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You Are Good Enough!

One thing that us plus size bloggers enjoy is taking part in a good challenge. This time Debz aka Wannabe Princess  set us the task of spreading the message that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! The idea was taken from a blog on tumblr and has been expanded a little. With so much ridicule and body snark spreading across webpages we are aiming to push out as many positive messages as we can by talking about a part of ourselves that we love.

Confidence is such an important thing and with this task, I decided to talk about my eyes.
My eyes are my favourite part of my face and often, the facial feature I get the most compliments on. With all of my confidence battles over the years and all the time I spent hating myself and the way that I looked, I have always loved my eyes.
In these pictures I am wearing varying degrees of eye make up. The first 2 shots are a few years old but I like how my eyes look in them. 
I am pictured with absolutely no make on in the second picture. 
Whenever I meet someone new for the first time, their eyes are what first strike me about their appearance. I think you can tell a lot about a person through the looks and the expressions they make with their eyes. I definitely agree with that age old saying ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’.
In my case I really like the shape and size of my eyes. Whenever I look back on pictures of myself, my eyes always look really bright and expressive. Even though we all scrap those bad pictures of ourselves that will never make it online, I often find myself saying something like ‘shame about my hair but my eyes look nice!’ For me I would say that they are the main focus on my face, which might explain why I spend more time putting on my eye make up then I often do putting my outfits together!
We all have those parts of ourselves that we may not like very much.
I think that until we can learn to embrace those problem areas we should really embrace those bits we love the most. Despite what goes on in today’s society and what things are pushed our way it’s important for you to remember that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!
I would love to hear what your favourite body part is and why so please feel free to drop me a message.
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Magnificent 7th – Sport Relief

The 7th day in every month is a day that the bloggers are challenged to follow a theme and come up with a creative idea around the theme. This month the theme is: Sport Relief.
When I thought about this theme several things came to mind. I thought about the cheerleaders you see on the sidelines dressed to impressed doing their cute and athletic dance routines. The girls you see at the boxing games or car shows in their cute and tight fitting outfits…. I quickly realised I have nothing in my wardrobe that might work with those ideas so then I got to thinking, ‘what else can I do?’ I don’t own any interesting Jersey’s for my favourite team or player so I ended up going for something related to my favourite form of exercise.
I love to swim it is one of those things I have always loved to do and I never get bored of. I could spend all day in the water be it at my local swimming baths or at the beach. 
I recently bought a swimdress from Evans which hugs my curves and hangs just perfectly! With a little added support for my bust. What more could you want? Something that makes you look good that can be used for exercise and lounge-wear on the beach. I also purchased a Kaftan to wear with this one so that should I end up at the beach on a rather windy day I can get a little more coverage. 
With this one I may need a wrap or a cinch belt as I wouldn’t want to end up in a Monroe moment at the beach should a gust of wind pick up speed. The Kaftan is completely open at the sides which makes it a one size fits all garment. It is so light and flowing that it’s perfect as a cover up on a sunny day. I personally would like that added security with it though.

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Fashion World Red Carpet Challenge!

Every woman likes to look her best and when it comes to red carpet looks we take no exception! When Fashion World reached out to me and asked me to take part in a recent blogger challenge I jumped at the chance!

The challenge was to select a dress and shrug that you would like to wear on the red carpet. With a careful selection to chose from I knew I wanted something from the Claire Richards collection!
As we’ve had such a long and drab winter my selection was something bright and colourful.
I absolutely fell in love with the Prom dress in the collection as it has a look that lends itself to the vintage style that I absolutely adore! This dress made me feel so feminine and dainty and the beautiful flowers that accent the garment add that touch of sunshine that we’ve been missing at the moment. With the Grammys, Brits, Baftas and Several other award shows that have taken place recently I got to thinking about how I would wear this gorgeous number.
I love the sweetheart neckline of the dress and it hugs in all the right places. A snug fit around the bust and waist and a gentle flare over the hips gives such a comfortable fit. I decided to add pearl bracelets and white hair roses to add to that girly but elegant feel. If I had decided to wear my hair down I would have worn a cluster of hair flowers to add that little something extra.

If I were to wear this dress without the pink cardigan from the Claire Richards collection I may have paired this one with a pink cinch belt and maybe some white heels.
My usual thing to do when it comes to such a colourful number is to wear black heels with a black clutch bag just to add that little touch of sophistication to an otherwise really fun piece.
I find that many women decide to dress in a way that can sometimes be older than their age when it comes to red carpet looks. As I’m still in my mid twenties I wanted to go with something more fun and fresh that would lend itself to the current trend of pastels and flowers.
There are so many gorgeous dresses in the current collection by Claire Richards that you are simply spoilt for choice!
Doesn’t she look fabulous in this one?
Stock image Courtesy Of Fashion World 
I already have my eye on many other dresses. Check out the collection and see for yourself: www.fashionworld.co.uk