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A Simple Summer Sensation

Don’t you just love it when you are rummaging through your wardrobe looking for something perfect to wear on a boiling hot summers day and you find something that will be just right? I had that exact moment last week! It must have been around 25 degrees which for London is really hot! With very little breeze in the hot and humid capital city and a full day at work I was desperate for something light, airy and most off all, comfortable!
At last year’s Definition Of Size Art Exhibition I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Angela at IslandBlue. She told me about the company and their growing collection. It was refreshing to hear about a new brand that are starting to make moves all over Europe with their bold styles and interesting colour patterns. I was lucky to be a recipient of one of these dresses to which I have only worn twice.
 The interesting thing about this dress is that it’s actually in their autumn in winter collection of last year. The wrap detail and light fabric for me made this is perfect summer piece. Admittedly I have this dress a size too big but that’s actually what I really like about it. In a size 24 (which is a very generous 24) I find the dress the perfect piece for a hot, sticky and otherwise uncomfortable day in London. This is one that will definitely be coming with me when I go away later this year! The burnt orange colours and creamy stripes will look amazing in a hot and sunny country.
A modest length for the skirt and mid length sleeves makes this one a very easy to wear piece in need of very little enhancements and/or accessories. I may even see how this one fares when we do reach autumn and winter. Some knee high brown boots and leggings might make this one look totally different. If you were to tie the belt the opposite direction to how I have in these pictures and have it tightly knotted across the back it would slightly cinch you in and illuminate the curvature in the waist.
 I think that with the burgundy colours in the dress it can most definitely been worn across seasons but it may be a chilly piece, some thick tights or leggings would be needed to cut the winter chill out of the air. As you can see I wore this one with a simple and small bag and see-through ballerina pumps from Primark. My often worn head scarf and hoop earrings were an added feature also.

Snakeskin Wrap Dress – A Pink Clove Review

When I picked up this dress I was lookin for something a bit edgy. No matter what cut or colour, animal prints always add that different kind of flavour to an outfit that a plain print just can’t achieve.

The Snakeskin Sleeveless Wrap Dress from Pink Clove was a must have item for me as soon as I saw it. I was looking for something sleek, sexy and fun that could be worn as a casual item or for club wear.

Whenever I buy my dresses I like to think of a least 2 different events where they can be worn. The pale grey tones of this dress would look amazing with jeans, tights, leggings or as a single item. I tend to wear this one with black leggings but I already have plans to wear a white paisley print bandanna in my hair and silver accessories with this one.

I will be honest though, where the 2 folds of fabric cross over the chest there is a lot of wiggle room in the bust area. If you have a large bust like I do you have to be careful with how you move as it is rather low cut. The fabric feels really light on the skin and it’s extremely comfortable. I picked this one up in a 22 and I find that this one has plenty of room and looks good both with and without shapewear.
I love wrap dresses I find that they feel amazing on and tend to really work well with my shape and style.
As this one is a sleeveless one I tend to wear it with a shrug for evening wear and a cardi or wrap for day time wear. Those of you who are familiar with my blog and my style know that I tend to cover the tops of my arms, not for any particular reason I just feel more comfortable that way.

The lightweight feel of this one would make it great to wear on those warmer days with nothing but a pair of amazing heels to complete the look. If like me you want some extra coverage or you want to make it more of a casual piece then you can add more layers to it with a top and some leggings perhaps.
Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove
This dress is currently on sale and is an amazing £8 reduced from £18! 
There are so many amazing styles available on the Pink Clove website so check them out no doubt you’ll find something you like.

The Butterfly Effect – A Pink Clove Review

When it comes to dress shopping we all have different things that we look for. In my case I tend to buy for different occasions or events. It’s no secret that I love 50s swing dresses but I have also grown to love bodycon dresses, and when I saw the Butterfly Print Dress With Contrast Panels from Pink Clove I instantly knew I had to buy it!

A personal challenge of mine from last year was to experiment more with colours and bold prints and the fact that this one has both beautiful bright colours and a bold print made it a must have for me. As soon as I saw the photos on the website I thought about taking this one out on the town for a hot club night.

The kaleidoscopic pattern of pink, purple and silver colouring is so interesting and makes for a really fun and fresh panel on a simple black dress. The material is very figure hugging and clings to all your curves. 96% polyester and 4% elastane there is a fair amount of stretch in this one but in my case I know it would look just that little bit better on if I wore a slip or shapewear underneath. In these pictures I am wearing a pair of high wasted Bridget Jones knickers underneath. Depending on the fit you want to achieve you may wish to go up a size if you prefer your dresses to just skim you rather than to cling. I picked this up in a size 22.

