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Winter Wonderful – My Review Of The Shirley Jacket From Taking Shape

*This Jacket Was A Gifted Item

When I think of the winter I’m usually filled with negative thoughts about the season. The weather is nothing really to be desired for me, the days are shorter and when it comes to style often my favourite things to wear are just not suitable for the time of year. I thrive on dressing up all cute and colourful for the sunshine, pairing my outfits with cute accessories and things. When it comes to the winter the most important thing for me is to be comfortable, warm and dry. I think that when it comes to winter fashion one of the most important things you can wear has to be a decent jacket or coat! If like me you’re not into wearing a thousand layers but hate the bitter chill in the air it can be a difficult task to find an item that is adequate for your needs and still holds the style features you look out for.

Recently I was given the chance to review an item by Taking Shape from their AW14 collection. I took a look at the collection and was instantly drawn to their Shirley Jacket. Black, sleek, sexy and sophisticated, all of the things I like in the perfect winter coat! I love to wear bright colours in the winter but when it comes to my outer wear I like to have a garment that can be worn with a variety of looks, my main reason for being drawn to black jackets and coats. What I loved about the jacket when I first saw it was the collar, the fact that it sweeps across the shoulders and into the main body of the jacket was a really nice touch for me. More often than not I find winter jackets and coats to be uninspiring and in some cases a bit dull. I like that this one wasn’t just something to keep the cold at bay but it had a little something extra. The jacket has no fastenings or pockets and ordinarily I would miss those details but I didn’t. The faux leather is seriously lightweight and the lining is a super soft fleece material which in fact is warmer than the majority of my winter jumpers and sweaters.

If like me you don’t like to cover yourself in a thousand layers including having to wear thick sweaters and fluffy scarves this would be an amazing piece for you to try out. The collar is seriously warm and soft enough to snuggle into if you feel the urge lol. Taking Shape tend to be pretty generous size wise but I would say this jacket is true to size. I usually up-size with jackets and coats so that I can securely fasten them without any gaping of buttons or twisting of zippers. I always allow myself that extra boob room and for me this is even more important if you like to wear thick layers underneath. In the case of this item because it doesn’t fasten it’s not something I considered doing. I wanted a jacket that could be seen as part of an outfit and not just a cover up. The jacket is available in sizes 14-26, I picked this up in size 22. 

In these photos I wanted an outfit where the jacket was the main feature. Keeping things simple with a black top, jeans and a pair of boots I was kitted out in all the winter essentials. Sometimes I like to keep an outfit simple so that I can play around with my accessories and additional items. I tend to find that if I keep things to a minimum it can be fun to mix different textures and fabrics. My black top has a scattering of velvet flowers and the indigo super stretch denim jeans from Evans made for the perfect trousers. For accessories my signature hoop earrings and hair scarf were of course part of the ensemble with the addition of my metallic medallion with dip-dye tassels.

This jacket was originally £65 and is now on sale at the amazing price of £35 so if you like the look at this one and want to try it out click here. If you want to see what other winter essentials Taking Shape have make sure you check out their site and take advantage of the sale!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Animal Magic! A Junarose Review

Hey everyone I hope all is well. I’m sorry that things have been quiet here on the blog recently. I have been snowed under at work and I had a lot to take care of before I could get back to posting. The good news is that there are a lot of new and fun trends to talk about this season. I have some new looks to share with you all and we’re about to approach the winter holiday season

I was recently at a blogger event for one of my favourite brands Junarose. The event was in conjunction with MSSVG and showcased some of their amazing new lines, set to be with us next spring. At the event we were lucky enough to pick an item from their current collection to review. As soon as I saw the gorgeous animal print jacket I new that was the item I wanted to try the most.

I make no secret about the things I really like in fashion and I have to admit I am forming a bit of an obsession with animal prints. I have skirts, tops, lingerie and now this gorgeous jacket! When it comes to the cold months of the year I usually feel uncomfortable weather-wise. Mountains of layers are required to keep the cold at bay and the constant fight against the wind and the rain is never fun. For me the most important thing when it comes to my winter wardrobe are my coats. Usually practicality and comfort give way to style which is why I was so excited to try this thick and puffy jacket which encompasses the practicalities and comfort I need with my sense of style. I picked this one up in a XXL. Depending on how big your waist and breasts are you may need to be careful when selecting a size for this one. The jacket tappers in slightly around the waist to accent the curves we have there. In my case I usually have to size up with any clothing items which need to be zipped or button fastened because of my bust size.

The season tends to present us with loads of dark colours and prints so to be able to add a splash of colour and style into the mix only makes for cool winter looks.

I have to say I really like the feel of this coat on. The lining is thin which makes wearing sweaters and stuff quite comfortable for a jacket of this shape. I also like the fact that it is really warm when on; so if you’re one of the people who doesn’t like to wear thick layers in the winter this would be one that you will enjoy wearing with tees and other lighter items. Despite being a fairly puffy jacket it’s not heavy in weight at all and makes for a really comfortable wear.

