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Disco Diva, Oh Yeah!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt and silver boots

Sometimes you find yourself wanting to wear something different. I find that it can be boring if you only dress for the day to day situations in life. Don’t you ever just want to have fun with the clothes that you wear? I like many women have an obsession with things that are shiny lol. Lately I have been on the hunt for metallic and chrome footwear and clothing items. When I saw these fab items from the Glamorous Curve range at Simply Be I knew I had to get my hands on them!

A plus size woman wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt, mirrored sunglasses and silver bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt and silver boots

I look at kids and I’m jealous of their freedom when it comes to clothing. They can wear whatever makes them feel fun and fabulous without anyone batting an eyelid. In adulthood you have to be prim, proper and practical most of the time. Whenever I get the chance to play around with my look I take it! I wanted to experiment and wear something a little different. As a musician I like to channel my inner diva when I can. In this outfit I feel like the ultimate disco diva!

A plus size woman wearing a metallic mini skirt A plus size woman smiling wearing a slogan t-shirt, mirrored sunglasses and biker jacket

I got this mini skirt in UK size 26, US 22. I really like this one, even though it is pretty short! The fabric has no stretch though so if you have a belly and a large booty like me you will need to up-size for extra room. If you enjoy picking up fun clothes that are easy to maintain you’ll love the easy to wipe clean fabric. The side pockets are purely for decoration though. I find that for a simple mini skirt the fabric brings that extra wow factor to the item.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt and silver bootsA plus size woman making a face wearing a slogan t-shirt A plus size woman smiling wearing a slogan t-shirt and biker jacket

The thing I love about this outfit is that each item has a wow factor of it’s own. Take the slogan t-shirt for example, there are so many out there the market but this one has a fun simplicity about it. I have to say I felt really good wearing this outfit and the t-shirt did make me wanna say “OH YEAH”! I’m wearing this one in a UK 24, US 20. For a basic white tee I know i’ll be wearing this one with a variety of my outfits.

Of course no outfit is complete without an amazing pair of shoes! To see that the Glamorous Curve range included shoes was a huge bonus! I just had to have this pair of heeled silver chelsea boots with matte finish.  I love that the silver perfectly compliments the skirt and adds even more shine to the look. This is a pair that I plan to wear with many looks so keep an eye out here on the blog for some future styles. Simply Be currently have a large range of shoes and boots for people with wide feet and big calves so be sure to check them out here.

A plus size woman wearing metallic silver bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing mirrored sunglasses

We’ve not had many sunny days in London as of late. We’re in that strange phase when the days are ending earlier, nights are getting longer and skies are filled with grey. I took full advantage of the sunshine and pulled on a fab pair of mirrored sunnies from Polaroid. These Palladium shades seem to be the go-to pair when i’m dressed like a disco diva of sorts lol. Sometimes you just have to wear something that takes a look over the edge!

A plus size woman wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt and silver boots and a biker jacketA plus size woman smiling wearing a metallic mini skirt, slogan t-shirt and silver boots

So yeah, I like to have fun and be a little out of the box. Sometimes you just need to experiment and express yourself with the clothes that you wear. I decided to wear an outfit that not only said “OH YEAH” but made me feel sassy and fearless. I’ve said on previous posts that I’m trying to become more confident with my legs and so the best way for me to face a confidence demon is to meet it head on! The more my pins are out and on show the better i’ll feel about them. Putting on a pair of fish net tights and a shiny bright mini skirt is definitely a way for me to do so!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a slogan t-shirt

*The skirt, boots and t-shirt are gifted items
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Going To Bootcamp – A Yours Clothing Review

A plus size woman wearing camouflage jeans, khaki sweater, black backpack and black boots

Sometimes life can present many challenges. I know I’m not the only one who can find things pretty tough sometimes. Work may be stressful, the love life could be in the toilet, money is sometimes tight… whatever the case may be you could feel like it’s just too much! Ever feel like you need to just set some goals and reevaluate the situation? We’ve all been there in some way, shape or form. I personally have been trying to give myself a bit of a kick up the bum. I’m 30 years old now and although life is pretty good things can always get better. Metaphorically speaking you could say I’m putting myself through bootcamp! I’m working on my health and fitness, career is going well and i’m doing what I can to be a better friend and daughter. Dressing for the occasion khaki camouflage was my style choice.

