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Sparkly Kisses – A Glitter Lips Review!

Recently I have had some enquires about which beauty products I like to use. I will be sure to share some of my tips and tricks with you all in the very near future but for now I must talk about a product I discovered whilst at a fashion event. Admittedly I’m more of a gloss and balm girl when it comes to my lips but every so often I am looking to wear some fun and fresh lipsticks. A new style of lip-wear has reached us and with it comes that added shimmer and sparkle we have been missing! What am I talking about?

Glitter Lips of course!

I first discovered this product when I attended the recent Cut For Evans launch held at the Marble Arch store here in London. Initially I tried out a lilac/pink shade as it matched my dress, I think this may have been the Molly Dolly colour. I fell in love with it! First of all I was seriously impressed by how life proof this stuff is! You can eat, drink, talk, smoke, whatever and this stuff stays on! It’s really simple to apply and comes with a gummy style glue which you apply just the same as you would a basic lip gloss. It appears white on your lips and when it starts to go transparent you then apply the glitter powder to your lips. I really like the end result that you get with this product.

It’s really easy to remove too all you need is some oil based make-up remover, but baby oil or Vaseline would work also. Simply add some to a cotton bud, wipe and hey presto you’re glitter free!

Selfie Taken The First Time I Tried Glitter Lips

I tend to go for blood red tones when selecting lipsticks. My love of vintage pinup fashion and beauty styles tends to be the main reason, also I  like how red works against my skin tone. This of course made me gravitate towards the Ruby Slippers shade when I bought my first Glitter Lips kit. This isn’t the sort of lip make up I would wear on a daily basis, but this would be a lot of fun to wear out to a club or something or to add a little edge to a simple look. I may even try this out in a photoshoot or something.

If you feel like trying out something a little different why not pick up a shade yourself? They’re only £12.50 and in even better news there is an option to get free postage on the website! To find out more about Beauty Boulevard and their amazing Glitter Lips range, click here.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

No More Burn, Fighting Chub Rub – A Vevina Review

When it comes to the summer we are faced with many fun and exciting prospects such as amazing days out, fabulous nights on the town, holidays, warm sunshine and amazing music is usually there to set the scene. Having said all of that one thing that many of us worry about (especially anyone who’s thighs touch) is that dreaded chub rub!

I spent years avoiding skirts and dresses purely because the mere thought of the sore and awkward rash would be enough to stop me wearing some of the things I like. I was recently contacted by Vevina and asked if I would like to trial their anti chafe cream. Anything that could possibly soothe me during the warm weather or prevent any soreness when wearing skirts and dresses is something I would welcome trying. In all honesty I can wear skirts and things in the colder months without as much of a problem but I still prefer to use something for comfort as a preventative measure

When I first tried out the cream I was at home just milling around the house and I didn’t find it very effective. I assumed that perhaps it didn’t do much for me in working with my body type. I have to say I was wrong about this observation. When I went out the other day in one of my favourite vintage numbers I tried the cream again; this time using a fair amount of the lotion and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the hot temperatures and thick humid weather I was able to go about my day having done a lot of walking in the sunshine and I felt protected.

I have previously used a heavy amount of talcum powder and even roll on deodorant when wearing skirts to prevent chub rub. Whilst these measures have been effective they haven’t always been practical. The small 30ml tube is a perfect solution to slip into my make-up bag just in case a second application is required.

What can be annoying is the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. Often lotions and creams can be be successful depending on your skin type and how much friction you have in the relevant areas. Some people have a heavy amount of sweat and so would need to reapply creams and and some would be fine with a single application.

There are many different areas on our body where chaffing can prove to be a problem and so Vevina have come up with this clear guide on where those might be and where you application might sooth the burning and sore areas:

If you have tried various things and want to give this cream a try click here for information on how to order some for yourself.

Bloggers Love Fashion Week

A couple of weeks ago there was a 3 day long extravaganza for all bloggers. Being in attendance at an event that heavily featured fashion and beauty was not something me and the girls were going to miss out on! The theme of the night was “Black City Chic” and everyone was ready and dressed to impress for the evening.

A fashion show was taking place which included new collections and fun pieces, hair, make up and beauty stands filled the penthouse floor and we were given the opportunity to try out many new and interesting products. As a HUGE fan of fantasy make-up, I couldn’t resist the chance to try out the amazing sparkle and glitter styles by The Parlour. Blue, purple and silver glitter and sequins framed my eye (my favourite colours) and gave me a very different look.

