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Blue Passion – A Lane Bryant Review

* This Dress Is A Gifted Item

So here we are again. It’s the time of year when everyone begins to get into the festive spirit. Halloween pumpkins have made their way into stores all over the place and, we are starting to see Christmas decorations adorn our streets. With all of the decorations and party favours being splashed all over the place, the event invitations are coming out and the need for fun and sassy evening wear is apparent. With many quick and fast changes happen this season, imagine my surprise when I was offered the chance to review an amazing dress from Lane Bryant.

The asymmetric seamed bodice dress is everything I look for in a simple but striking dress. The simple block colour, decorative pleats and V shaped neckline really add to this piece. Available from the Blue Streak collection which was previously featured on their seasonal Fast Lane section of the website, this one immediately caught my eye. As you know I have a deep affection for Cobalt clothing as I really like how it looks against my complexion and, it just so happens to be one of my favourite shades of blue!

This midi length dress with asymmetric hem line is one that would really suit a lot of body shapes. Stopping just below the knees this makes for a really elegant piece that can be dressed both up or down. I really like how this one moulds across my bust, allowing for a hint of cleavage. The thick straps make this one easy to wear with pretty much any bra and if you decide to wear shapewear with this dress, the length allows you to have a wider choice of options. I’m wearing this dress in a size 22 and I should note that I am wearing shapewear in these images.

If I were to wear this for a more casual look I would wear wedged heels, blue acrylic jewellery and a denim jacket. Here I thought, how would I want to style this for a night out? I decided to wear my Michelle Heels from Hotter. These have fast become my go-to heels as the pyramid technology used in the production of the shoes allows for extra support and comfort to the balls of your feet. Imagine having soft padded built in gel cushions as the soles of your heels! I cannot recommend these more as they work with so many styles. I have worn these with vintage style dresses, casual looks and of course more elegant styles. In addition to the shoes I thought it would be a little different to wear a beret with a twist. As you can tell I’m really into my hats at the moment and I thought my blue sequin beret bought many years ago from Primark would look pretty cool, especially seeing as it’s the exact same shade as the dress. My signature hoop earrings, and statement necklace from Happiness Boutique were my only jewellery worn. I kept my makeup to it’s usual style and wore a soft pink lipstick.

With a dress like this I didn’t want to do anything to take away from it’s detail. I love how it fits and the colour is really rich and soft. As we’re experiencing a bit of a chill in the London air I pulled on my biker jacket from Yours Clothing, which is currently on sale. Working with my black heels I felt that this just pulled the look together.

Lane Bryant have been the leading American plus size brand for many years now and their recent campaigns have really had many talking! I’m No Angel saw the brand challenge the Victoria Secret model of how beauty and sex appeal is in regards to women’s bodies and did loads to encourage the body positivity movement we are currently experiencing in the plus size industry. We saw a diverse group of  beautiful and confident women wearing gorgeous lingerie from the brand and each making positive statements about themselves in their campaign commercial. Most recently the Plus Is Equal campaign went viral and we saw some of the leading plus size models take the runway in style! Being that I’m a woman who loves to see women feel good in their skin and shine with confidence I love that the brand is showing that sexy, feminine and flattering clothing is something all women deserve to wear and, that they will do what they can to help in that area.

You know what I always say, have fun with your style. Wear what makes you feel confident and amazing and play around with your style. We all have various elements to our personality and we can showcase that in our sense of style!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Nadia Aboulhosn Boohoo Capsule Collection Reviewed!

*This Dress Is A Gifted Item

It’s a great time to be a plus size woman who loves fashion and beauty. We are seeing so many different things being created with us in mind and we are now able to wear clothing of pretty much any style. Growing up in London as a big girl was always awkward. The only options we had for stylish trends was through expensive catalogues and what was on the high street really didn’t leave much to be desired. Now with the internet we can pick up amazing items at bargain prices from pretty much anywhere in the world! With the rise in options, girls like myself have really embraced the choices that we have and many of us have started blogging. What gave me the idea to crate a blog was the fact that I was constantly being asked by people where I was picking up my clothes. I figured I could put it out there on the blog in an effort to help women of similar size and get to know a few people in the process.

As a blogger you get to see a lot of familiar faces not only through the social media channels but at events and functions. One blogger in particular who has made quite a name for herself and has earned reams of followers is none other than Nadia Aboulhosn. The New York city blogger has not only wowed women everywhere with her sense of style, her lifestyle posts have also generated a lot of interest. One of the most referenced fashion brands Boohoo recently teamed up with Nadia to create a fresh and funky capsule collection of clothes. With items ranging from sizes 16-24 and a variety of sexy styles that encapsulate Nadia’s personality, it’s no wonder everyone’s raving about the collection!

