On The Road To Edgy!

In the recent weeks I have seen so many conversations by ladies in the plus community about pushing boundaries with fashion. It seems that many women are frustrated with the lack of edginess out there. I personally think that you can be edgy in many ways. Sometimes it can be a combination of basic pieces that can create a somewhat edgy look.
I figure that being edgy and a little different isn’t always about outlandish and garish prints, crazy fabrics or asymmetrical cuts. In this outfit I am wearing the most simple and safe colours you can think of; black and grey, but I think what makes it a little edgy is the difference in the items.
The metallic silver top from Junarose (size medium) is paired with simple black leggings from Yours Clothing (size 22). As the top is a short one and stops just under my stomach I decided to add my pleather skater skirt from Simplybe (size 24) to the ensemble. I always wear something over my leggings unless the top or dress is at a length where my behind is suitably covered.
London weather tends to get rather chilly and as I was heading to the club shortly after these photos were taken, I thought it best to add this jacket by New Look Inspire range (size 22).
It should be noted that all of these items are from previous collections.
When I wear skater skirts I like them to be fairly high waisted. I find that they really work with t-shirts and crop tops. Unless I’m dressed up in a vintage style I tend to select items of clothing that can be versatile and worn in either causal or dressy styles. Every single one of the items can and will be worn in other outfits and I look forward to showing you some more variations soon. The great thing about each piece is that they are all light in weight and feel extremely comfortable on.
Had I been wearing this outfit out and about during the day I most likely would have added a series of accessories. A necklace or two, bangles etc. I think I would have added a bit of colour with my chosen accessories, perhaps opting for a cobalt blue handbag, blue shoes and some acrylic jewellery. I most definitely would have worn heels too. For me this was a simple outfit to wear at the club without too much flash or glitz. I was aiming for something comfortable to dance in without anything to get in the way or get snagged on by potential passers by and other club goers. Keeping it simple with just hoop earrings was my only addition to the look.
Take a look in your wardrobe, see what you have and play around, you may be pleasantly surprised!
  1. plussizeproud says: 11th May 2014 9:41 pm

    You look amazing!!!!! x

  2. Mookie Moo says: 11th May 2014 9:45 pm

    You look stunning as usual. I like the edgy look on you. :)

    • Mayah Thomas says: 11th May 2014 10:23 pm

      Thanks honey. Trying to play around with different kinds of looks. I like how this one turned out xx

  3. Just me Leah says: 11th May 2014 10:18 pm

    Love this outfit! I love black and grey together. xx

    • Mayah Thomas says: 11th May 2014 10:24 pm

      Thanks Leah. I think you play it safe whilst being a little edgy at the same time. I hope that’s how this look came across x