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Bright, Blue And A Little Different!

In the past year and a half I have been on such a fashion adventure! Journeying through different cultures, colours and fabrics and still finding new things to excite me with each passing day! I will be honest having so many options is strange to me and it’s most definitely a new and liberating experience. Being a plus size woman and not having many options with what clothing was available to me is what I have been used to for so many years. Now to be spoilt for choice is a very welcome and refreshing experience!

Even though I am enjoying my time playing dress up there are still so many items that catch my eye and that can be down to small details, colours and cuts. This gorgeous cobalt blue top (size 4) is from Pure Energy; a US brand available at Target and various online outlets. Unfortunately this top is no longer in circulation but it may be worth checking out ebay or some other sites to see what there is in the plus range. Many of the items are really nice options for office wear or if you want to find an interesting separate. I really like the lace front detail on the chest and thought it gave an otherwise simple garment that little extra something…

Paired with this black kilt from Asos Curve size 26 (also unavailable). I think this was a casual yet fun look for me. Admittedly the skirt could be a size smaller to sit firmer on my frame but I quite like the looseness in the fit. Sometimes it feels good to have something skim your frame rather than hug it. As my arms are quite big, the sleeves of the top are a little snug so the contrast in fit was nice for me.

I really enjoy wearing skirts that are knee length or just that bit longer. My reason for this is that they work really well with my body type. Fitted skirts sometimes have to be up-sized because of my behind. They tend to ride up a little and in order to maintain a good look and fit I often look better a size a bit big. Having said that this isn’t an issue that I face when I wear A-line skirts, skater skirts and kilts as you can see in these pictures.

I decided to keep it really simple with accessories and just wore my twisted silver hoop earrings. Earrings are an accessory that I wear every single day and without them I feel as if something is slightly off. I can go without necklaces, bracelets and other additions but the tools that decorate my ears are a must have!

A simple pair of low ankle boots from Evans were my shoe of choice and my look was complete. A little extra height and I was on my way. These boots are no longer available but check out the site to see what new lines are available as there are some really nice ones.

I like those outfits that can be worn at work or on the go. In the fast pace life that we live these days it’s near impossible to have the time to go home and change for a chance meeting with friends or whatever.

Play around with your wardrobe. It can be fun to have a selection of funky separates that can form several different outfits. In my case I look out for many blue items what with it being my favourite colour and all. If any of you have found a fun way to play around with a kilt and put your stamp on the traditional Scottish item I would love to see what you’ve done. Feel free to send me an email or drop me a message on my Facebook page.

Play around, take risks and remember, whatever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

Bright And Bold!

I really think it’s important to find a style that suits you and makes you feel fabulous. When it comes to fashion and trying to find your own look I think it’s important to play around with different looks. A friend of mine once spoke about how she felt when she was shopping for her wedding dress and she told me that she was advised to try on absolutely everything in the store. She had previously walked into the boutique expecting to wear a long and slender gown, in the end she opted for a poofy dress that  looked absolutely amazing on her! So it goes to show you; when it comes to fashion we need to adopt the mindset that we used to have as kids when we were playing dress up, try everything! The thing to remember is that you won’t know how it will turn out or if you will like what you see unless you experiment.

A little over a year ago I had just started to discover my favourite fashion styles. I knew what colours I liked to wear and what I felt comfortable in. Since starting my blog I have made it my mission to push my style vocabulary more so and be as edgy as possible. I really enjoy having a wardrobe that is full of classy and chic items, comfortable and safe looks and more edgy options. I think it’s good to have clothes that can fit any possible event or occasion. I used to hate buying clothes with a searing passion! The only shopping trips I enjoyed were for music related items or pretty much anything other than clothes.

As some of you may know from previously viewing my blog I am keen on sheer materials and pleather at the moment. I thought that to pair this tartan print shirt and pleather skirt from Simplybe would be a fun look. For me I like items that are versatile. I wanted to have an outfit that was fun, popped and could be worn both at work or in a more fun setting. Since coming into the plus size community I constantly see pictures and articles about how “fat” women are supposed to dress and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t see why everyone is so concerned about how other people dress. We are told to follow a series of rules when it comes to our attire and I seem to keep breaking them, and I’m having fun doing it…

I thought I would be a little more girly with this look so I pulled out my black heels and thought that tights would fare better with the style. The loose fit shirt is actually a pretty decent length and is one that I have worn with jeans and leggings also. For me though I quite like to tuck tops into my skater skirts. I find that the outfit is the bit more together and structured and when I put certain items together they sit better on my frame that way.

I thought to finish off the look I would keep it simple. As the shirt is so bright I wanted simple silver accessories this time around. Of course my signature hoop earrings made an appearance, as well as simple silver bracelets. I really enjoyed wearing these items together despite the fact that they are rather loud and made me stand out a fair bit. I was a little out of my comfort zone but in a good way and I definitely felt good for having pushed my personal limits once again.

Remember whatever you wear, do it with a smile! 


Introducing…Plus Size Mannequins

There has been a lot of talk about fashion; where we are with it, where it’s heading and what the possibilities are for the future. When it comes to the way we buy our clothes various different stages come in to play.When I buy my clothes I don’t just buy something because I like the look of it. There have been many times where I have had such a bad experience with a company that I have vowed to NEVER put my money into their tills again, despite wanting something that only they are selling. For me I like to know that I am getting a good service as well as a good product and it’s not only the big details that come into play when I am parting with my money but those little added extras that makes me as a customer feel valued.
Model Denise Bidot poses with an average size mannequin. The beautiful Latina models for various companies such as Forever 21 and Macy’s. For years she was working in the industry behind the scenes doing hair and make up and was later given the opportunity to work on the other side of the lens.  It makes you wonder though if the size of this mannequin is how the average women as represented, then no wonder it’s taken them so long to even consider working on a plus size one!