Even though this jacket has an animal print on it; the colours are rich and more subtle than some of the other animal print jackets and coats on the market. I really like the fact that for a bold print it doesn’t look too jazzy or bright. I should also mention that I have recently worn this in the rain and it doesn’t drink in the rain water like some of my previous coats have. No one wants to have to wear a coat or jacket that gets heavy and water logged in the rain. The pockets are also fairly deep and have snap button detail for security.

With this outfit I decided to put the jacket with a cold shoulder dress by Boohoo size 24. I like dresses like these to hang loosely on my frame because of the neck detail and length. I think that items like this can be really unflattering on my frame if they are too fitted as they hang loose in areas and cling too much in the breast and stomach areas. I paired this dress with a simple pair of black trousers and my Legroom boots from Fashion World.

I thought I would keep the accessories to a minimum and so I wore my black and pink lightning bolt necklace, my trademark hoop earrings and simple black bag. As the weather is getting colder my hair scarves will most definitely be making many appearances in my looks. I love them as an accessory because they are a great way to keep warm and hide the odd bad hair day!

I’d like to take a moment to give a shout-out to Dale Grimshaw. I may not have met him but when we stumbled across his gorgeous artwork it made for a really fun background for these outfit pictures. What a talent! 

For those of you who like this jacket and would like to try it out or even try out a different style from Junarose then click here.

Remember what ever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

A Little Extra “Legroom” A Fashion World Review

* These boots were a gifted item.

When it comes to style we ladies all have those essentials that get us through the seasons. During the colder months of the year we have to adjust to the harsh chill in the air and the wet and dreary days. We are forced to take on a different approach when it comes to putting together our outfits and we can often find ourselves caught short and left with fewer options, especially when it comes to footwear!

When Fashion World approached me and asked me if I would like to try out a new range of boots that’s coming to their AW14 collection I jumped at the chance! Many women struggle with boots; some have problems finding the right foot width others struggle to get a pair that will zip all the way up on the calf. These are the issues that many plus size women face and often we can be faced with both issues at the same time…

The new Legroom range is a sleek and stylish collection of boots that not only has us set to tackle the cold and wet weather but allows us to do it with that style and finesse that we all enjoy. Finding a spacious pair of knee high boots is a tough challenge for a plus size woman and for me the hardest thing is finding something that’s not too plain in the style and has the comfort and fit that allows me to enjoy my day. No one wants to have to carry a pair of flats with them to avoid the burning sensation in the feet when there is just too much of a squeeze. With a selection of different width and calf fittings there is something for everyone and a fairly big range of boots to choose from.

I was really excited to receive such a sleek and interesting pair of boots. In most cases I tend to find a lot of the boots available for plus size women practical with not much else going on and often lacking in the style department. The Chain Detail Boot has a style that is right up my street. The sheen on the leather and the gold chain and buckle were a really nice touch and I already knew which items in my wardrobe I could pair with them.

I’m really pleased to say that when I first tried these on they fit like a glove and the spacious room in the boot itself and around the calf made for a very enjoyable wear. I have worn these out and about and at work and never have I found myself in any discomfort at all. What pleased me even more so was the fact that I had enough extra room in the calf of the boot to wear these with jeans. Having the option to wear these with pretty much anything is a big draw for me and makes these an item I look forward to wearing during the upcoming months.

The gold adornments with the buckle and chain add that extra something that I like, giving me another element I can pull from in putting an outfit together and I will most likely wear these boots with some gold jewellery as an accompaniment.

If you are looking for something this coming autumn and winter that will suit your style requirements and feel amazing on then you really should give a pair of boots from the Legroom range a try. I can honestly say that they feel amazing on and the quality of the boot is really good. I have gone on several long walks in these and they still look just as new as when I first took them out of the box!

You don’t have to sacrifice on comfort or style to look good and feel amazing in the process!


Simply Be AW14 Collection

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the AW14 press day for Simplybe. Despite having been in attendance a short while back I wanted to hold off making my AW14 posts until mid summer. While the temperatures are starting to make the switch and the sun is going in that little bit earlier I thought now would be a good time to show some of you what you can expect to see from the brand.

Treated to a series of sweet drinks and gorgeous cakes myself and the other bloggers spoke about the pieces that caught our eyes, what we really wanted to try and the bits that seemed to be pushing expectations.

Despite the fact that autumn and winter has us reaching for our darker and more conservative clothing. Simply Be have decided to give us quite a splash of colour to compliment the darker choices and I have to say what I have seen are some really funky, on trend and interesting looks that will suit all occasions.

Check out these looks from their look book:

As you can see; this peak at some of the collection shows us a lot of different pieces and I already have my eye on a several of them.

This jacket is something I will most definitely want to pick up:

All in all I had a great time with the girls and the collection looks amazing, so I look forward to seeing many of you sporting the various different looks over the next few months. Until then I shall enjoy another cuppa (unfortunately not one like this)….