A plus size woman smiling carrying a black backpack wearing camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black bootsA plus size woman carrying a black backpack wearing khaki camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black boots

I like my clothing to represent my mood. As i’m going through my personal changes I figured why not pick a transitional outfit that is not only perfect for the season, but for my life also. Yours Clothing got in touch with me recently and asked if I’d like to select some items. I’m a jeans girl, always have been always will be! These khaki camouflage skinny jeans caught my eye when I had first seen them. Usually I wear some sort of plain coloured jean, the most adventurous being some sort of acid wash. Opting to have a little more colour in my wardrobe I picked these in size 24. I have to say the fit is really good, these are high waisted with plenty of stretch.

Plus size camouflage jeans, and black bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a cold shoulder khaki sweater and black backpack

Walking is something I do a lot of and so, good shoes are required. I love a pair of Chelsea boots and figured these would make for a fun bootcamp style look. As much as I like to dress to my mood, it’s fun to be on trend too. For the past few years cold shoulder items have been hugely popular and they still are! With that being said we all need to be prepared for the colder weather and so I figured this sweater would be a nice addition to the outfit. I decided I wanted an oversized fit and so I picked this one in size 26/28. I should note it’s also available in Dusky Pink.

A plus size woman smiling wearing camouflage jeans, khaki sweater, black backpack and black bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing khaki camouflage jeans, khaki sweater, black backpack and black bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black backpack

We all have those essential items that we take everywhere! A water bottle, wallet, phone charger, makeup etc. I like a bag that can fit it all in that is easy to wear. Black bags suit almost every outfit. A backpack is both comfortable and practical and is a great item for the autumn and winter months. This medium size one can fit quite a few items and has an internal compartment also, perfect for your keys!

A plus size woman holding a black backback wearing khaki camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black bootsA plus size woman sitting smiling wearing khaki camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black boots

It was fun putting this outfit together. For me it’s a lot more casual than my day to day style allows for but sometimes that’s needed. Of course I had to include a little femininity where possible so I have my pinup style eye makeup as usual, hoop earrings and a purple lipstick. I’m wearing the aptly named Berry Bossy shade 886 from Maybelline New York.

A plus size woman smiling wearing khaki camouflage jeans, khaki sweater and black boots

I think if I was actually being sent off to bootcamp I would be ready and dressed for the task! I find that with life’s changes and challenges the important thing is to keep an open mind, embrace the change and make the most of the situation. Hopefully in the next few weeks and months I’ll be reporting on some really positive things that are happening but for now I’m gonna buckle up and work hard. After all the best things are worth working hard for!

A plus size woman smiling wearing a could shoulder khaki sweater and black backpack
*This is a gifted outfit
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

A Different Kind Of Flare

A plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high boots

When it comes to dresses I tend to look for something fresh, fun and a little sexy. Sometimes you just want to be able to step into a room feeling bold, confident, sexy and understated all at the same time. In The Style Curve have a wide variety of dresses, many of which are casual and others that are more suited to dressy occasions. When I saw this flared dress with floral print it caught my eye. I was looking for something that could be easily dressed up or down that had a little something different. I really liked that the colouring was simple and the item could work with a variety of accessories. As I always say multi purpose items can always be a great addition to the wardrobe.

