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The Perfect Coat – A Curvissa Review

*This coat was a gifted item

The hardest part about this time of year is the randomly changing weather. Now anyone who knows me will know that I’m a true summer baby, not only was I born slap bang in the middle of July I absolutely adore hot and sunny days. I’m really not a fan of the winter, I’m one of those people who pretty much feels the cold before everyone else and I always struggle when it comes to finding fun and comfortable winter clothes that are practical.

Recently I was contacted by the lovely team at Curvissa. They were running a campaign about winter coats and when they offered me the chance to review one I jumped at it! Now when it comes to my outer wear I usually have two primary thoughts, can I wear this coat with thick and warm jumpers, and will I be able to zip it up over my bust and still maintain a tailored fit?

I tend to look for black winter coats when shopping this time of year. I love to bring colour into my winter wardrobe but I feel with jackets and coats I prefer simple staple colours that can work with the majority of the items in my wardrobe. What first caught my eye when I saw the Belted Short Coat was the contrast in fabrics between the sleeves, collar and main bodice of the coat. I find that this gives a little added edge to a simple silhouette and is in keeping with many of the styles out on the high street at the moment. What I really like about this one is even with sweaters and such, my curves are still accentuated in this coat and that with layers it doesn’t look bulked out and tent-like.

Winter is well and truly here so be sure to stay warm and wrap up well! There are some amazing new options out there so take a look at the coats available from Curvissa, there’s something to suit everyone!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Bringing Colour Into The Winter Wardrobe

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the winter. I find that the weather is random and wild but we as people on appearance alone are the total opposite. We drape ourselves in lifeless, boring and uninspiring clothes limited to a variety of dark tones and we tend to replace style with comfort. The start of the year brings with it many changes and this is the time of the month when people are ready to ditch their new years resolutions and continue on with life as they had been. One thing that never changes with me is a need to bring a little colour to the season. I love the rich and warm tones that are around this time of year, deep greens, rich reds, crisp oranges and luscious blues.I get really frustrated at how the cold and dreary weather makes people feel that they shouldn’t wear bright colours though.

I love my black staple pieces and I will always have a large variety of black items in my wardrobe. Monochrome colours tend to work with pretty much anything and everything in the wardrobe so they make for a great staple colour to have. I like to switch things up a little by finding ways to wear some of my favourite items in a way that is comfortable and stylish this season. I recently went out in one of my favourite bodycon dresses from Pink Clove (click here for my review of the item). I have a deep love of panel dresses and this is definitely the brightest one that I own. This time of year it’s important to cover up and the fact that the neckline is above the cleavage is definitely a bonus if you’re wearing this as a casual daytime item. I thought it would look cool to wear this dress with a thick pair of black leggings and my biker jacket.

To finish off I wore my black Shawberry boots, black beret, my black diamonte heart necklace, twisted hoop earrings and small black clutch.

If like me you like to wear bright colours but still want to keep in with the current trends maybe try a singular coloured item. This kind of look would work with most dress types and a block colour would be pretty cool which would also give you the option to play with colourful adornments and accessories.  In my case everything I wore in these photos is black except for the dress. I wanted something bright, bold and sexy that would pop, and this dress was the perfect option for the look I was trying to achieve. I developed a love for bright and brashy prints last year and it’s definitely a trend that I hope we see again in 2015!

Seeing as the weather is getting colder by the day this sort of outfit would most likely require a scarf and some gloves. A cool pair of black leather gloves would enhance the biker chic look and a scarf or snood are not only practical, they can also provide a little something different to the style.

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Winter Wonderful – My Review Of The Shirley Jacket From Taking Shape

*This Jacket Was A Gifted Item

When I think of the winter I’m usually filled with negative thoughts about the season. The weather is nothing really to be desired for me, the days are shorter and when it comes to style often my favourite things to wear are just not suitable for the time of year. I thrive on dressing up all cute and colourful for the sunshine, pairing my outfits with cute accessories and things. When it comes to the winter the most important thing for me is to be comfortable, warm and dry. I think that when it comes to winter fashion one of the most important things you can wear has to be a decent jacket or coat! If like me you’re not into wearing a thousand layers but hate the bitter chill in the air it can be a difficult task to find an item that is adequate for your needs and still holds the style features you look out for.

Recently I was given the chance to review an item by Taking Shape from their AW14 collection. I took a look at the collection and was instantly drawn to their Shirley Jacket. Black, sleek, sexy and sophisticated, all of the things I like in the perfect winter coat! I love to wear bright colours in the winter but when it comes to my outer wear I like to have a garment that can be worn with a variety of looks, my main reason for being drawn to black jackets and coats. What I loved about the jacket when I first saw it was the collar, the fact that it sweeps across the shoulders and into the main body of the jacket was a really nice touch for me. More often than not I find winter jackets and coats to be uninspiring and in some cases a bit dull. I like that this one wasn’t just something to keep the cold at bay but it had a little something extra. The jacket has no fastenings or pockets and ordinarily I would miss those details but I didn’t. The faux leather is seriously lightweight and the lining is a super soft fleece material which in fact is warmer than the majority of my winter jumpers and sweaters.