It’s always fun to see my girls and I have to admit. When you put 3 bloggers in a photobooth, wild things happen…………………………
Anne-Lise, Helen and I definitely went a little wild lol.
All in all the girls and I had a fantastic night and it was a shame for it to be over so fast. It’s always great to meet with other bloggers and see what amazing products are out there for us to buy.
Here we are towards the end of the night:
From left to right: Helen, Myself, Hollie, Leighanne and Anne-Lise
I look forward to future events by Bloggers Love as this one was great fun!

Introducing…Plus Size Mannequins

There has been a lot of talk about fashion; where we are with it, where it’s heading and what the possibilities are for the future. When it comes to the way we buy our clothes various different stages come in to play.When I buy my clothes I don’t just buy something because I like the look of it. There have been many times where I have had such a bad experience with a company that I have vowed to NEVER put my money into their tills again, despite wanting something that only they are selling. For me I like to know that I am getting a good service as well as a good product and it’s not only the big details that come into play when I am parting with my money but those little added extras that makes me as a customer feel valued.
Model Denise Bidot poses with an average size mannequin. The beautiful Latina models for various companies such as Forever 21 and Macy’s. For years she was working in the industry behind the scenes doing hair and make up and was later given the opportunity to work on the other side of the lens.  It makes you wonder though if the size of this mannequin is how the average women as represented, then no wonder it’s taken them so long to even consider working on a plus size one!

For years I have struggled with buying my clothes because I simply can’t envision how something might look on me when I see it in the stores. There has been a lot of talk about plus size mannequins lately and for some reason many people are totally against them. I personally think it’s a great idea that we are finally bringing in mannequins to wear the clothes that are designed for a person with a fuller figure. There are so many companies who have now expanded their range and introduced plus size clothes and even more are popping up all over the place who specialise in dressing larger women. 

For many plus size women the simple task of buying clothes can be rather traumatic. Bright florescent lights, minimal size options and often sales people who can’t sympathise with some of our shopping problems can make the experience of shopping one that we really dislike. I am so pleased to say that things are starting to make positive changes. I am used to walking into stores and seeing the larger clothes thrown onto mannequins that are a size 8-10, sometimes 12. I have to say they don’t help me in the buying process. I like to see the clothes hang correctly and when the garments are made from a size 14-32 and higher I think to give us larger mannequins can help enhance the look of the clothes.  Some people think that the idea of larger mannequins is strange and puts out the wrong message. In my opinion I think that we should feel comfortable to use them in the plus size section of the store and stick to our standard size figures elsewhere. This way everyone can enjoy the shopping experience and the clothes can look their best.

Plus size model Laura Wells is pictured next to a mannequin that was created against her very own proportions. This doll is seen in lingerie departments for Australian stores Myer and David Jones.

Well known department store Debenhams were one of the first companies in the UK to try out the Plus Size mannequin and on the whole it was well received. Of course some people were sceptical but that’s to be expected in all honesty. I think that if anything it will help companies better display the clothes they carry in larger sizes. Many people will have negative views on it but I think that’s to be expected as with anything new or different that a company may be trying out. 

I really believe that everyone has the right to look and feel good in what they wear and that should also be the case for purchasing the clothes in the first place. I would like to think that someday in the future we see plus size mannequins for men, and even disabled mannequins. We all come in different shapes and sizes and there really is no standard look for anyone so we should be aiming to work with as many different looks as we can. We have mannequins of different racial groups, with a variety of hair types and from wide selection of ethnic backgrounds. I think this is another positive step into showing our diversity and I look forward to seeing more of them in department stores everywhere.

Skin And Hair Problems Solved… With Turmeric!

When it comes to beauty I think one of the best things a person can do is take care of their skin. Now I’m someone who has combination skin on my face, which can be a nightmare to deal with. With general skin care, wearing make up and even using certain hair products I struggle with getting the perfect balance. I have what’s known as an oily T zone and I have some dryer areas to my face. I moisturise daily and I exfoliate on a regular basis. The thing is I don’t like putting chemicals on my skin a lot of the time as they can be costly and because some people have sensitive skin that can react badly to abrasive ingredients. I try to stick to the products that I know work for me.

