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A plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle boots

Sometimes when it comes to fashion clothing can be more than what we wear, it can be rather exciting. I love to branch out and wear a variety of styles and if you were to go through my wardrobes it would look like clothing for about 5 different women lol. My style changes with my mood and so I like to have items to pretty much suit every situation. I like to push boundaries at times and challenge my confidence. I often find that when I push myself out of my comfort zone my confidence is majorly boosted!

A plus size woman wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle boots

Hanna and I were on our way to view the latest lingerie and swimwear collections from Elomi a couple of weeks ago. When I attend press events I usually like to wear something from the brand i’m visiting, however I had no intention of walking the streets of London in my underwear! With that in mind I thought why not wear a lace top from Zizzi that I bought about a year ago. Most women have clothes that they have never worn before and this item was one of mine! Underneath I was wearing my Carmen lingerie set featuring plum coloured plunge bra. I figured that as I have no issue wearing dresses that highlight my cleavage what difference would this look make?!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirtA plus size woman wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle boots

We all have our own set of style rules that we choose to follow. In my case I don’t like to showcase both my legs and cleavage. I figure it’s best to balance everything out by going with one or the other. As it was a chilly November day in London I decided to pair this top with my gold metallic skirt from Lane Bryant (previously seen on the blog about a year ago). The funny thing I find is that when I wear daring items my confidence soars. Some people may find that they feel exposed or on display. For me I think it shows that only a confident woman would put her outfits together the way I do lol.

A plus size woman wearing a lace blousemetallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle boots

Coordination is the name of my game and so I decided to select items with gold adornments to finish off my look. Starting with my signature hoop earrings of course, pulling out my vanity boots from Hotter and wearing a black handbag showered in gold studs. The hint of purple in the bra is literally the only colour i’m wearing here other than black and gold lol. I actually got a lot of compliments for this outfit even though it is rather edgy. Of course I was feeling sassy, fierce and quite like the fashionista…

A plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse, metallic pleated skirt, black gold studded bag and ankle boots

It’s always good when items you’ve had for a while are still very much in fashion and on trend for the season. That doesn’t matter though, I say wear what makes you feel amazing and confident. Don’t get caught up by the so called rules, unless of course you set these rules yourself! Experiment with what you wear, step outside of the box and try something new. You may surprise yourself with how your confidence improves!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a lace blouse

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Luscious Lexi – An Elomi Review

Hi everyone I hope all is well and I hope you had an amazing Christmas with the people you love. The past couple of weeks has been crazy for me with long and tiresome work demands and the run-up to the holidays. I’m sorry things have been quiet here on the blog recently. I have some cool looks to share with you and some interesting developments which are happening with the blog behind the scenes, all will be revealed soon.

I was recently sent the most gorgeous lingerie set to review, the lovely team over at Bras and Honey sent me the gorgeous Elomi Lexi; I have to say as this is my first time wearing Elomi Lingerie I was really impressed with the quality of the fabric, the fit and the comfort in the set.

Set modelled by Denise Bidot For Elomi

What first caught my eye about this set was the interesting print. It reminded me of a pine cone with a slight leopard print feel. The lace topped cups also add a little sexiness to the set. The available sizes in this range are M-4XL (Knickers) and bra sizes  34G-HH, 36-42D-HH, 44D-G and 46 D-DD. I find that when you wear sexy underwear you tend to have a different level of confidence when doing your daily routine. Even though no one can see your undergarments beneath your clothes the extra confidence boost can really help throughout the day.

I got this set in 40HH bra and size 4XL knickers, I could have gone for a 3XL in the knickers but as this was the first Elomi set I was trying I thought it best to go for the 4XL just in case. I have to say that often when I get a new bra set it can feel uncomfortable the first couple of times I wear it, with this set I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt. The silky soft fabric feels so light and smooth against the skin and my breasts felt secure and supported.

Stock Image Courtesy Of Elomi

A nice thick back band  makes for a really easy wear with 3 different hook and eye clasps. The thick straps sit nicely against the shoulders and have a soft stretch material which doesn’t dig into the skin. I was really surprised about the lace detail on the bra and knickers, the stretch lace looks amazing on and is really soft to the touch. Most lace additions for lingerie carry little or no stretch so this was really nice inclusion not only on the style but the fit. As we women come in so many different variations with shape and size it’s nice to see some of the brands really thinking about the smaller details when designing their garments.

I have worn this set a few times since receiving it and I should note that after several washes the colour is retained with no fading or bobbling of the fabric. I recently previewed the up and coming spring and summer range for Elomi Lingerie at a press event and this set was showcased with the same print but in blue with pink detail it looked amazing! I shall be keeping my eye open for this when it comes out.

If you would like to try out a set of Elomi Lingerie check out these amazing sites:

Bras And Honey and Elomi.

High Waisted Swimming Knickers – An Elomi Review

It seems that even though the weather has changed and the coats and scarves are coming back out, we are still very much talking about swimwear. With every summer that passes fashion critics and consumers all over the world are talking about what makes suitable swim attire. I would think opinions on this matter would vary depending on who you are in conversation with.

I have seen loads of posts and articles about one piece items, bikinis, tankinis etc all featuring a plethora of different styles and brands, celebrity collections and blogger favourites. A little over a year ago I first heard of lingerie and swimwear brand Elomi. The brand specialising in garments for a fuller figure have a series of gorgeous and simple styles and I have to say when I recently tried out their high waisted swim knickers I was beyond impressed.


Image Courtesy Of Elomi

Many people buy swimsuits so that they can look super cute on the beach whilst catching some rays. I personally like items that are cute to look at but are practical for me. I really enjoy swimming and when I get near the sea I love take a leisurely dip and really go for it! First and foremost I want to feel comfortable and relaxed when I have a lot of skin on show. As a very busty woman I like to feel supported, lifted and secured in my swimsuit especially as water can make a garment feel heavy and loose. I also like something that is tight and firm against my stomach.

When I first tried out these high waisted knickers I was amazed by the comfort, flexibility and support. They came just under my bra line, and held me in nicely. Some of my looser, wobbly bits were smoothed out and I really liked the overall look and appearance of the garment. I must state that I have a lot of high waisted spanx and control underwear that I like to wear with more form fitting items especially dresses. As much as I enjoy wearing these I have to say I was shocked to find that these swim knickers gave me a better overall shape and support than most of my shapewear and they actually feel amazing on, even when wet!

I was worried that I would have a little slippage in the back and stomach areas once the garment was wet which would inevitable reveal my back-fat but in truth I NEVER had this issue and felt amazing on the beach when I went away earlier this year.

For those of you who are wanting to try a fatkini but would consider wearing a bikini top and matching swim knickers these are amazing and I cannot rate them more highly. You can pick these up via the official Elomi website or of course you can check out some other online retailers. I picked my pair up at Brastop for an amazing price so do check them out if you have a holiday coming up or you like to go to your local swimming baths.

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!