A plus size woman wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high bootsA plus size woman wearing a floral dress with flared sleevesA plus size woman smiling wearing a floral dress with flared sleeves

I love that the dress has buttons right the way down the front to allow you the option of being covered up or having an exposed cleavage. Fluted and flared sleeves are very much all the rage at the moment. The wide cut of the arms and sleeves are available for women of all shapes and sizes. Items that would otherwise be a little basic are brought to life with the added character that the shape allows. I personally find that even though there is added fabric there is a sexiness that flared sleeves bring to a look.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high boots

I really like the floral print of this dress as it’s a simple beige wash over a black base. The added cinch belt helps to accentuate the waist also. This is an item I could wear in any season. It’s cool enough to wear on a hot or warm day and airy enough to be comfortable in the summertime. Having said all of that I wore it out to dinner last week with black velvet leggings and champagne kitten heels. When I took these pictures the aim was to create a look that was both covered up and sexy. Over the knee boots are a lot of fun to wear and can add a sultry feel to an outfit. This is my favourite pair from a previous Lane Bryant collection and funnily enough, I wore them when I reviewed the Karina dress (still available) from the brand.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dressA plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress A plus size woman wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high boots

Fashion has a way of making you feel emotions and different moods. I like to be expressive with what I wear and channel the different attributesof my personality. This outfit makes me feel cute, sophisticated, girly and sexy all at once! Simplicity was what I was aiming for when putting this look together. Less is most definitely more, flared sleeves and over the knee boots make a pretty big statement on their own! Showing my legs is not something I feel too confident doing so boots like this help me do so whilst feeling covered up.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing a floral flared dress and over the knee high boots

Your clothing should make you feel incredible. Play around with how you dress yourself and you’ll be amazed by the results.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a floral dress with flared sleeves

*This Dress Is A Gifted Item
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Having Fashion Fun With Binky

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Reality TV is massive in today’s world. We see stars from various shows fronting many campaigns for apparel, beauty products and a variety of other items. I’m not into many shows of this nature but as a Londoner, Made In Chelsea has been my guilty pleasure for the past few years. The beautifully shot scenery of my home town and dramatic stories have kept myself and many other viewers hooked! One of the show’s longest running characters, who happens to be stunningly beautiful and stylish is Alexandra Felstead aka Binky. For quite a while now Binky has teamed up with a brand I love In The Style for some fun and fresh collections. I really love the casual and edgy feel of the items and I was happy to see that many items from the range are available in their Curve collection. This oversized sweater dress being one of them.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Summer in the UK this year was minimal. It’s fair to say that we didn’t have much of a season and so transitional looks are how I’m making the most of my wardrobe. I really like how simple this dress is whilst still having some colour and a bit of character. I should note that when it comes to In The Style Curve items I tend to wear sizes 22 and 24. With this dress I opted for a size 28 as I really wanted it to fit in an oversized way. It’s no secret that I have a large bust, big bum and a tummy. To get the desired look I decided to up-size, I’d say it’s a true to size item more than oversized.

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dressA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I really enjoy wearing dresses that can be paired with others or worn on their own. I thought about wearing this one with some wet look leggings but decided against it. What girl doesn’t love a good pair of knee high leather boots? I pulled on some fun fish net tights and opted for my Jilsen Denise boots from Wide Calf Boot Store. Ladies like myself often struggle to find good quality boots to fit our calves. I can highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for a variety of style options this season. In my case I like a pair of knee high black boots for autumn and winter as they work with so many outfits.

A plus size woman smiling wearing a knee high wide calve boots A plus size woman smiling wearing a knee high wide calve bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I have to say I really love the range of clothing items in Binky’s range. It’s really nice to see that so many of the items in the main range are available in plus size too. This dress in particular makes me feel really sexy when wearing it even though it’s essentially an oversized sweater. The length is just right for a short dress and doesn’t hitch up high over my bum. The item makes for a fun casual piece that can easily be dressed up or down. The floral embroidered sleeves are really fun and the cute detail brings some rich colour to a black piece. I even found the perfect lippy to match the flowers, Orange Danger shade 883 from Maybelline.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dressA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

I decided to wear this in a casual way but it could easily be dressed up with some cute stiletto heels, fun accessories and bright makeup. No doubt there will be more edgy and fun items to come from Binky and In the Style in the near future and I can’t wait to see them! Check out the other items in the current collection from In The Style Curve, rich colours, fun patterns and prints and sassy cuts are available. It’s definitely worth taking a look as there is something for everyone.