When I was at a recent trip to my salon, my hair stylist made sure to tell me about her latest beauty secret. When she gave me the details I was so enthused to hear that I can make my own very effective skin care treatments using one or two things in my kitchen cupboards and my fridge!
One fantastic ingredient that I have always been known to use when adding that little extra something to a dish while cooking is something I have personally renamed the super spice……. Turmeric! After seeing the results of a regular skin cleanse I decided to do a little research myself and I discovered so many useful tips and tricks for this amazing spice!
I knew this spice had some fantastic properties to it but I had no idea that it could be used to do so many fantastic things for your hair and skin! 
Acne Treatment: There’s a simply face mask that you can make using raw honey and powdered turmeric. If you mix the two ingredients together to form a paste, smear it on your face and leave it for about 30 mins or so and simply wash off. If you have pale skin you may have to spend a little extra time washing this off as it may leave a slight yellow hue on your skin. The end result is extremely smooth skin that will have a natural looking glow.
Scar Treatments: Many people have scars from popping spots, cuts and bruises, eczema, stretch marks… you name it we may all have something! There is a simple treatment that is set to seriously help with the problems. Again using turmeric you can mix it with milk and flour, make a thick paste leave it on for around 30 mins (or longer if you prefer), wash it off  with water first and then again with a gentle soap. Hey presto you have a cheap and effective treatment to help make the scars fade. Some people also use turmeric and yoghurt with a little olive oil for the same effects.
Some people like to take it internally for a skin treatment mixing it with milk and black pepper. From what I hear it does not taste like anything special but the effects are fantastic!
Foundation Make Up: Many people have trouble getting the perfect shade of foundation and have been known to mix two different shades together to get to a close colour. Some have even been known to mix turmeric into their foundation to create the perfect shade for their skin tone, cream and powdered foundations are more likely to work better than bottled foundations because you can mix enough to match you skin tone into your compact or jar and then that’s you set until it runs out. If you do decide to do this I would gradually add it into until you reach the colour you are aiming for.
Facial Hair Treatment: Many women have been known to have random spurts of facial hair growth. Some wax, bleach and shave the hairs which in some cases can make the problem worse and even if you have dealt with the issue you may have a slight inkling that someone else can see those pesky hairs. Women around the world suffer from this problem and it can be rather embarrassing for them to deal with. This can be caused by an imbalance of hormones, a condition called Hirsutism. In India where turmeric is used on a regular basis for a series of things, some women also use it to fight this issue.
Mixing it into paste using just water, apply it to the area and leave it on the skin until it dries. After the paste has dried proceed to wash it off. Some people have been known to mix this with gram flour also. You would need to do this frequently over a period of about a month to notice the results.
Anti Dandruff Treatment: Mixing turmeric and olive oil is known to be extremely effective for helping with an itchy scalp and dandruff problems. Apply to the hair and leave for about 15 minutes before washing out with your regular shampoo. This is known to stimulate the hair follicles providing nutrition and circulation to the scalp.
As we all have different skin types if you decide to try any of these treatments you may want to do a small patch test on your skin to see how you feel with any of these remedies and to see how the turmeric washes off your skin. I would advise that you take care when doing this as it may stain your clothes or towels. 
I have only outlined a few of the fantastic beauty treatments that this fantastic spice can provide. It is also known to be an anti inflammatory ingredient, and has been used to help with toothache, bruises, chest pain and colic, women with menstrual problems have also found it helpful.
If you do try any of these treatments please let me know how you get on. I’d love to know how it works for you!

DIY Teeth Whitener!

One thing that is important to most of us is our smile! Our teeth are on show a lot more than we may think about. Every time we speak, eat, yawn and of course smile our teeth are showcased. Now for me my teeth are very important to me and as someone who drinks perhaps a little too much coffee and who is also an ex smoker, keeping them pearly white is no easy feat! Now I have heard way too many horror stories about what teeth bleaching can do to the strength of your teeth and even some scary side effects. Not everyone has had a bad experience doing this but one thing we can all agree on is that it’s a rather costly procedure to have done.

If like me you have tried almost every tooth whitening paste on the shelf, and have seen little or no difference then you may want to try this home remedy which is virtually costless and is extremely simple to make! All that is needed is 2 simple ingredients and they can both be found in your kitchen, Strawberries and Bicarbonate of soda!