When I first saw the range I was really impressed with how edgy it was. Often brands shy away from funky, sexy and sassy items for us plus size women. Admittedly there is a lot of items that I love but don’t think I could pull off due to my proportions but I know they will look hot on many of you. Here I am pictured wearing the embossed sleeve dress, size 24. When I first tried this on I really liked the fabric; 95% polyester and 5% elastane this dress is really smooth on the skin, soft to the touch and has a really nice amount of stretch. As I have really large breasts and a big behind this dress hitches up a little on me and so I felt it was too short to wear on it’s own.

I decided to create a sports luxe sort of look by pairing the dress with my black and white gingham leggings. Despite always hearing that white makes you look bigger and should be avoided as a big girl I really love this outfit. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I’m all for breaking the rules that society have given us when it comes to how we should dress.

The long sleeves make this a really versatile item suitable for several seasons and they have a faint and interesting pattern right the way down to the cuffs. If worn on it’s own, the length allows you to really showcase your legs and some cute heels would really set it off. As you can see I opted for a more casual style.

I really like the side zip detail at the hem of the dress, not only is this a cool style feature I think that if worn as a singular item this could add a little extra sexiness to the garment and could allow some extra thigh to be showcased. I also think it could come in handy for women with a larger behind or stomach because you could give yourself a little more space in the mid section by having the zips open.

When putting this outfit together my idea was to keep things bright and fresh for the season with only a slight touch of colour. I love how white looks against my complexion as the golden tones in my skin stand out more. I thought that these canvas boots would give me some additional height and pull the overall look together. These were from New Look but you can pick up a similar pair here.

I’ll be honest I am having major hair issues these days which is why you guys have seen a lot of hats and hair scarves on the blog recently. Seeing as I have a rather large collection of bandanas this white one with paisley print was a must for me!

I have a large collection of tote bags that seems to keep expanding lol. Me being such a body confidence activist and a lover of fun slogans led me to select this cute bag from Zizzi. For a small splash of colour I wore my pink diamonte lightning bolt necklace that I’ve had for about a hundred years. Hanna being a huge lipstick lover has been encouraging me to try more shades and so it was fortunate for me that I happen to have a magenta lipstick that’s the exact same shade as my pendant.

There are some really great lines available from Nadia’s capsule collection. Be sure to head on over to Boohoo to see it in it’s entirety. You know what I say, have fun with your style, wear what you want, not what people tell you to wear. Fashion is meant to be about expression and style not conforming to someone else’s ideals.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

A Little Bit Of Pleather

When it comes to style there are so many different variations of the same thing. If someone was to mention a new LBD that they purchased to you, I can guarantee about a 100 different images would pop into your head. When I was hanging out with the lovely Hanna from The Wardrobe Challenge. She told me that she had a dress that she thought would look great on me. This was a simple black dress, with three quarter length sleeves. What gave it a little edge, the pleather skirt…
I have to admit before I picked this one up from Hanna I didn’t own any items containing pleather!
Those of you who read my blog will know that I am playing around with different looks and styles. I really want to expand my range and my options by working with different fabrics, colours and wild prints. What I like about this dress is that the mix of fabrics is enough to give it that wow factor. Not only is black a colour that everyone can wear regardless of skin tone, style etc. it’s a canvas colour which leaves you open to a plethora of choices when selecting accessories and shoes.
The dress is from Simplybe and comes with invisible zip back fastening (although I just put straight over my head). I love the loose fit of the dress. It’s slightly oversized but I actually like that. Sometimes you want extra space and to just have the clothes skim over your frame. This one is a size 28.
The material for the main body of the dress is 73% polyester, 24% viscose, 3% elastane. The trim and skirt is 40% polyurethane, 40% viscose and 20% polyester. The material feels really nice and light against the skin.
I teamed this one with simple black leggings and my black heels. A hologram clutch bag, black hair scarf and silver accessories to finish off the look. I thought with this one I would keep it simple so that I could wear this one at the office, out and about or as a casual piece. There are so many ways this dress can be worn. In future I may use the pleather skirt as the inspiration regarding my accessories. I may channel my inner rock chick and break out a studded leather bag, black acrylic accessories and maybe even look for a pair of studded heels.
That’s the thing that’s great about hanging out with a group of blogger babes, they can show you a whole other style of dress to try out that you might actually really like.