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Girly Girl

There are some things that all women have in common regardless of what their background or personal style is. We have all found ourselves sifting through everything that we own in our wardrobes unsure of what to wear, and we have all woken up with a random need to feel somewhat girly. Now girly for some would be dressing in bright pink with their hair in pigtails and cute makeup. For others it might be wearing a set of lingerie that makes them feel that extra bit feminine. In my case when I feel the need to be girly one thing comes to mind. What sort of skirt am I gonna wear and how big do I want it? I tend to gravitate towards sexy bodycon dresses, vintage swing dresses or tulle skirts.

The sun was shinning bright and strong the other day in London and I knew that I wanted to wear my navy tutu skirt but I had no idea what I should pair with it. The last time I had worn this skirt the weather was a lot cooler and I was able to pair it with a sweater and some nude heels. This time around I wanted to be bright in the summer sunshine but I also wanted a look that would transition well into an evening look. The plan was set I was going to go bare legged and pair the skirt with a cute t-shirt. Now I should note that this particular skirt was from Asos a while back and from their standard range. From what I have seen they no longer stock this one but they do have some similar options here. Last summer Scandinavian brand Zizzi released their summer collection, Wardrobe of wonders. They had some amazing items including some cute school girl inspired items, check out my previous review here. In the collection they had a really cool digital print line featuring midi skirt and crop top tee. I was lucky enough to get the skirt and borrowed the top a few times from Hanna. The good news is that both the top and skirt are still available from UK outlet Navabi.

What I love about plus size fashions now is that there is something for every kind of curvy woman out there. Should you choose urban street styles, vintage classics, current casuals or smart sophisticated evening wear there is something for everyone. I have said many times I like to dress to my mood which I why I like to carry a wide range of clothes in my wardrobe so that I can be ready to attend whatever event or occasion in appropriate items. My personal trick to save space and money is to buy clothes that can be worn in more than one way preferably for a casual and smart look. Of course I have some items that are exclusive to specific occasions but this is why when I pick my separates such as skirts and tops, I tend to go for colours I can easily incorporate into my style. Anyone who knows me personally will know that I try to colour coordinate almost everything I wear. This is something that was ingrained into me as a child and a particular style trait I still practice.

I thought I would wear my pleather biker jacket for additional coverage and to offset the black heels I chose. I opted for my number 1 go to heels my pairs of Michelle shoes from Hotter. A simple black clutch was required, my signature hoop earrings and a pop of red! I chose my new favourite lipgloss, Forgive My Sin from L’Oreal Paris. I tend to keep my makeup the same with pinup style winged eye liner, mascara, my brows of course and a touch of foundation. I play around mostly with my lip colour but it tends to be reds and pinks I gravitate towards the most. Specifically deep reds. I love how they look against my complexion and I find that my teeth looks miles whiter when I wear red which is always a bonus lol.

Every now and again it’s fun to dress up in a way that makes you feel fun, feminine and bright. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you feel good and be mindful that you may draw some attention to yourself which is always good if you’re feeling confident! Have fun with your look and if you haven’t already ladies, try out a tutu or tulle skirt! They are a lot of fun to wear and can make for some great outfits!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!



Sweet Darling – Embracing My Inner Girly Girl

One thing that I love to do is experiment. I guess you could say that because we plus size women have a plethora of clothing options to chose from nowadays our mind sets have somewhat been adjusted, at least in my case I have experienced the change. For years we had so little style options that the common thing for most of us was just finding clothes that fit and trying to find a way to make them work within our personal style…

As a child I wore skirts and things but I never had the experience of wearing a tutu. For me the closest I came was cute little party dresses, but I think my never taking ballet lessons may have had something to do with this sad fact. A little over 2 years ago things started to change for me. Ever so slowly I began to increase more colours and fabrics into my wardrobe and slowly I was ditching the black and dowdy items and bringing in the bright and fun options. Now I can’t lie and say I’ve always been a girly girl, as previously mentioned here on the blog I used to wear feminine items but I would steer clear of skirts and dresses. My recent change in mind set has let me to be more experimental and fun when choosing my outfits and I am really enjoying playing dress up and being really girly. Hanna, Lucie and I decided to have an afternoon of girl talk and styling which I have to say was so much fun! I had mentioned to Hanna that I had seen a really cute look on Instagram that a standard sized blogger was wearing that I’d love to replicate. In true “Hanna” style she took this as a challenge. I had seen a gorgeous blogger (who’s name I don’t know unfortunately) had shared her picture with a fashion look page that I follow and I just loved how she styled her look (She unfortunately wasn’t tagged into the picture, otherwise I would drop a link to her page for you to see her blog). A really cute grey sweater and coffee coloured tutu was paired with a cute pair of heels and I just loved how casual, girly and sweet the look was. Hanna instantly pulled the most amazing Navy tutu out of her wardrobe and a “darling” sweater for me to try on. The next thing I know the girls had selected a pair of shoes and a clutch for me to wear with the outfit and I absolutely fell in love with the end result!