So here’s the recipe you need to make your own DIY teeth whitening solution:
1. Crush up your strawberries until they turn into a slushy sort of paste.
2. Mix in a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
3. Apply to your teeth using a tooth brush or a cotton bud.
4. Leave for around 3-6 minutes.
5. Rinse and then brush your teeth as normal.

Any excess strawberry seeds can be removed with dental floss.

Strawberries are extremely good for teeth whitening as their acidic content is fantastic for striping dies and stains from your teeth. Bicarbonate of soda is often used outside of the cooking arena for cleaning and whitening treatments.

Regular chewing of gum is a great way to keep your Saliva glands stimulated, having a good amount of Saliva in your mouth helps to prevent any stains from settling on your teeth.

Some people even eat a piece of cheese once a day to stimulate the gums and to provide a good source of calcium into the diet. For those of you who are intolerant to dairy or have a vegan diet, sesame seeds is also a fantastic source of calcium and can be quite a nice addition in salads and other meals.

Give this one a try and please let me know how you get on and if you see an improvement to your pearly whites!

Some of you may wish to consult a dentist before giving this one a try, as like most things we all react differently. 

Sleek Brow Kit Review

I’m not someone who wears make-up everyday but when I do there are various items that I just can’t be without! The one area of my face that I pay the most attention to and provide with the most coverage is my eyes. My eyes are my favourite part of my face and the one area I tend to get the most comments on. Every woman has their favourite eye liner or shadow but for me the one area I spend the most time on is my eyebrows.

In my experience I found that spending loads of time getting my lids perfect became a pointless exercise if I let my eyebrows go untouched or in some cases over touched! I tried so many different things to perfectly frame my eyes; from using pencils, shadows and even eye liner pencil!
A little over a year ago I was walking through a shopping mall and ended up in the beauty section. One of the sales girls offered to give me a little make over with some make-up products. I thought to myself, why not? I might actually learn something here! She pulled out a product that I wasn’t familiar with; it was a combination of a pigmented wax and a shadow. This particular product was from Benefit. When she was finished what I saw in the mirror was 2 really defined, yet soft eyebrows that looked fabulous. I didn’t have any eye liner or mascara on at the time so I will be totally honest, the look was a little too much on its own. I didn’t go back and buy the product however, I loved the end result but I found it rather pricey for what it was. This was also at a time when I wore make-up rather infrequently so I didn’t see the need to make the purchase.
A few weeks later a family friend who is an extremely talented beautician came over to visit with us. Over a conversation I asked her how she managed to get such perfect eyebrows. She then introduced me to a product that is now the most essential item in my make-up bag and something that I always make sure I have! The Brow Kit by Sleek. This kit comes in a series of shades to suit all hair colours and all complexions. It’s comprised of a pigmented wax and a shadow and comes with mini tweezers, which is always handy. My tip when it comes to doing your eyebrows is to go with what works against your complexion. I used to wear black eyebrow make-up because my hair is black and in fact it didn’t look so great when I look back at old pictures. The good thing about this kit is the way that you apply the make-up. I always buy the Dark kit and I love the end result!
The pigmented wax should be applied first and this not only enhances the shape of your eyebrow but it darkens them ever so slightly whilst providing the perfect base for the shadow. I use the triangular shaped brush for this is as I think it provides the best precision. 
The shadow is then applied to finish off the look and the darker you want your eyebrows to look, the more shadow you pile on, it’s as simple as that! For this I use the rounded brush. You might find that using the brushes the other way around works better for you depending on the shape of your eye brows and how thick they are.
I tend to thread my eyebrows every so often to get the perfect shape as often tweezers simply just can’t grab hold of those tiny little hairs. Having said that every woman has her own routine when it comes to personal grooming and I have also been known to wax those stray hairs from time to time so whatever works for you I would do.
It should also be noted that one application will last you the entire day! I often wear make-up to work and even if I head out afterwards and come home rather late into the night; my eyebrows will still be in tact! Also your eyebrows won’t smear if you’re caught in the rain or you’re someone who sweats from your brow. I honestly can’t sing up this product even more, you should definitely try it out for yourself! This is one that can be purchased in selected Superdrug stores, hair and beauty supply stores and of course online. The best part… the kit retails for around £9. I use this kit most days and I have to say it lasts me for around 6-8 months! This is by far my favourite item in my make-up bag and I know you will love it when you try it out too.