For years I have struggled with buying my clothes because I simply can’t envision how something might look on me when I see it in the stores. There has been a lot of talk about plus size mannequins lately and for some reason many people are totally against them. I personally think it’s a great idea that we are finally bringing in mannequins to wear the clothes that are designed for a person with a fuller figure. There are so many companies who have now expanded their range and introduced plus size clothes and even more are popping up all over the place who specialise in dressing larger women. 

For many plus size women the simple task of buying clothes can be rather traumatic. Bright florescent lights, minimal size options and often sales people who can’t sympathise with some of our shopping problems can make the experience of shopping one that we really dislike. I am so pleased to say that things are starting to make positive changes. I am used to walking into stores and seeing the larger clothes thrown onto mannequins that are a size 8-10, sometimes 12. I have to say they don’t help me in the buying process. I like to see the clothes hang correctly and when the garments are made from a size 14-32 and higher I think to give us larger mannequins can help enhance the look of the clothes.  Some people think that the idea of larger mannequins is strange and puts out the wrong message. In my opinion I think that we should feel comfortable to use them in the plus size section of the store and stick to our standard size figures elsewhere. This way everyone can enjoy the shopping experience and the clothes can look their best.

Plus size model Laura Wells is pictured next to a mannequin that was created against her very own proportions. This doll is seen in lingerie departments for Australian stores Myer and David Jones.

Well known department store Debenhams were one of the first companies in the UK to try out the Plus Size mannequin and on the whole it was well received. Of course some people were sceptical but that’s to be expected in all honesty. I think that if anything it will help companies better display the clothes they carry in larger sizes. Many people will have negative views on it but I think that’s to be expected as with anything new or different that a company may be trying out. 

I really believe that everyone has the right to look and feel good in what they wear and that should also be the case for purchasing the clothes in the first place. I would like to think that someday in the future we see plus size mannequins for men, and even disabled mannequins. We all come in different shapes and sizes and there really is no standard look for anyone so we should be aiming to work with as many different looks as we can. We have mannequins of different racial groups, with a variety of hair types and from wide selection of ethnic backgrounds. I think this is another positive step into showing our diversity and I look forward to seeing more of them in department stores everywhere.

Barbie, A Doll Or Much More?

Over the past few weeks I have seen a selection of images floating around on social media about a plus size Barbie doll. I personally I have refrained from putting out my opinion on the plastic figure but the more I see the image the more it gets me thinking…
Mock Up Image Of A Plus Size Barbie Beside The Standard Sized Doll
Image Taken From Google
Barbie is one of those images that we all recognise and many of us women have had a Barbie doll given to us at some point in our lives. I had a collection of them when I was younger all dressed in different styles ranging from the classic princess, secretary, mermaid and several others. The one common factor with these toys is that they seem to showcase a certain kind of beauty and sex appeal that we drum into our kids from a seriously young age. The blonde bombshell with sizeable boobs, curves and a face covered in make up are what we are used to seeing. I personally have never had an issue with the Barbie image……………until recently.
There was an article that popped up on my Facebook news feed I have to say I was totally shocked! There is actually a woman who idolises Barbie and is planning to live on nothing other than air and sunlight! When I read the article I was startled and shocked. Valeria Lukyanova has taken her obsession with Barbie to dangerous heights.
She not only wanted to look like Barbie and does her hair and make-up in a way that makes her look artificial but she pretty much wants to be the embodiment of the character. She was recently quoted to say ‘In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I am hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone’. For me this is seriously dangerous, this goes beyond trying to dress or do your hair like the doll but trying to have a doll like figure which I would imagine is seriously damaging to her physical and mental health.
Here are just a couple of pictures of Valeria Lukyanova.
The Ukranian Model who has been dubbed “The Real Life Barbie Doll”
Images Taken From Google
Barbie has for a long time been a figure of inspiration for women who are aiming to achieve a certain image. I don’t have any issue with that but I do have an issue when it starts to become dangerous. I would hate to think of girls curled over the toilet bowl in their bathroom doing harm to themselves to reach an ideal that was set by a plastic doll. Image is so much more than the way we look. We can be affected emotionally and mentally by trying to reach certain standards set by our society and as I have previously stated on other posts, I think the most important thing is to focus on our health and fitness.
Earlier on in this post I previously touched on the current conversation circulating social media about the idea of a possible plus size Barbie doll. When the mock up image of the plus size doll featured next to the standard doll first surfaced online, it got some seriously strong reactions! Many people have been wondering if toy companies should join in the debate about image and size by creating larger sized toys, or if they should remain as they are and continue to conduct business in the way that they have been for many years.
The doll had people up in arms as many felt that it was promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to our kids. Some felt that the look and image of the doll was a bad representation of what some bigger women look like. A common view was that the double chin on the figure was taking things a bit far and that perhaps a happy medium could be reached. Why not create a doll of slightly larger proportions to the current doll that we have without the image that the plus size toy presented?
For me the whole thing has got me thinking about what images we push forward to the children of today and how it impacts their thoughts when it comes to their own self worth and body image. 
As you know I am all for being happy and confident no matter how you look and I think  that perhaps if we did have more toys of different colours and sizes there may not be such a rigid ideal set forward as to what constitutes as beautiful. After all don’t we all have different tastes when it comes to beauty?
I would imagine that trying to promote a healthy body image for a toy company might be a tough thing for them to achieve. The Barbie doll is distributed worldwide and each country has different statistics for their average dress size. I think that either way the focus should always be on health and fitness. I guess what alarms me is that something I always considered a simple toy comes with a lot of extra baggage related to image and beauty. 
I would be interested to hear what you think about the subject so please drop me a message or comment below.