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High In My Stripes

I’m a firm believer in making a statement. I’m someone who has never been afraid to speak my mind or showcase my personality and I guess when it comes to choosing my clothes I adopt the same mindset. I believe everyone should have an outfit or 2 that makes a statement and catches the eyes of many when you walk in the room. I like to experiment with patterns, prints and bold colours. I tend to have the most fun when it comes to dresses and skirts and one thing I love doing is playing around with monochrome looks.

One of the oldest patterns known to man and one of my favourites to wear is stripes! Unfortunately for years there has been this insane rule that says that larger people should only be seen wearing vertical stripes as they are “slimming”. I’m no fan of following fashion rules, I buy the clothes that catch my eye and I enjoy wearing and, although I don’t wear this dress often I always feel great when I do! I remember buying this dress a few years ago from Asos and what I loved about it back then is what I love about it now, the series of stripes in random directions in monochrome.

Admittedly this dress is made of a rather thin material and so with that in mind I the weather has to be suitable in order to pull this one out of the closet. Sometimes you want a sexy fitted bodycon dress that does all the talking for you. It’s no secret I enjoy wearing tight dresses and more often than not ones that are slightly lower cut and expose a fair amount of cleavage. I like the modesty of this dress and find that it can be worn pretty much anywhere. I really like the length of this one as it stops just below the knee and can be paired with many different items for a fun look. With 3/4 sleeves this dress is one that is easy to wear with confidence, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t like her upper arms exposed.

I decided to pair this dress with a hot tassled jacket from a previous collection at Lane Bryant. As the weather is quite unpredictable in London and we aren’t really experiencing a typical London summer, the need for layers is still very much here. Having said that I wanted to wear some heels and I thought the best thing would be to pick out a pair of boots. I of course decided to wear my Vanity Boots from Hotter.

My rule when playing with monochrome looks is to wear a sharp bright red lipstick. I love red lipstick, especially seeing as it makes my teeth look so white lol. I also love going with bright red lips when I play around with my vintage looks or simple black and white outfits. My current lippy of choice is ‘Forgive My Sin’ by L’Oreal Paris. I love the deepness of the red and what’s more, it lasts for hours and keeps your lips really hydrated and smooth, unlike a lot of other options on the market.

When it comes to fashion I like breaking the rules. You know what I always says. Wear what makes you feel fabulous!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

Bright, Blue And A Little Different!

In the past year and a half I have been on such a fashion adventure! Journeying through different cultures, colours and fabrics and still finding new things to excite me with each passing day! I will be honest having so many options is strange to me and it’s most definitely a new and liberating experience. Being a plus size woman and not having many options with what clothing was available to me is what I have been used to for so many years. Now to be spoilt for choice is a very welcome and refreshing experience!

Even though I am enjoying my time playing dress up there are still so many items that catch my eye and that can be down to small details, colours and cuts. This gorgeous cobalt blue top (size 4) is from Pure Energy; a US brand available at Target and various online outlets. Unfortunately this top is no longer in circulation but it may be worth checking out ebay or some other sites to see what there is in the plus range. Many of the items are really nice options for office wear or if you want to find an interesting separate. I really like the lace front detail on the chest and thought it gave an otherwise simple garment that little extra something…

Paired with this black kilt from Asos Curve size 26 (also unavailable). I think this was a casual yet fun look for me. Admittedly the skirt could be a size smaller to sit firmer on my frame but I quite like the looseness in the fit. Sometimes it feels good to have something skim your frame rather than hug it. As my arms are quite big, the sleeves of the top are a little snug so the contrast in fit was nice for me.

I really enjoy wearing skirts that are knee length or just that bit longer. My reason for this is that they work really well with my body type. Fitted skirts sometimes have to be up-sized because of my behind. They tend to ride up a little and in order to maintain a good look and fit I often look better a size a bit big. Having said that this isn’t an issue that I face when I wear A-line skirts, skater skirts and kilts as you can see in these pictures.

I decided to keep it really simple with accessories and just wore my twisted silver hoop earrings. Earrings are an accessory that I wear every single day and without them I feel as if something is slightly off. I can go without necklaces, bracelets and other additions but the tools that decorate my ears are a must have!