If like me you don’t like to cover yourself in a thousand layers including having to wear thick sweaters and fluffy scarves this would be an amazing piece for you to try out. The collar is seriously warm and soft enough to snuggle into if you feel the urge lol. Taking Shape tend to be pretty generous size wise but I would say this jacket is true to size. I usually up-size with jackets and coats so that I can securely fasten them without any gaping of buttons or twisting of zippers. I always allow myself that extra boob room and for me this is even more important if you like to wear thick layers underneath. In the case of this item because it doesn’t fasten it’s not something I considered doing. I wanted a jacket that could be seen as part of an outfit and not just a cover up. The jacket is available in sizes 14-26, I picked this up in size 22. 

In these photos I wanted an outfit where the jacket was the main feature. Keeping things simple with a black top, jeans and a pair of boots I was kitted out in all the winter essentials. Sometimes I like to keep an outfit simple so that I can play around with my accessories and additional items. I tend to find that if I keep things to a minimum it can be fun to mix different textures and fabrics. My black top has a scattering of velvet flowers and the indigo super stretch denim jeans from Evans made for the perfect trousers. For accessories my signature hoop earrings and hair scarf were of course part of the ensemble with the addition of my metallic medallion with dip-dye tassels.

This jacket was originally £65 and is now on sale at the amazing price of £35 so if you like the look at this one and want to try it out click here. If you want to see what other winter essentials Taking Shape have make sure you check out their site and take advantage of the sale!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Release The Hounds – A Lane Bryant Review

When it comes to jackets there are a lot of things I look at when picking out an item. I like items that work with other bits in my wardrobe. I think about the clothes I currently have and how I might style the new piece with them. I like jackets that I wear as a simple cover up and often these are the focal point to my look. I gravitate towards interesting adornments or features in a jacket and if those aren’t the things catching my eye it tends to be the colour or print. I have always liked items that can remain in your wardrobe and aren’t necessarily what’s “in” at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of bank balance that allows me to dispose of items just because they are not in season. To be honest with you I wouldn’t want that anyway. I love the feeling of buying a new outfit and being absolutely in love with it, so much so that to part with it would be a challenge!

I have made no secret about my love of things that are classic and vintage. Polka dots, pleats and prints. This year I have worn a fair amount of items which have a houndstooth print. When I saw this gorgeous Moto Jacket from Lane Bryant I absolutely fell in love with it! This was something I knew I could wear with many of my clothes both in and out of the office. I loved that for such a sophisticated item it came with a casual twist. Under the arms at the waist line of the jacket there is a thick black panel which accentuates the shape in the waist and is a nice way to break up the print. The zip fastening takes the jacket up and across the chest in a diagonal style and provides a really nice coverage. I have worn this item at work almost in the form of a blazer with smart black trousers, a camisole and heels. For office wear it makes for a really practical and comfortable piece.

I got this in a size 24 which leaves me plenty of boob room and allows me to fasten it completely with a sweater underneath. Despite the fact that this feels quite light weight on it is still quite warm so if like me you prefer to wear thinner layers this one will provide great coverage and warmth. The lining is really silky to the touch and makes for a really comfortable jacket.

With this outfit in particular Hanna and I were on afternoon walk looking for cool spots to take some pictures for our blogs and we came across this really cute street nearby where all the houses were painted in beautiful pastel colours. It’s nice when see things like that close to where you live. Especially as London can be quite colourless in places.

With this outfit I was feeling quite casual and seeing as there was a little winter sun I thought I’d take advantage of the situation and wear one of my favourite summer dresses. The cold shoulder dress from Boohoo has made for a pretty cool staple piece that I was able to use in various looks. I wanted something loose fitting and oversized so I got this one in a size 24. The weather wasn’t quite warm enough for tights so I opted for a simple pair of black leggings. I wanted a little extra bling for this look to accent the classic print in the jacket so my Legroom boots from Fashion World were a must!

For my jewellery I opted for some items from Primark; the necklace earrings and ring. I couldn’t resit wearing my houndstooth satchel with this outfit either. It just seemed like the perfect bag for this look. I know it’s houndstooth overload but I just couldn’t resist. You may have also noticed recently that I’m pretty into my hats at the moment, especially berets so I opted for my old favourite from Simply Be.

If you like the look of the jacket or have something similar please send me some pictures, I’d love to see how you styled the item and what you did with it. This is most definitely one of those items I will hold onto for a while and it will most definitely appear in some other looks of mine. Don’t be afraid to change a perceived look, play around with your clothes. Some causal bits can be made more dressy and some more sophisticated items can be taken down a more causal route. Have fun with your outfits and try out different things.

Remember what ever you wear, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!