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Spring Time Fun With Zizzi And Yours

Finally after months of wet and cold weather we are starting to see some much wanted sunshine. With the change in the seasons we are starting to see people showing a little more skin and wearing the clothes that look great among the blossoming flowers and sunny days. I’m currently in a very casual mood these days and it’s only now that I’m wanting to dress up a little more. Last weekend we had some really nice weather and a lot of people were out and about in t-shirts, shorts, skirts and the other items we associate with summer.

I decided that I would follow suit but still keep in mind the elements of spring and then when those clouds are around there can be a slight chill in the air. At the moment I’m really into dark and stone coloured tones with a splash of colour somewhere. For this look I wanted to keep it simple, fun and casual. This striped knit pencil skirt from Zizzi is really comfortable and warm to wear. I love the length and the print makes this one that can be worn across any season. The ruffled detail in the hem adds a little extra flair to the overall look and helps the skirt to cling to your frame without hitching. This one is currently available at Navabi.

One of the great things about living where I live is having a close friend and fellow blogger within walking distance. Hanna and I take each other’s outfit pictures all the time and she let me borrow her slogan t-shirt from Zizzi. This one came out last year, what I love about it is the message on it. ‘There is no wrong way to be a woman’, this quote from the gorgeous and stunning Denise Bidot really speaks to me, and I’m sure other women out there will feel the same. We are constantly being told what to look like, what we should say about certain things, what we should think etc. sometimes it feels like we women have been set an impossible set of standards to which we are supposed to follow. The sad thing is that we have become our own worst critics and more often than not we forget that there is no rule book about how to be a woman, we just are women in every sense.

I like my t-shirts to be a little form fitting so that they don’t look tent-like against my frame. I tied a small knot in the bottom corner with the help of Hanna and the look I was after was quickly achieved. Check out how Hanna styled it previously here. I wanted to wear some wedge shoes and so these platform wedge sandals from Yours Clothing were a must. The silver heel embellishment really works against the silver in the clothes and on top of everything else, these are so comfortable! My long length cardigan has been a god send lately. I love how such a simple basic item can work with so many different styles of outfit!

For accessories I only wanted a few so my hoop earrings and black bandana were my only additions to the outfit. Sometimes you just want to get up and go, no muss no fuss. I often dress for comfort with a little added style. Even when wearing simple styles I still like to feel somewhat put together for a little extra confidence. I find that when I look a certain way it can affect my mood.

If like me you want to dress for the change in the season but want to feel prepared for that sudden chill that can hit the air then there are some fun things you can do. Wear the style of item you want but maybe select a thicker fabric, layer up with a cardigan or a jacket, something you can remove if you feel warm that can still tie into the look when the evening approaches. Have fun and play with your look!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Monochrome Mixup!

Sometimes you just feel like mixing things up a little. In my case I tend to dress according to my mood, the usual tact I take is dress in a way to compliment my mood or in an effort to change it. When it’s a hot summer day I like to wear bright and fun colours that make me feel summery and ready for anything. In the winter although I dress in accordance to the weather, my mission there is to add some much needed colour to the dreary season.
Just a few days ago Hanna, Isha and I went to the George Asda press day which took place at Somerset House to see what spring and summer delights they had to offer. That morning before heading out to meet the girls, I took a look out the window and decided that I would be wearing an outfit that was head to toe black and white. When I play around with monochrome styles the look tends to be a causal one. I figured that as I was heading to a fashion press day I would put my spin on things and play around with varying patterns and prints all in black and white.

The girls and I had a fun filled afternoon and we got to see some great new lines coming from George. Fun and fresh beach looks, sophisticated and fun outfits for the evening, cute looks for summer days and some amazing items for the home. Stay tuned for some future posts from me featuring some of the current lines available.

Working my way from top to bottom I decided to pull out a black and white bandana for my hair, those of you who know my style will know that hair scarves, bandanas and hats are very prominent in my personal style. I like to use them as a way of pulling an outfit together and more often than not they come in handy when taking care of a bad hair day! Paisley prints are something I go crazy for just as much as houndstooth and polka dots so this was an easy choice for me.