Even though the dress is what I would call loud you can dress it down if you want to. I decided to pair this one with a simple black cardigan, think black leggings and my black platform heels to give it more of a casual look.

When first got the dress in the post I did an initial try on without any shapewear and I liked the overall look

I look forward to sporting this one in a club soon and I’ll most likely wear it with black tights, heels and plenty of silver accessories! You could even take it to another level by wearing acrylic jewellery in pinks and purples and wearing some patent colour shoes or something if you really want to be bold. The bright print means that this is one that could be worn pretty much any time of the year and with spring and summer around the corner I’m sure I’ll be taking it out in the sunshine.

Stock Images Courtesy Of Pink Clove

If you like this dress be sure to give it a try as it’s currently in the amazing sale by Pink Clove and at the fantastic price of just £8 reduced from £18!


My Top Looks From 2013

2013 was a really jam packed and eventful year for me! I was thrust into the plus size community and went from being a reader of blogs to starting up this one of my own. One of my new years resolutions for last year was to work on my self confidence and to branch out a lot more with my sense of style and I am so happy to say that I achieved these goals! Now I have a long way to go with where I want to be but I have to say it feels good to be in a place where I can say I have embraced myself.
I started last year with the outlook that I was going to make the most of what I have and do my utmost to step out try some new things with my sense of style. My mission was to take my all black wardrobe and I throw some heavy bursts of colour in there. My choice of style went from vintage pinup to bodycon chic in a matter of weeks!
I scoured internet pages everywhere to see how girls with a similar size and shape were dressing and I soon found some things that I wanted to try out and I have to say I am so proud that I did!
Here are some of my favourite looks from 2013 and why they topped my list!
I fell in love with the Collectif Clothing range this year and I cannot wait to get more items from them! The clothes are fun, sassy and gorgeous and best of all, vintage! I absolutely love vintage fashion and I always have back from watching shows like happy days and movies like grease when I was younger.  I always wanted a dress that twirled so wide it was a show stopper. And anyone who knows me personally will know that i’m more than happy to shake what I have on the dance floor too!
The Dolores Doll, Sindy Doll, Gretal Gingham dresses and Blue Dietrich coat were my favourites! I have to admit I have several pieces from Collectif and I aim to double or even triple that amount in 2014!
Some other items I bought but have yet to review are these lovely beauties:
Stock Image Courtesy of Collectif
The Betty Lou skirt
I just love the little bow on this one and I love how it looks on!
Doesn’t Georgina A.K.A Fuller Figure Fuller Bust look amazing in this outfit!?!
Stock Images Courtesy of Collectif
After I fell in love with the Dolores Doll Dress I had to pick up these hot Dolores tops!
I’ll be sure to write reviews for these items very soon!
It’s no secret how much I loved the Powerfit dress by Scarlet & Jo exclusively for Evans. This dress had something so cool about it and the fact that it was such a versatile number with so many different colour ways available was reason enough for any woman to get excited! These are my top 3 out of the 5 I bought! Of all the bodycon dresses I picked up this year I loved the Powerfit range the best as they had a sophistication that the others didn’t. I have worn these dresses in many different situations and I feel like a million dollars each and every time!
I loved playing around with different forms of clothing this year and some of the freshest looks for me were these! I bought my first swimdress and cover up from Evans this year but I have yet to try them out in a hot holiday destination, so when I do I’ll let you know how I get on with them!
The bodycon dresses you see below are from Asos. The Geo print and the XOXO dresses were the two styles I selected. I wanted to go daring and try something totally new and I think these dresses seriously tested my usual sense of style!
Overall 2013 was a fun year and I did and saw so much, made some fantastic friends and really pushed my own personal limits with what I previously would have been way to scared to even try on let alone walk down the street in! I look forward to seeing what fun and interesting looks 2014 has to offer and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted!
Have a fantastic 2014! Let’s make this year ours!!

Asos Curve XOXO Bodycon Dress Review

One of the things that I find when it comes to clothes is that people tend to have rather strong opinions when it comes to patters and prints; especially as a plus size woman. It seems that we have a whole other set of rules to follow when it comes to dressing our slightly larger frames. We’re told that we can’t wear certain colours, stripes have to be all heading in a particular direction and certain fabrics are a blatant no go area!