Check out my review of the Karina Dress which is still available.

A plus size woman wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high bootsA plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress and knee high boots

Stay tuned here on the blog as I’ll be sharing more items from the brand here on the blog very soon!

Have fun with your look this season and don’t ditch those summer items just yet. You may be able to include them in a fun transitional look. If you are wanting something a little warmer you should definitely try out a sweater dress. Who would have thought that a sweater with a little extra length could be so fun and sexy to wear?!

A plus size woman smiling wearing an oversized sweater dress

*Dress And Boots Are Gifted Items
Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Bad Bitch!

Hey guys, as some of you know every now and then I create a post paying homage to my all time favourite musician, Michael Jackson! To me there will never be another artist like him. I honestly can’t ever imagine seeing another musician with his life dedication to the craft, expertise, allure, talent and genius artistry. I enjoy being a Michael fan and do what I can to celebrate him. Every single MJ fan out there is loud and proud in their fan-ship towards Michael and I have to say it’s not always been a fun or easy thing to be a member of the fan community. That being said confidence is definitely something every Michael fan posses as we are used to people seeing us a little bit differently to everyone else. It is because of this that I thought it would be fun to recreate a Dirty Diana style look.  Everyone remembers seeing Lisa Dean’s very shapely legs walking in the shadows during the short film and of course that tight black bodycon dress. Now I may not have a figure like hers but as I love the leather and daring looks from the 80s (and have that alarming confidence most of us MJ fans have) I thought I would switch up the look and wear a strapless black dress, no shapewear (like I said i’m confident and not afraid of my VBL) and of course a pair of MJ style looking heels. Topping off the look with my replica tour jacket from the groundbreaking 1988 Bad World Tour (released for the 25th anniversary of the album). A pair of vintage Ray-Bans from the 80s and I was ready and set to go!

As a singer and songwriter I was always inspired by Michael. He musicianship, creativity, phenomenal stage presence and timeless back catalogue have been a major part of my life. Some of my fondest memories include his music and of course meeting him on November 16th 2006 with one of my best friends Pez. Unfortunately even though I have been a fan of MJ for pretty much my entire life, I was never lucky enough to experience his magic in a live concert. The closest I got was seeing him at the World Music awards when he received the diamond award for selling over 100 million copies of Thriller. I, like every over die hard fan in the stratosphere was working on making up for that when the This Is It residency at the 02 arena was announced. With several dates booked, my fan t-shirts and flags at the ready I was pumped. I then found myself stunned and in a full state of grief when Michael passed away and so, Pez and I took ourselves to the public memorial in Los Angeles.

My friends and I have always been very active within the MJ community, travelling all over the world and throwing a host of events over the years. Fast forward 8 years since Michael’s passing and we are celebrating all things in relation to Michael Jackson live! The world’s greatest entertainer did more than wow millions with his concert tours. Michael Jackson revolutionised what is expected of a live music performer! Breaking through the stage and standing frozen on the spot was genius, exiting a stadium with a jet pack strapped to his back, bringing out a giant full size army tank you name it he did it! This Is It was also set to break new ground with live sequences being combined with incredible visuals, CGI Imagery and of course phenomenal choreography and live vocals… It would have been an amazing experience to finally see the king do what he does best but I am grateful to have many memories both with Michael and around him.

