obsessed with them so when Ray-Ban brought out a pair of gorgeous mirrored shades in a series of colours I wanted a pair! The blue ones of course were the colour I fell in love with and I was lucky to have been given this amazing pair on my birthday by Hanna and Sarah. My hair has been in small tight twists for a couple of days so my curls were extremely tight and small, making my hair look slightly shorter, what better excuse does a girl need to show off her favourite pair! I also love that the blue tints bring out some of the blue undertones in the shirt dress.

I’m proud to say that my shoe collection is starting to grow and take some shape. I have to admit I put a lot less attention to my footwear than I do my clothes but recently I have found myself drawn to some really fun and interesting footwear. I like to feel comfortable when I’m out and about so this amazing pair of woven slip on sneakers from Lane Bryant were my shoes of choice.  A really bouncy and fun shoe that made for a great casual feel.

A simple long chain, my hoop earrings with some basic makeup and I was ready and set for my day. I like to be playful in my style and whilst keeping things simple sometimes I still try to wear an outfit with a bit of flair. As the cold starts to creep in i’ll have to play around with some more sweaters and jackets but while the sun still continues to shine I will most definitely include some light and floaty options into my look.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!


All Girls Love Pink

*Top Leggings And Shoes Were Gifted Items

You know it’s funny  how some things you just can’t seem to get used to. Take London for example, I have lived in this crazy city my entire life and I still struggle with what to wear between the months of September and October. See you would think that we would be well into the autumn season by now but the truth is, we had a pretty hot September and October has shown itself to be a very confused month weather-wise. We’ve had hot bursts of sunshine, rain and even winter cold. Many people are making the choice to eliminate all colour from their wardrobes, opting for a more dark and sophisticated selection during the season.

I personally love wearing black I always have as I find it to be one of the easiest block colours to play with. I too tend to wear many darker colours this time of year but I enjoy bringing in a sharp burst of colour to wake up an outfit. One colour I don’t have much of but always enjoy wearing is pink. I really like the way it works with my complexion and I find it can be a great colour to soften a look. I thought it would be cool to wear this baby pink asymmetrical frill top from Evans. What first drew me to this top when selecting it for review was the frill detail. I’m not a huge fan of hanky hem designs but this one really caught my attention. I really like how much longer it is at the back compared to the front and I found that this was a really comfortable top to wear both causally and professionally. As much as I enjoy showcasing a little cleavage now and then it is nice to be able to wear a modest design you can cleverly accessorise to spice up the style.

As there is a chill in the air at the moment I decided to pair this one with one of my old favourites, my black longline cardigan from a previous Yours Clothing collection. I love layering blacks and so it was a no brainer for me to wear this look with the best pair of leggings I have ever owned! One thing about sharing a love of fashion with one of your best friends is when you share info about new and interesting brands and styles. Hanna recently introduced me to a small indie brand from Finland, Excuse My Bon Bon. They create modern and fresh clothes for us curvy girls and have a great motto that goes along with the clothes. “Excuse my bon bon” is something I personally took to mean ‘excuse my big booty while I rock these hot clothes! The brand say ‘it is an attitude that helps you focus on the good, to make way for the curves and enjoy the chocolates without a guilty conscience’. I love that their focus is on how you feel in the clothes. I find if you feel good in what you’re wearing the clothes they will look great regardless! It just so happens that they have a really chic and sexy range of high quality garments to suit all shapes.

Their Lina leggings are an incredible fit, featuring a high waist with rubber band elasticated panels that smooth and lift your behind whilst pretty much working as spanx to the stomach. I have to say they are extremely comfortable and are a nice thick material perfect for the colder days. I really like the thick seam detail  across the front of the legs too. In keeping with selecting black items to complete this look my Michelle heels from Hotter were my shoe of choice and a black paisley bandana for my hair. Silver is always my go-to jewellery colour and so I thought my love hearts matching necklace and drop earrings would be a fun and girly addition to the look and my sparkly silver clutch with chain strap.

Like many women out there I often carry my shades with me just in case there’s a nice burst of sunshine and so I had what I call my “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis” shades from D&G with me. I love a pair of large tinted shades. They not only work on sunny days but also on those days when you have the outfit together but don’t quite have time to fix your eye makeup lol.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!