I personally think that as long as the key message going out to people is about keeping up a healthy lifestyle and not overdoing things in either direction, all the other rules can just go out of the window! In the past few months I have been re-educating myself on what looks and feels good against my skin and what items I should be proud to hang in my wardrobe.
I think anyone, anywhere has had that “should I, shouldn’t I?” moment when it comes to picking out clothes to buy. I found myself facing that exact conundrum when I saw the Asos Curve XOXO print dress online. I think for me the thing that drew me to this dress was the shape, style and print. As you know from a previous post I bought the Geo Print Dress which is a much louder patten and style, but ultimately the same shape and material.
Images Courtesy Of Asos Curve
For me a dress that can carry itself is one that i’ll take note of. It’s nice to have a dress that doesn’t need a lot of accessioning or additional items worn with it. Like every woman out there I have my certain hang ups and for me I like to have the tops of my arms covered. The mid length sleeves for me were a huge draw as well as the length. The minute I saw this dress I knew it was one I could wear out and about for day casual wear or I could dress it up for a night out.
The material on this dress wouldn’t be thick enough to wear on a cool day as it isn’t too thick so if you really did want to take this one out on the town during the autumn or even the winter months, you may want to pair it with some thick tights for coverage. As the fabric is a very clingy and stretchy material I found it hung to my frame quite nicely but as I do have a belly I do need shapewear with this one to smooth myself out and give myself that extra confidence boost. After all if you wear a bold print you’re bound to be seen!  I picked up this dress in a size 20 but I think the next one I get like this will be in a 22. I bought this one at the same time as the Geo print. I love the fit but I think I’d prefer something a little looser around the stomach area.
If you did want to jazz this dress up a bit I might suggest some shots of colour maybe a coloured shoe (flats or heels, whatever you prefer) maybe some costume jewellery and coloured eye make-up.
*Sorry About The Camera Quality In This Pic*
This dress is still available at asos and what’s more it’s on sale! £15 reduced from £30!
To see what other amazing items are in the Asos curve range why not check out their site? www.asos.com
Not only do they have a huge range of accessories and clothes to fit everyone but they have free delivery!

Asos Curve Geo Print Dress Review

One of the things that is clear to me is how much we all use the internet. The interesting thing is that many of us still like to do things the old fashion way; the same can be said when it comes to clothes shopping. We like to look, feel, touch and try on the garments that we’re considering adding into our wardrobe.
One of the biggest online fashion retailers out there seems to be Asos. I heard of the company through friends and had seen a few posts about their stuff on blogs and various social media outlets, but I hadn’t thought to give them a try until I caught a glimpse of the Geo Print Dress.Now it has to be said that those who know me wouldn’t say this is something I would ever wear, and I just have to say in this instance they are so WRONG!
Since I have regained a new appreciation for clothes and fashion I am starting to take more risks in the way that I dress and when I saw this item on sale I just knew I had to buy it whilst it was still available or I may not ever be so daring to wear such a bold print. I just love the geometric pattern in contrasting black and white with vertical and horizontal lines. This is definitely one that would catch your eye if someone walked passed you in it! Image Courtesy Of Asos Curve

I had seen on a few reviews that this dress was a very snug fit so I decided to call the customer service team at Asos before I made my purchase to get a more detailed account on the sizing. They told me that they had one dress left in a size 20 and no other sizes were available so I thought what the hell I’d better just get it anyway!
I had been looking for this dress when it was sold out on the site and had tried many outlets to try and get my own. It was to my luck that when I happened to check the site one more had come back in stock.
Now I’ll be honest this dress is a very snug fit as the fabric clings to each and every curve of your frame so for me this is one that I wear with shapewear, not because the fit is uncomfortable but for that bit of added confidence. As I am a girl with a tummy I like to try my best to smooth it out a little when I wear such form fitting garments. I loved the long sleeves on this dress and I like that it doesn’t allow for much cleavage as it’s a piece that has such a bold print that it would be a shame to detract from the stunning design. This is one that of course can be worn with or without accessories. I decided to go for a black cinch belt and flats shoes when I wore it. I think should I decide to switch it up in future I’ll add little bursts of colour such as a pair of coloured high heels, some bangles or a costume jewellery ring and maybe something in my hair.
This is certainly not a classic bodycon dress but that’s the very thing I loved about this piece.
 *Sorry about the poor camera quality in this pic*
For those of you who want to see what else is available in the Asos curve range check out their website: www.asos.com