The boys and I have hosted the world’s only Michael Jackson convention “Kingvention” for the past 2 years. Starting with marking the 20th anniversary for the HIStory album, followed by celebrating the 25th anniversary of my ALL TIME favourite album Dangerous. This year we are focusing on all things live, in an event we called ‘Access All Areas’. We continually try to find ways to make our events bigger than the previous ones and this one we have really taken things to another level. The live interviews will feature special guests who have worked closely with Michael in his live tours. We have Dorian Holley, who featured as a backing vocalist on the Bad, Dangerous & History World Tours and returned as the Vocal Director for This Is It. He has also worked with the likes of Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Usher and Christina Aguilera. Dancer and choreographer Eddie Garcia is also joining us. Eddie was one of the principal dancers on both the Bad and Dangerous tours and featured in the Smooth Criminal and The Way You Make me Feel short films. More uniquely, he helped bring Spike Rabbit to life in Speed Demon by dancing alongside Michael. He will be hosting a special dance masterclass in addition to participating in the main event. Finally and by no means least we have the incredible photographer Steven Paul Whitsitt. Steven has captured Michael during some of his most iconic moments, as one of the photographers on Michael’s official team he captured some iconic stills from the Dangerous Tour & The Superbowl. Steven was also the on-set photographer for the HIStory Teaser, Scream, You Are Not Alone and Childhood. He also captured Michael as Charlie Chaplin for his single ‘Smile’ and shot the You Are Not Alone Single Cover. We will get to hear live talks from each of these amazing men who will share some amazing stories, insights and view points on what it was like working up close and personal with the King Of Pop!

We will also have an incredible photo exhibit, incredible merchandise store, screening, meet and greet and spell binding after party! The big event takes place on September 30th at the Victoria Park Plaza hotel. If you feel like pulling out your old MJ tour t-shirts and would like to hear more about how Michael put together his incredible tours and captivated the world with his amazing live vocals and dance skills come on down to Kingvention. We’d love to see you there! Any music lover would hate to miss out on this one!

Remember whatever you do, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Twinning With Navabi

These outfits are gifted*

Summer is approaching and thank goodness for that because there is only so much more of this cold weather I can tolerate! We’re slap bang in the middle of May and usually we would start to see the blooming of flowers, clear blue skies and the temperature rising. I like to make the most of the good days when they come around and recently I had the perfect outfit to wear for such an occasion, in fact both Hanna and I did! We were recently sent some items from navabi; the idea was to see how an outfit would look on two women who are slightly different shape and as Hanna and I also come in different complexions we thought this might add a little something to the look…

Everyone wants the perfect pair of jeans and most would say that you can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s, for the first time in forever I can finally say I own a pair from the legendary brand! I will say, after having worn a pair myself I can most definitely see what all the hype is about! Their shaping super skinny jeans do just that! It’s great to have a perfect pair of light blue jeans for the summer that mould, sculpt and lift your behind. I love wearing light blue or acid wash jeans in the summer as the colour isn’t so harsh against the pastel offerings that the season brings and they work with a multitude of items. The quality of these jeans is second to none and I can tell that this is a pair that will most likely stay in great condition for many years to come! I love the distressed features and the power blue colour.

We thought it would be fun to select a top that would fair perfectly to a festival, beach party or summer barbecue and pick a cream coloured top with crochet detail. Zizzi had a really cute top that we just had to try. The fluted sleeves with their crochet detail make this one feel really light and airy and would be a really nice option on a more humid and hot day. With a plunging neckline this one can be worn a little lower to reveal a hint of cleavage and a nice viewing of the decolletage but this is an option that still remains modest and casual.

Hanna and I decided to wear different styles of shoe. I opted for my ash grey brogues from Hotter for a comfortable and casual feel. Hanna opted for a pair of sandy coloured boots. Heels are great with a hot pair of jeans as they can elongate the legs, this not only gives height but also helps to showcase the curvature of the legs. Flat shoes like I have worn here are a lot more comfortable for walking in but make the look a little less sexy and more practical.

It’s not often that I own the exact same outfit as one of my friends, Hanna and I borrow each other’s items from time to time. As friends, neighbours and wearing many things the same size I have enjoyed this as I never had friends I could share clothes with in my teens. Now that Hanna and I share a flat this is something made a lot easier but we still have those items that are just too good to share and so there are times when we both have bought something lol. The cool thing is that 2 women can wear the exact same outfit and both bring a slightly different swag and feel to the look. Varying body types, hair styles, skin tones and even make up techniques can make someone in a uniformed situation still have their own personality that shines through.