I really like simplistic colours and tones in clothes because for me they act as a blank canvas. When you have blacks, greys, whites and blues the options you have for accessories is pretty much endless! Gold or silver items work with this kind of of colour combination and a sharp splash of colour would really make the look come to life. In these pictures we went with a simple pair of nude peep-toe heels from Matalan and an oversized clutch from Primark.

Unfortunately both the tutu and sweater are no longer available. However I will most definitely keep my eyes open for similar items and I’ll be sure to update you all of my findings. To give you more detail on the Tutu I am wearing this in a size 18 from the Asos main range and the sweater is a size 26 from Evans.

I don’t know what it is but every time I wear a big puffy skirt the childish playful side of my personality comes out. I love twirling, spinning and doing cute things in those sorts of clothes. I think perhaps this is why I gravitate to flared dresses and circle skirts when I buy my vintage inspired items. One thing I know for sure is that I need to get my hands on a tutu of my own! I have no idea when or where I would wear one but I don’t care! I felt so girly, cute and sweet in this outfit and I have every intention of wearing something similar again one of these days.

I think it’s fair to say that you can always try those things that you missed out on previously when it comes to fashion. The trends come back in style and the options for clothing are far from few. I am embracing my inner girly girl and having an amazing time doing it. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you may surprise yourself and love how you look!

Remember whatever you wear, feel fabulous in it and wear it with a smile!

The Sweetheart LBD! An Asos Curve Review

When I buy my dresses I either want something funky and fresh, bold and daring or, simple and classic!
One of the things I love about Asos Curve is their ability to have something on offer to suit everyone! When I saw this gorgeous bodycon dress with sweetheart detail I just knew I had to have it! You can’t go wrong when selecting an LBD, pretty much any shape or cut will work and the style will suit pretty much any occasion that should present itself! I have yet to wear this one out and about but I know that a club night, dinner party, gallery event, friendly social or any other situation I shall find myself in will all be suitable for this dress!
Any of you who are familiar with my blog and my sense of style know that I’m not afraid to show any cleavage! The thing is sometimes you want to be a little less exposed and a little more subtle in your style. What first attracted me to this one is the simple yet chic style. I really like the fact that there is a high neck line and long sleeves. For me this style is sophisticated, stylish and chic whilst being extremely sexy despite having very little skin exposed. The skirt is a really nice length and the overall fit is really comfortable.
In my experience many of the bodycon dresses from Asos Curve are made in a fairly thin and clingy fabric so I always wear a slip or shapewear with them. I bought this dress in a size 24 because of this fact. I usually buy a 22 when it comes to dresses in a bodycon style but I wanted this one to sit a little loose in the skirt and not cling to my thighs. With my proportions, dresses tend to cling around my bust line and stomach area and then skim the rest of my frame which actually gives an overall look I enjoy. With this dress I was going for a more demure look and I wanted a looser fit.
I don’t tend to go crazy with my accessories as some of you may know so this time I thought I would match the dress with some silver adornments. A simple clutch from Avon, silver bangles and hoop earrings from Primark completed the look.
Stock Images Courtesy Of Asos
I bought this dress a few months ago but the good news is that it’s still on sale if you like the look of this one pick it up here from sizes 18-28.

Hip Hop Monochrome – A Different Kind Of Casual

With so many trends that are poppin at the moment one of the ones I am seriously getting into is the monochrome look. There are several ways you can play around with this one and I have already picked up some interesting pieces which I will of course be showing you all right here on the blog over the next few posts.

I have been getting rather glammed up recently and I thought I’d take it down a notch and find a way to incorporate my casual style into the trend. Music is one of my biggest loves and passions and recently I have been hitting the clubs and enjoying some of the Hip Hop sounds of late.
Statement and logo t-shirts have been hitting all of the high street stores and when I found this Parental Advisory T in Primark I quickly snapped it up! I got the size 20 for an amazing £7! The quality and fit is really good, it feels lightweight on and hugs my figure perfectly which made this one a hot one to wear at the club last night.

The trousers were another fab find from Asos in their Curve range and are currently on sale! The Jersey Peg Trouser with Side Stripe has been reduced from £18 down to £7, total bargain! As I wore this to the club I decided to add simple flat black shoes to the look. I would have worn heels to add that extra feminine flair but as I was out to get my dance on I decided to play it safe.
Stock Images Courtesy Of Asos Curve
Trying to keep my difficult and unruly hair at bay I added a silk black and white striped scarf to the look to add that extra street style I was looking for. My big hoop earnings complete the look but I think the next time I wear this one I may wear more silver jewellery with silver bangles and maybe a chain or 2.

