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Studded Glory

Many of you lovely ladies will have the exact same issue as me when it comes to selecting an outfit…sometimes you just don’t know what to wear! Now I’m not limited for options but we all have those days when we have some great single items but struggle to pair them with anything…

Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I like to play around with different types of clothes and have a variety of styles in my wardrobe. Many people have a select style that they love and they stick with it. I think it’s cool to have a niche that’s your own. In my case I simply have fun experimenting. I like to be ready for anything so I may have some gorgeous dresses and gowns on one side of my wardrobe and some edgy causal bits on the other. Having said all of that I am the kind of person that likes my creature comforts so when something works for me I stick with it! When I picked up the gorgeous tartan skater dress from Pink Clove last year it was an item that I really enjoyed wearing, still do. The look and fit of the item was right up my street so is it really any surprise that I picked up the bottom half of the dress, the single skater skirt?!

The length of the skirt and the fit was something that was a huge draw to me when it came to the dress; but because of the fit in the bust area it wouldn’t really be an item you could throw a top over to switch it up, so the skirt on it’s own made for a fun piece.

As a lover of oversized sheer shirts I thought it would be cool to wear this studded one with cami from a previous collection at Marisota. Items with little accents tend to really catch my attention and I have always had a thing for studs on bags and clothes. As I was wearing black tights and black shoes to work with the skirt I decided to tuck in the skirt to make it the focal piece in the outfit. A sharp burst of colour is always fun with a predominantly black ensemble.

With this look I was going for a rock chick look. I thought I would use the studs on the shirt as a way to pull accessories. I love silver accents and I tend to wear more silver jewellery than anything else so it’s no surprise that my signature hoop earrings were included in the look as well as my loop chain necklace.

Often the little things in a single item of clothing can inspire an entire outfit. It could be a splash of colour somewhere, an adornment or the fabric. Whatever you decide to do when putting together a outfit have fun, play around and try things out. You may just surprise yourself.



Going Bare In The Sun!

Summer is here and despite the odd rain shower we’ve had, this one is set to be a mega hot one! With all that in mind it’s no surprise that we’re reaching for our shorts, dresses and maxi skirts…

This year I have decided that on my quest to push my confidence and embrace myself further, I would be brave and head out without any coverage of my arms. For those of you who are new to my blog; my arms are my problem area (lord knows we all have one) I have always felt more at ease without them on show. Having said that I’ve started to get to the point where I’m not sacrificing my comfort in order to cloak myself. I used to wear boleros, jackets and shrugs in the blazing hot sun and would put a brave face on the situation and pretend I was absolutely fine when in truth; I would be on a constant search for the nearest store to relieve myself in the heat by reaching for the nearest cold drink!

I won’t pretend that it’s easy for me to ditch my usual cover ups though, I still feel more comfortable with them but I am doing what I can to just face those little fears head on and not let my personal hang ups ruin my day. As I recently mentioned, pushing my limits is helping me to gain more self confidence.

It’s no secret that I really like animal prints in clothing and so I just had to have this amazing maxi shirt from Primark size 20. Unfortunately this is from a previous season but there may be something similar coming in stores soon. Keep you eyes peeled you never know what you can find in Primark.

I thought it would be cool to pair this with a simple black cami from New Look Inspire size 20. I think sometimes being comfortable can still make for a cool outfit. I didn’t want to go overboard with accessories either so I thought I’d pair this look with my twisted gold hoop earrings, lovely necklace and simple ballerina shoes. I’ll most definitely be wearing looks like this one over the next few weeks. Not only is it a seasonal style, it’d lend itself well to days out on the beach or relaxed walks in the summer sunshine.

Have a look through your wardrobe and see what you may have in there. You’ll be surprised what you have that might just be suited to this hot weather. Whatever you decide to wear have fun with it and play around I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Keep smiling!