Remember whatever you do, feel fabulous in it and do it with a smile!

Slay Sista Slay!

You know it’s funny, sometimes the oddest things can make you adopt a different posture, mindset and even attitude! I was recently sent the most amazing statement t-shirt from one of my favourite brands Lane Bryant. I opened up a pretty little black box sealed with a bright red ribbon and the words “SLAY SISTA SLAY” were speaking loud and clearly to me! I know it sounds weird but when I saw the slogan gleaming up at me from the box I thought to myself ‘OK then, I will!’ I use the term slay a lot, I find that when I see someone totally rocking their style and pushing forward in their lives doing big things the term is often applied. I guess you could call it a seal of approval that is used all the time in street lingo and internet speak. It got me thinking though, why don’t I just throw on something fabulous hit the streets of London and do my thing!

You guys know how much I love monochrome outfits! I have a series of different black and white styles that I enjoy wearing but when it comes to t-shirts I tend to keep it more comfortable than anything else. I knew that my Manon Baptiste sequin bomber from Navabi was going to compliment the outfit I had in mind perfectly. I do enjoy wearing sequins and I love the fact that they are making their way into more casual clothing items. All Michael Jackson fans have sequins somewhere in their wardrobe and I’m most definitely a sequin wearing fan lol. I got this one in a size 24.

Hanna and I were out for lunch and she borrowed me her pleated leather skirt from Lane Bryant to go with my look. I love this skirt and i’m sad that it’s no longer available because I would have to get my hands on one for myself. I really like the length and the style. This is definitely an item that could work for edgy, sexy and sophisticated looks. A tutu might make for a more playful version of this outfit also. I slipped on a pair of black tights, my Vanity Boots from Hotter and I was almost slaying! I pulled out my twists, let my hair hang free applied a coat of Divine Wine (shade 975) lipstick from Maybelline New York and I was ready to hit the road…

It’s funny how fashion can dictate how you feel sometimes. Some styles can make you feel like a dainty princess, others a sexy vixen and many items have been known to make a woman feel like a boss bitch! You can’t help but walk with confidence when an outfit requires that you SLAY SISTA SLAY! I’m going to be on the look out for more fun slogan tees and I look forward to playing around with different looks.

Lane Bryant continue to be a brand that is pioneering body confidence in women of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes. Their latest campaign #This Body is all about how we as women can do anything we want! Dream big, sing big, dance big and pretty much do whatever makes you feel good whilst loving the skin you’re in and smiling hard! The commercial is amazing and I definitely see myself in this campaign. So ladies I say slay hard, do what makes you dream and reach high!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Karina Curvy – An In The Style Curve Review

*This Is A Gifted Outfit

Plus size fashion, curvy fashion, full figured fashion. There are many ways to describe clothing for us bigger voluptuous women and, there are many more than what I have listed here! I remember when curvy women weren’t even talked about at all, our clothing options were limited; often making many of us look and feel drab and older. In the past few years we have seen a rise in plus trends, popular curvy personalities and of course an increase in available fashion brands. The conversation about plus size is very much an ongoing one and like most things out there something that is quickly growing and evolving with the moving times. I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t state the obvious fact that the internet is the catalyst for a lot of the changing developments and thank goodness for that! With the current sweep of online outlets and stores, companies from all industries are having to take up more of a supply in demand approach to how they do business and often the girl next door is out there setting the trends for what’s to come!

Internet stars have risen and taken the world by storm, bigger women are now not only considered sexy in the Western part of the globe, we are in a position where everyone is noticing us for many of the right reasons. The past few years we have seen many fashion brands come and go and they all had the same thing in common, they wanted to give the big girls some choices. I will be honest, in my opinion many of the brands that have come forth have been in the habit of thinking that big girls can’t and shouldn’t wear certain styles. I am happy and ecstatic to say that not everyone feels the same way and many are more than delivering the goods when it comes to bringing us forward thinking, sexy and chic styles that also have the quality behind them. I was recently at a launch party for the brand In The Style. Launching their Curve collection, I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I was seriously excited by what they were showcasing. The entire collection was full of fashion forward styles that would suit women of all shapes and enable them to have that sassy sexiness that many of the current A-list stars are sporting. The look book was not only filled with gorgeous clothing but beautiful curvy models who looked amazing! It was really refreshing to see a brand not get women at the smallest curvy size and pin them into clothes meant for the larger woman.