A simple pair of low ankle boots from Evans were my shoe of choice and my look was complete. A little extra height and I was on my way. These boots are no longer available but check out the site to see what new lines are available as there are some really nice ones.

I like those outfits that can be worn at work or on the go. In the fast pace life that we live these days it’s near impossible to have the time to go home and change for a chance meeting with friends or whatever.

Play around with your wardrobe. It can be fun to have a selection of funky separates that can form several different outfits. In my case I look out for many blue items what with it being my favourite colour and all. If any of you have found a fun way to play around with a kilt and put your stamp on the traditional Scottish item I would love to see what you’ve done. Feel free to send me an email or drop me a message on my Facebook page.

Play around, take risks and remember, whatever you where, feel fabulous in it and where it with a smile!

The Sweetheart LBD! An Asos Curve Review

When I buy my dresses I either want something funky and fresh, bold and daring or, simple and classic!
One of the things I love about Asos Curve is their ability to have something on offer to suit everyone! When I saw this gorgeous bodycon dress with sweetheart detail I just knew I had to have it! You can’t go wrong when selecting an LBD, pretty much any shape or cut will work and the style will suit pretty much any occasion that should present itself! I have yet to wear this one out and about but I know that a club night, dinner party, gallery event, friendly social or any other situation I shall find myself in will all be suitable for this dress!
Any of you who are familiar with my blog and my sense of style know that I’m not afraid to show any cleavage! The thing is sometimes you want to be a little less exposed and a little more subtle in your style. What first attracted me to this one is the simple yet chic style. I really like the fact that there is a high neck line and long sleeves. For me this style is sophisticated, stylish and chic whilst being extremely sexy despite having very little skin exposed. The skirt is a really nice length and the overall fit is really comfortable.
In my experience many of the bodycon dresses from Asos Curve are made in a fairly thin and clingy fabric so I always wear a slip or shapewear with them. I bought this dress in a size 24 because of this fact. I usually buy a 22 when it comes to dresses in a bodycon style but I wanted this one to sit a little loose in the skirt and not cling to my thighs. With my proportions, dresses tend to cling around my bust line and stomach area and then skim the rest of my frame which actually gives an overall look I enjoy. With this dress I was going for a more demure look and I wanted a looser fit.
I don’t tend to go crazy with my accessories as some of you may know so this time I thought I would match the dress with some silver adornments. A simple clutch from Avon, silver bangles and hoop earrings from Primark completed the look.
Stock Images Courtesy Of Asos
I bought this dress a few months ago but the good news is that it’s still on sale if you like the look of this one pick it up here from sizes 18-28.

Hip Hop Monochrome – A Different Kind Of Casual

With so many trends that are poppin at the moment one of the ones I am seriously getting into is the monochrome look. There are several ways you can play around with this one and I have already picked up some interesting pieces which I will of course be showing you all right here on the blog over the next few posts.

I have been getting rather glammed up recently and I thought I’d take it down a notch and find a way to incorporate my casual style into the trend. Music is one of my biggest loves and passions and recently I have been hitting the clubs and enjoying some of the Hip Hop sounds of late.
Statement and logo t-shirts have been hitting all of the high street stores and when I found this Parental Advisory T in Primark I quickly snapped it up! I got the size 20 for an amazing £7! The quality and fit is really good, it feels lightweight on and hugs my figure perfectly which made this one a hot one to wear at the club last night.

The trousers were another fab find from Asos in their Curve range and are currently on sale! The Jersey Peg Trouser with Side Stripe has been reduced from £18 down to £7, total bargain! As I wore this to the club I decided to add simple flat black shoes to the look. I would have worn heels to add that extra feminine flair but as I was out to get my dance on I decided to play it safe.
Stock Images Courtesy Of Asos Curve
Trying to keep my difficult and unruly hair at bay I added a silk black and white striped scarf to the look to add that extra street style I was looking for. My big hoop earnings complete the look but I think the next time I wear this one I may wear more silver jewellery with silver bangles and maybe a chain or 2.