Asos Curve XOXO Bodycon Dress Review

One of the things that I find when it comes to clothes is that people tend to have rather strong opinions when it comes to patters and prints; especially as a plus size woman. It seems that we have a whole other set of rules to follow when it comes to dressing our slightly larger frames. We’re told that we can’t wear certain colours, stripes have to be all heading in a particular direction and certain fabrics are a blatant no go area!

I personally think that as long as the key message going out to people is about keeping up a healthy lifestyle and not overdoing things in either direction, all the other rules can just go out of the window! In the past few months I have been re-educating myself on what looks and feels good against my skin and what items I should be proud to hang in my wardrobe.
I think anyone, anywhere has had that “should I, shouldn’t I?” moment when it comes to picking out clothes to buy. I found myself facing that exact conundrum when I saw the Asos Curve XOXO print dress online. I think for me the thing that drew me to this dress was the shape, style and print. As you know from a previous post I bought the Geo Print Dress which is a much louder patten and style, but ultimately the same shape and material.
Images Courtesy Of Asos Curve
For me a dress that can carry itself is one that i’ll take note of. It’s nice to have a dress that doesn’t need a lot of accessioning or additional items worn with it. Like every woman out there I have my certain hang ups and for me I like to have the tops of my arms covered. The mid length sleeves for me were a huge draw as well as the length. The minute I saw this dress I knew it was one I could wear out and about for day casual wear or I could dress it up for a night out.
The material on this dress wouldn’t be thick enough to wear on a cool day as it isn’t too thick so if you really did want to take this one out on the town during the autumn or even the winter months, you may want to pair it with some thick tights for coverage. As the fabric is a very clingy and stretchy material I found it hung to my frame quite nicely but as I do have a belly I do need shapewear with this one to smooth myself out and give myself that extra confidence boost. After all if you wear a bold print you’re bound to be seen!  I picked up this dress in a size 20 but I think the next one I get like this will be in a 22. I bought this one at the same time as the Geo print. I love the fit but I think I’d prefer something a little looser around the stomach area.
If you did want to jazz this dress up a bit I might suggest some shots of colour maybe a coloured shoe (flats or heels, whatever you prefer) maybe some costume jewellery and coloured eye make-up.
*Sorry About The Camera Quality In This Pic*
This dress is still available at asos and what’s more it’s on sale! £15 reduced from £30!
To see what other amazing items are in the Asos curve range why not check out their site? www.asos.com
Not only do they have a huge range of accessories and clothes to fit everyone but they have free delivery!

Asos Curve Geo Print Dress Review

One of the things that is clear to me is how much we all use the internet. The interesting thing is that many of us still like to do things the old fashion way; the same can be said when it comes to clothes shopping. We like to look, feel, touch and try on the garments that we’re considering adding into our wardrobe.
One of the biggest online fashion retailers out there seems to be Asos. I heard of the company through friends and had seen a few posts about their stuff on blogs and various social media outlets, but I hadn’t thought to give them a try until I caught a glimpse of the Geo Print Dress.Now it has to be said that those who know me wouldn’t say this is something I would ever wear, and I just have to say in this instance they are so WRONG!
Since I have regained a new appreciation for clothes and fashion I am starting to take more risks in the way that I dress and when I saw this item on sale I just knew I had to buy it whilst it was still available or I may not ever be so daring to wear such a bold print. I just love the geometric pattern in contrasting black and white with vertical and horizontal lines. This is definitely one that would catch your eye if someone walked passed you in it! Image Courtesy Of Asos Curve

I had seen on a few reviews that this dress was a very snug fit so I decided to call the customer service team at Asos before I made my purchase to get a more detailed account on the sizing. They told me that they had one dress left in a size 20 and no other sizes were available so I thought what the hell I’d better just get it anyway!
I had been looking for this dress when it was sold out on the site and had tried many outlets to try and get my own. It was to my luck that when I happened to check the site one more had come back in stock.
Now I’ll be honest this dress is a very snug fit as the fabric clings to each and every curve of your frame so for me this is one that I wear with shapewear, not because the fit is uncomfortable but for that bit of added confidence. As I am a girl with a tummy I like to try my best to smooth it out a little when I wear such form fitting garments. I loved the long sleeves on this dress and I like that it doesn’t allow for much cleavage as it’s a piece that has such a bold print that it would be a shame to detract from the stunning design. This is one that of course can be worn with or without accessories. I decided to go for a black cinch belt and flats shoes when I wore it. I think should I decide to switch it up in future I’ll add little bursts of colour such as a pair of coloured high heels, some bangles or a costume jewellery ring and maybe something in my hair.
This is certainly not a classic bodycon dress but that’s the very thing I loved about this piece.
 *Sorry about the poor camera quality in this pic*
For those of you who want to see what else is available in the Asos curve range check out their website: www.asos.com