The main outfit for me was going to be some items that are from previous collections by Zizzi. What with London Fashion Week just behind us and the fashion brands all out in force promoting their High Summer ranges the slogan ‘Sport VS Fashion’ seemed to fit perfectly for a casual sports luxe sort of look. I’m wearing the oversized t-shirt dress in size XL. Paired with black leggings that come complete with a white panel across the legs, size XL. I couldn’t go wrong with the look I wanted to achieve.

To finish off the look I of course opted for my Biker Jacket from Yours Clothing, size 24. This jacket has become one of my many go-to items as it works with a large variety of styles. My dogtooth trim shoe boots from Evans were a must as I was mixing patterns and prints. For accessories I wore my houndstooth satchel, black steel diamonte chaps bracelet and chocker.

For me when it comes to style it’s subjective. Wear the clothes that make you feel incredible and have fun with how you style them! I love experimenting with my look I find it’s a really fun and changeable way of expressing myself and the great thing about it is that many other people will inspire you along the way. I see women walking down the street every day in the cutest outfits and I’m always attracted to the fine details in the outfit. I pay attention to colour combinations, accessories and makeup.

Sometimes the simple items can be really brought to life by the small things you do in your outfit. Match your lipstick colour to something in your look maybe a colour on a top, your bag etc. Find accessories to either compliment an outfit or bring a new dimension to it.

Zizzi clothes can be found at Navabi, these items may not be available but there are some really cool looks that you can pick up, check out their link here.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Pastel Infusion – A Cut For Evans Review

One of the hardest things for me is finding ways to make simple casual styles fun and enjoyable to wear. I have a lot of fun getting all glammed up and I find that it’s easier for me to have fun with glamours looks. I think that because I had previously spent years in simple jeans and uninspiring tops that when it comes to playing around with basics I can often fall back into old habits I have spent time trying to break.

My old style consisted of mostly black clothes including  a lot of t-shirts, bootcut jeans and fairly boring items. Last year my mission was to fill my wardrobe with wild and garish prints, bright colours and interesting fabrics. The Cut For Evans range that launched early last year really intrigued me. Full of interesting neon tones, wild patterns and interesting cuts, I just had to grab an item from the collection and so I opted for the tube skirt in the collection. Check out how I styled it here.

The second collection from the Cut range which launched at the end of the last year brought with it a very different style to the previous collection. This time a different design team and a different approach brought us a more subtle range which still held the edginess of the original Cut For Evans Collection. There was a large selection of items that still contained wild and interesting prints, interesting shapes and fun outer wear.

At the launch event for the second collection I tried on several items and, one that most of the women were drooling over; myself included was the amazing Purple Digital Bomber Jacket! Bomber jackets are a really fun way of adding a large burst of colour or different dimension to complete an outfit. When I want to wear something that provides a decent amount of coverage but serves as part of the outfit I gravitate towards fun jackets and blazers.

The kaleidoscopic pattern with an infusion of purple and blue pastel colours seriously caught my attention. I love purples and blues as you all know and this piece serves as a funky and stylish casual item that can be dressed up or down. I picked up the jacket in a size 26. Despite being a soft and stretchy fabric, the upper arm area of the jacket has very little stretch so if like me you have large arms you may wish to size up for this one. I decided to wear this one with the indigo super stretch denim jeans, also available from Evans. In keeping with the pastel theme of the look I put these items together with a simple mesh tee from Primark and the main look was complete.

Being that I have problematic hair I have built up quite a collection of hair scarves and bandanas for those dodgy hair days lol. When I found an old lilac bandana that I bought about a hundred years ago I was really happy to see that the shade matched the bomber perfectly! My signature hoop earrings are always a must and a simple drop necklace finished off the look. I really look forward to wearing this jacket with some of my spring and summer items. I love the colours and I just think that it can add that little colour that’s lacking this time of year but be in keeping with the flowery tones that pop up during the warmer times of the year.

This look sees me bringing elements of my old style together with key features that I now embrace in my new look. Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I love experimenting and playing around with some of the older items in my wardrobe. If you have that odd tee or jacket you really love have a play around with other items in the wardrobe and your accessory drawer. You’ll be surprised what options you have and what cool looks you might come up with!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!