When I first saw the Karina White Skater Dress I knew that this was an item I could wear at work for a sophisticated look but one I could easily sex up for a date night or drinks out with the girls. The crisp white stretch material is really comfortable on and moulds perfectly to the curves, hugging and hanging in all the right places. I really like the long sleeves with fold in cuffs and the hanky hem detail at the back. I find that not a lot of skater dresses out there allow for the rise of a large behind or the curve of a belly and often times dresses can hike up at the back leaving you with the requirement of leggings to cover your dignity. I found that this dress was perfect for my 5’5 frame stopping just above the knee and falling a bit longer at the back. I’m wearing this one in a size 22 and found that with all the buttons closed it falls nicely across the bust with little to no gaping depending on the bra you might be wearing.

As soon as I got this dress I knew I wanted to wear it with my over the knee faux suede boots from Lane Bryant with nothing else but a pair of large hoop earrings as an addition. Having said all of that you all know I live in London, and the winters here can be more than frosty! I decided some black tights and my old faux fur coat from Yours Clothing would work well for a sexy winter monochrome look. I thought i’d keep my makeup pretty simple with a pop of a deep red lipstick from Maybelline New York I’m wearing shade 975 called Divine Wine.

I can’t wait to see what else is to come from In The Style Curve! I really like every single item in the collection which is rare for me with any brand! I’ll keep my eye out for their SS17 look book because if the selection of styles is anything as fresh as their AW16 collection, I know it will be a strong range with something for everyone!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!



Battling The Cold

It’s December and everyone is counting down the days as we approach Christmas and the New Year. I have to admit I really dislike the winter, for me summer is where it’s at; but I have to say despite my distaste of the season I still try to make the most of things. I may hate that the days are darker and daylight is scarce, the cold temperatures will always disagree with me and being around so many people full of cold is never fun! Having said all of that there are some things I enjoy about winter. For some reason people make that extra special effort to re-connect with their friends, family fun is visible everywhere and the incredible food available always makes social events even more appealing. We all have things that we do during the day and we all have places to be. The winter season is one time of year when we all need a good winter coat!

I was on the hunt for a new winter coat when I was contacted by the incredible team at Lovedrobe. I have many items from this brand (mostly dresses) and in truth I hadn’t seen much of their winter collection this year so it was great for me to be able to select one of their great winter coats to try out. I know it’s mental but I have to say in all honesty this is the first Parker I have ever owned! I tend to keep a basic approach when picking out a black winter coat but as time goes on i’m finding our winters even colder and, having to be up and out of the house really early made me want something with a warm and fluffy collar or hood. I really like the quilted pattern on this coat and that it has a fitted look. In all honesty most of the winter coats I have owned in the past have concealed my figure and many times I was left feeling as though I was wearing a sack!

The Faux Fur Quilted Coat is a really nice fit. I picked this one up in a size 24 and find that it’s roomy enough to wear with a nice thick jumper, the collar is extremely silky soft (even after I had been caught out in the rain). I love a good pair of jeans and I tend to gravitate towards black or indigo skinny jeans of some sort. In this outfit i’m wearing the black ultra stretch skinny jeans from Evans in a size 24. I didn’t want to wear all black on the day that I took these photos. I thought it would be fun to pair the coat and jeans with a lighter top. I decided to wear the Ivory Asymmetric Stripped Top from Evans, size 22. I love how light and airy this feels on and the slit down one side ads a fun detail to the shape.

In keeping with the black and creamy theme I wanted the perfect pair of winter boots to keep the cold at bay! In all honesty how I came to acquire these boots is a bit of a funny story. I was wearing a pair of slip on trainers one day at work when the glue came apart on the sole of the right shoe! My foot literally came right through the shoe! I quickly ran over the road to my local Sainsbury’s and picked these suede borg boots up for an emergency lol. The shoes I was wearing were falling apart on my feet and these boots literally saved the day (and my outfit lol). Their toffee brown colour really appealed to me and I really like the faux fur trim.

For me the winter is when I like to wrap up warm and be cosy. I still bring elements of my usual style into my look but in all honesty the priority for me is comfort and warmth this time of year. Having said all of that it is party season so I know it’s only a matter of days before I pull on a sexy little frock for a dinner somewhere.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

It’s All In The LBD!

There are many terms and phrases that are applied to the clothes that we wear and many of them are amazing at describing a particular garment or style. I have my very own fashion phrase, I often refer to wearing a power colour. For me there are 3 power colours that I always enjoy wearing, can easily and comfortably style and know that whatever my makeup or hair style I can rock! These would have to be red, blue and of course black! Black is that staple colour that everyone has in their wardrobes. Some people rely on this shade for their signature look and work it into all of their outfits, others like to use it as a statement choice or for a more sophisticated finish. I used to pretty much live in black and it’s not hard to see why, every other colour works with it, any season appreciates it and everyone knows how to rock it!

All women are pretty much told that it is essential to own at least one black dress that can work for all occasions and situations. I have to be honest whilst I have many black dresses I have only recently gotten one that works for any occasion and it would have to be this amazing midi dress from Zizzi. This is a brand I have loved since I was first introduced to their fresh and fun style and, I have to say everything I have worn of theirs I have felt amazing in! This dress in particular is from a previous collection of theirs. I should note that they have some fab options similar to this available from many online and in store outlets in Europe. We Brits are fortunate to be able to get some of their hot items from UK outlet Navabi.

I can’t quite say I have a particular style of dress that I favour but I do tend to gravitate towards dresses that are midi length with 3/4 sleeves. I guess it’s because I know what shoes I would pair with them or what jacket lol. What I loved about this dress when I first saw it was how simple it is in it’s style whilst still having some small but very striking features. I really love the split at the front with the asymmetrical cut and the broach detail at the waist for a little added bling. The gathering is really flattering and also can help on those days when you just don’t want to wear any shapewear. I like the scoop neck detail and long sleeves with baggy upper arms. This is a dress that nips and hugs all the right places and flows across the curves beautifully.

You all know how I am when it comes to colours, coordination is key in my look and lucky for me having black hair makes things easy at times. I decided when styling this one I would keep things simple. My Vanity ankle boots from Hotter were a must for height and comfort. I wanted a boot that was simple with a little added flair and the gold zipper detail was perfect for my choice of accessories. In keeping with the gold of the boots I wore a supper long, skinny gold necklace. I’ll be honest I couldn’t find my gold hoop earrings anywhere and so my silver ones were worn. It worked out well though because my black, gold and silver bangle came in handy and my sequin clutch was the perfect bag to pull it all together. I just so happened to be wearing silver chrome nail polish too lol. My look was simple staple colours and tones but it all tied in together well. This dress is fast becoming one of my favourites to wear, I have worn it to work, out with friends for dinners and as somewhat of a modest party dress.

When I took these pics I was in a pretty good mood. You know when you’re having a day when you like how your make up came out and you think your hair is pretty much on fleek? I always wear a rich red lip when i’m wearing a fully black outfit. I find the small but sharp pop of colour adds a little extra something to the look. I also love how the contrast between my hair and the outfit combined with the red lipstick makes my teeth look so bright and white.

Confidence is the most important accessory you can bring to any look. I always find that if you feel good in what your wearing you tend to feel better during the day. You feel ready for whatever task is at hand, can walk with pride and get the job done! A Little black dress may be an essential element to the wardrobe of every woman, but it has to be something that makes you feel a million dollars when wearing it! I have to say I have a lot of fun wearing this dress and find that I get a little extra spring in my step as I feel so amazing wearing it!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!